The Studio Has Announced That Knights and Magic Season 2 Will Be Renewed

Sometimes we encounter a brilliant yet straightforward anime that we keep craving for its newer seasons – even after the story ends. If we still crave anime whose story arcs have finished, what about those with ample space for development in the plotline? Knights and Magic Season 2 comes in the latter category. 

Fans of the Knights and Magic anime series are desperately waiting for the studio to drop the latest Knights and Magic Season 2 from the last three years.

What is ‘Knight’s and Magic’?

For those of you who are looking for animes that are not too dark or violent, Knights and Magic is the perfect alternative. Knights and Magic is a light Japanese novel.  The novel was initially published on the internet as a web novel in 2010. Hisago Amazake-no is the writer of the original web novel. 

After publishing on the internet, it caught the attention of the readers, and soon it was released as a print-form light novel by Shufunotomo. Takuji Katō transformed the light story into Manga, and Square Enix published it. Eight Bit produced the anime show based on the story in 2017.

The show ran the first season from July to September that year, featuring 13 episodes in total. MyAnimeList received a 7.28 score from over 50,000 users for this anime show. The story follows the life of protagonist Ernesti “Eru’’ Echavalier, who’s a kid living in an alternate realm where magic and giant robots exist.

In previous lives, he’s a young programmer named Tsubasa Kurata who’s obsessed with Mecha. One day he meets with a car accident and dies in it. After his death, he wakes up in this alternate universe where he is transformed into a child. He realizes his life-long dream of building his mecha/Knights and operating them. 

The story is your typical light-hearted anime story. However, you will enjoy it.

Knight’s and Magic Season 2: Latest Updates Available

Knight's and Magic Season 2

The story, the characters, and the artwork were all outstanding in this anime. That’s the reason the show’s first season received a great response from anime lovers from all over the world. The first season ended in 2017, and it’s 2020, and we still don’t know when the makers of this show will publish the next season.

The major problem with publishing Knights and Magic Season 2 is the story material. There’s not enough original story material that can help the makers to proceed with the next season 2There are three options for Eight Bit: talk with the writers to publish their storyline, and wait for the original manga/web novel writer to produce newer source material.

The third one is brutal – forgo the idea of a new season. Okay, we know the third option is brutal, but that’s what is waiting for the fans if the makers don’t take action on the first two options. If makers decide to wait for the original writer to extend the source material, it will take time.

As of now no official news or hint has been given by the author. No announcement has been made regarding extending the light novel, even if he does end up writing, it will take 2021 for the studio to produce and release season 2. So, the best option right now is to consult in-house writers and extend the storyline and get onboard for the development of season two.

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In a nutshell, no official news has been announced by either Eight Bit or the writer regarding the Knights and Magic Season two. We have been keeping an eye on the sources, as soon as we hear anything about it, we will post the updates here.