Know about FOXHOLE and its Game-play


Are you getting bore without PUBG? And looking for some alternative of it? Do you want to play a war game and want to have fun at the same time? Presenting you a whole new game Foxhole which will fill the empty spot of your gaming library!

What is Foxhole?


Foxhole is a multi-player game which is based on action and strategy. The game was initially released on 27 July 2017 for the players of Microsoft windows. Meanwhile, the publisher and developer of foxhole are Clapfoot, which is a Canadian video game company. Foxhole uses unreal-engine 4 for its player.

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Game-play of FOXHOLE game

Let’s talk about the Game-play of the game!


As you start the game it will allow you to join in one of the two factions of the solider. You will have to do the following task-

• Transport resources as well as supplies

• Acquire weapons

• Obtain vehicles for the war

• Provide soldiers for combat

• Take care of buildings

• Enhancing the production

• Strengthening power against enemy

As a player you can choose from the two organization of soldiers that is the Wardens and the Colonials. Let me clear it out at first that in whichever faction you’ll go it will make any impact on your Game-play. Also you can change it after your wall. The game will not provide the role to you before hand.

Then you click depoly and the game will start.


You will find yourself in the home Island. Here you can do some firearm training till the battle start. But if you want to skip all this and want to go right into the battle just go into one of the travel tents. They will have some sword within them which indicates that you can jump into the battle.

Go to them and press the letter E.

A tooltip will open at the left corner of your screen.

Again press E

Know more about the Map



And you’ll see a map of the game and it will have hex on them which means you are allowed to fight on that given area.

For your information enemies will fully controlled the hexes.

In addition you will have two different kinds of hexes where you can spawn. Firstly, the back lines where there are no enemies present and the secondly front line where there are enemies present. Frontline are indicated with blue and green character. Furthermore if you will click over the hex it will provide information about it.

If you are a new player or playing this game for first time you can simply understand these hexes as friendly pop-count. You can choose fisherman row or temple island.

There will be certain places on the map which are full and you have to make wait in a queue e.g. in dead lands. If you want to avoid this situation choose another region.

Once you choose your particular region you will spawn there.

Press tab to open your inventory and you will see a hammer and a pistol and two pistol clips there.

Note – these are your Primary weapon and you will get it every time you spawn.

• Press 1 to equip your hammer.

• Press 2 to equip your pistol

• By pressing 3 you’ll equip whatever you have in you had in third slot.

On the top left corner of your screen you can see whatever you equip in your hand. Just head to the garcin corner.

Press E to open the stockpile and choose whatever you want. (If you are new, Choose riffle and riffle clip)

• Open your inventory and left click on the item.

• It will automatically equipped.

Press R to reload.

How to Aim at your enemy?

You may find this thing difficult before but not from now on. I will teach you how to aim simply and perfectly at a same time.


Step 1 – Just hold the right click and your crosshair will appear.

Step 2 – To be more accurate just hold it still

Step 3 – Your character will automatically focus at your aim.

Step 4 – In addition, if you want to be more accurate just Crouch down or prone.

In fact laying down is the most accurate position for aiming. You can turn your camera by holding the cursor of your mouse. This is very useful tip and every player should follow it because geometrically aiming at the corners of your screen will allow you to look further. The last thing to know is Line-of-sight.

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What is a line of sight?


If you are aiming at someone and your aim is blocked with something like a wall you will see a red line. This red line indicates that there is something between you and your aim. You will not be able to hit at your aim. Furthermore, if the player is aiming at his friend he will see a red line which also means he is not allowed to hit him.

To remember that you are not allowed to hit your friend in the game and also in real life. Just joking!


The game generally received well from the people despite being an early access title. It may not have a huge number of players but do have loyal fans. Having 80% approve rating on steam this is something which you should definitely check out. Foxhole has unique Game-play which attracts a lot of players towards it.


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