Konosuba Season 3: Will the Anime Come in 2022 After Official Announcement in July 2021!

The new Konosuba Season 3 is officially announced on the online event and it was confirmed via a Konosuba Twitter account that new anime is currently in works. So, it simply means Konosuba Season 3 is coming soon and it may be next year that is 2022. We are so excited to watch this funny characters movies which is adored by everyone.

Do you remember the love tension between the two characters that is Kazuma and Megumin? If yes then you also know that they are the main part or life of this series.

The characters are so much loved and the voices of these is also excellent, so wait for the new season to watch next year.

When Will Konosuba Season 3 Be Coming?

Here is the new visual of Konosuba Season 3 is announced-

This above visual didn’t confirm whether it is a 3rd season of this series or a spin off which will feature a second film.

Most of the fans are waiting curiously that the movie is returning but the announcement gives only the signal that the work on the third installment or upcoming season starts on.

However, it is in hear that Studio Deen is working secretly on it and we can hear its released date soon and it may be in the summers of 2022, and if the project delays than we can expect its release date after April and May of 2022 if it is movie.

So, yet now there is no official release or window date for the upcoming season or movie of Konosuba series.

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Konosuba Characters-

These are the characters and cast of this Konosuba and let in know in the who is your favourite character of this series-

  • Kazuma
  • Aqua
  • Megumin
  • Darkness
  • Yun yun

Let’s go through these characters briefly.

First we are going to talk about the main character of the series who is Satou Kazuma and then moving to the next characters of this series.

Satou Kazuma

He is the student who always misses his school as he is so lazy and wants to play video games at his Home in Japan. He is send to the fantasy world when he died in an accident due to heart attack while saving the life of a girl from the coming truck.

In the fantasy world or you can even say in an RPG he has to defeat the Demon King, who oppresses the free people of that world.


Aqua is the second important anime or the character from the 3 animes in this series and Axis Order her as a worshipped and she guides humans to this fantasy world after their death when she is the goddess of water.


She is considered as one of the main character of the series who joins Kazuma’s party and is the Arch Wizard of the Demon Clan of this world.


You can call her as Darkness of the series who joins Kazuma’s Party and also the crusader.


Know to be the friend and also self-proclaimed rival to Megumin and right now she is the member of the Crimson Demon Clan who will become the future chief of this clan.


She is the supporting character and also considered as the actual friend or good person by Kazuma. She fights against the Demon King and and in the entire series her actions are taken quietly. She is referred to as the Ice Witch who has a famous Magic Item shop in Axel.

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What Will Be the Expected Story for Konosuba Season 3?

As you all know that whole story revolved around the main character Kazuma Sato. He is the Lazy boy who always avoids going to school and wants to spend most of his time at home playing video games.

One day while saving a girl from the accident from the truck he got heart attack and he is transported to the world of Fantasy which is similar to the world of video games in which he has to fight against the demons and do a party with these Aqua, Megumin (magician) and a Darkness.

There may be expectation that the third season will adapt 6th and 7th volumes of the novel series as 1 to 5 volumes are covered in two seasons and one movie.

Without official plot we can’t say what is actual going to happen in the third part but if we take assumptions then you can see Darkness gets ready to marry a lord and breaking up the party for the good.

Is There Any Trailer for Konosuba Season 3?

Yet, there is no trailer for the Konosuba Season 3 but can watch its previous seasons trailer to make yourself engaged with this longest series.

Last Lines

Konosuba anime series is a good one and I love the characters of this series very much. But officially there is no window date till this time and no one officially knows when it will come except the anime team, because they are working on the project.

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