Knight Flower Season 2 Release Date: Has It Been Renewed As Of Now?

Based on a webtoon of the same name, which debuted on KakaoPage on August 14, 2023, Knight Flower is a 2024 South Korean television series starring Lee Hanee, Lee Jong-won, Kim Sang-joong, and Lee Ki-woo. The series aired on MBC TV from January 12 to February 17, 2024, with episodes released every Friday and Saturday at 21:50 (KST).

The success of Kinght Flower season 1 led to demand for Knight Flower Season 2. In this article, we are going to talk about all the latest updates on Knight Flower Season 2. Keep reading this article till the end and have a quick look on all the fresh updates. Let’s get started.

Knight Flower Quick Facts

Based on Flower That Blooms at Night
by Ttol-i, Jeongro, Yuna, Beth, Lee Sam, and Jeong Myung-in
Developed by Namkoong Seong-wu (planning)
Written by
  • Lee Sam
  • Jeong Myung-in
Directed by
  • Jang Tae-yoo
  • Choi Jung-in
  • Lee Chang-woo
Creative director Pyo Hee-seon
  • Lee Hanee
  • Lee Jong-won
  • Kim Sang-joong
  • Lee Ki-woo
Music by Jeon Chang-yeop 
Country of origin South Korea
Original language Korean
No. of episodes


Knight Flower Season 2 Renewal Status: Renewed or Canceled?

Are you waiting for its renewal status. Well, we would inform you that the series hasn’t been renewed for a second season as of now, meaning there is no confirmation for whether or not season 2 of Knight Flower will happen. What could be the reason behind it? Well, Knight Flower Season 1 was recently release, on 17 February. The remake would for sure take some time. 

It is too quick to expect another season. There will be many factors involving while making for season 2. In this case, all we can do is to wait for officials to release an official statement regarding Knight Flower Season 2. We will make sure to keep you updated with what happens next. Also read Shogun Season 2 Renewal StatusElsbeth Season 2 Release Date, and Crime Nation Season 2.

Knight Flower Season 2 Expected Release Date

As mentioned above, the series hasn’t yet been renewed for a second season now. It seems like the makers of the series might take some time. Therefore, there is no official release date available as of now. Talking about the assumption, well if season 2 of Knight Flower ever happens, It might happen in 2025. The series would surely take at least one-year to make the whole new season.

In addition, this is just an assumption. We only believe in authentic updates so we would suggest our readers to rather wait and trust official sources. Also read Passport to Freedom Season 2 Release Date, and Am I Being Unreasonable Season 2.

Knight Flower Season 2 Release Date

Can We Expect Knight Flower Season 2?  

With no renewal status as of now, it is understandable that fans of the series would be having many thoughts on the future of the series. However, let us remind you that the series is not canceled either so keep faith is a healthy option. The series is neither canceled nor renewed for a second season, and hence anything can happen. The chances of its renewal is totally depend on makers. We will let you know. Till then, hope for the best.

What Is Knight Flower Season 1 All About?

The series centers on Jo Yeo-hwa (portrayed by Lee Hanee), a widow who belongs to the esteemed noble family of Joseon. By day, she leads the solitary existence typical of a noble widow within the confines of her home. However, during the night, she clandestinely ventures out of her residence to provide aid to those facing hardship or adversity.

What Would Happen If Knight Flower Season 2 Happens?

As the series isn’t renewed for a second season so there is no official updates available. Based on assumptions, we would say that    Continuation of Storyline can be expect if season 2 of Knight Flower happens. The second season might continue the storyline of the first season, delving deeper into the characters’ backgrounds, and relationships. It could explore unresolved conflicts and introduce new challenges for the protagonists to overcome.

We may also expect Introduction of new characters. A second season could introduce new characters to the series, expanding the world of “Knight Flower” and bringing fresh dynamics to the story.

Who Can Join The Cast of Kinight Flower Season 2?

We can expect these cast members to return for a second season if it happens:

  • Lee Hanee as Jo Yeo-hwa: a widow for fifteen years who is living a double life.
  • Moon Seung-yu as young Jo Yeo-hwa
  • Lee Jong-won as Park Soo-ho: a military officer who is intelligent and has excellent martial arts skills.
  • Kim Sang-joong as Seok Ji-sung: Yeo-hwa’s father-in-law who is the left state councilor.
  • Lee Ki-woo as Park Yoon-hak: Soo-ho’s older brother.

Is There Trailer For Knight Flower Season 2?

No, there is not. Check out the trailer for Knight Flower Season 1. 

Where to Watch Knight Flower?

The series was also available for streaming on platforms such as Wavve and Coupang Play in South Korea, Kocowa in the Americas, and Viki in selected regions. Overall, “Knight Flower” received widespread acclaim from audiences.

In addition, kindly watch the series via safe platforms for your own safety and to give credits to the original creators.

Is Knight Flower Worth Watching?

Do you wonder whether or not Knight Flower worth watching? The series’ success has proved its worth. It is one of the well-known series in 2024 that you should surely watch. If you’re interested in watching “Knight Flower,” we would recommend looking up reviews, ratings, and any available information about the series to help you decide if it goes with your preferences and interests. Additionally, you could watch a trailer or read a synopsis to get a sense of the storyline and production quality before committing to watching it.


Knight Flower is a 2024 South Korean television series starring Lee Hanee, Lee Jong-won, Kim Sang-joong, and Lee Ki-woo. The series hasn’t been renwed for a second season as of now, We will make sure to let you know if any update comes out by makers. 
All the further updates will soon be updated on our web page. Stay tuned and keep visiting us at Keeperfacts for interesting updates.