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Kissing Booth 3: All The Latest Updates|Cast |Release| Trailer And More

Kissing Booth 2

If you are wanting to know what is going to happen with the character like Noah, Elle and Lee, if so then you are not alone in this list, there are many fans who are waiting for the Kissing Booth 3, for a very long run.

In this, we are going to cover everything we know so far about the third installment, if you are also willing to know then make sure you need this article till the end, so let's get started 🙂

Kissing Booth 3

If you love romantic movies then I am sure you are familiar with the Kissing Booth. Talking about its third installment, the third part of the movie is directed by Vince Marcello and written by Marcello and Jay Arnold both.

The previous series The Kissing Booth 1 and Kissing Booth 2 are also some of the popular hits of these gems. The film stars Joey King, Joel Cortney, Jacob Elordi, and Molly Ringwald with other supporting actors like Maisie Richardson-sellers and Taylor Zakhar.

The very first story revolves around Elle and Lee Flynn. Elle and Flynn are best friends because their moms are best friends too, from their childhood. When Elle was small her mother passed away because of some illness, Elle used to play with Lee. Elle becomes affectionate towards Lee's older brother Noah. The story revolves around the girls when they went for the first day of junior school.

The second season has the story of Elle, in this, she is telling her time she spends with Noah. Noah went for Harvard and they both eventually did a breakup. The second part has an entry of some new characters in the movie like Marca Pena. who is a new student, Chloes is also introduced. Chloe is from the Instagram freaks, Noah finds Chloe on Instagram.

The story revolves around the teenagers, the most wanted question is will the story of the third installment will start with the season 2 ending, or there may be some changes? The exact plot is not revealed yet, so there is no hint for the upcoming one's story. To know the story you guys need to be a bit more patient.

Kissing Booth 3 Release Date

I know, you guys are waiting for Netflix to release the movie as soon as possible but you have to wait a little more because the release date is scheduled to be in 2021. We are at the end of 2020, thus the wait is very less for this romantic drama.

In the meantime, you can also check out the website which covers all the latest trends and updates.

Star Cast And Crew of The Kissing Booth 3

I know you must be craving to know the star cast of the Kissing Booth third part, right? But before introducing you to the complete cast, let me introduce you to my personal favorite one and after that, you tell me yours 😉

“Expectations Make It Difficult To Figure Out What You Want To Be.”

Do you know who said this? My favorite character Elle Evans.

Now let's have a look at the cast of the third one.

Kissing Booth IMDb And Other Rating

The ratings for this romantic drama is good enough, it has got some mixed reviews from the critics and from the audience as well, below we are going to mention some of the popular rater's rating and some handful reviews from the IMDb users.

Also, have a look at the ratings, this will help you to understand the movie much better.

Users Reaction To This Drama

Good Family Film

“It was cutesy and fun. I know girls like to fantasize and probably watch it as girls-only, but if you have a good relationship in the family it is fun to watch as a family to see what girls dream of and also to have some fun.”

The fantasy of a fifteen-year-old girl

rachna-3605019 May 2018
If you want to experience a fifteen-year-old girl's fantasy, this is it!! 🙂 For that it like it, kind of. The acting is even pretty good, given that the writing is clumped.”

Fun Film


Realistic and uncensored (i.e. non-conformist) teen movies are rare, but this is one. It is something different and as an adult I enjoyed it.

Don't judge by 1930s standards. Be open to advancement and a truthful movie made to be fun to watch

Kissing Booth 2 IMDb And Other Rating

Users Reactions To This Drama

Funny comment about Bieber's Lyme Disease

Caleb-jameson11 November 2020

“He is inked so. In one scene, the characters made fun of Justin Bieber's appearance.Well, that dude really looks like a dime bag ho. That was ridiculously funny considering that these days no one can make fun of anything. The girls are alright. But show us some of your assets already.”

So so chicks

It was OK and there were a couple of girls to check out. That is natural of course. What I liked better than the prequel was the girl's friendship was more natural and less pouty.
Just another typical Netflix romance movie…
“This may be shocking for you, but I actually found the first movie of this franchise quite enjoyable. However, in the sequel, The Kissing Booth loses all of its quirky charms, which replaced by factors that make a typical Netflix coming of an age romance movie, cliche and predictable.”
Want to add more to it?If, so then also share your honest reviews and opinions about this drama in our comment section.
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Is There Any Official Trailer For The Kissing Booth 3?

The Trailer is not released by the officials but you can check out this claimed video that has crossed about 4 million views, check this out once and tell us your experience in our comment section, below.

We promise to update the trailer after it is released in our article soon for you, till then enjoy this 🙂

Kissing Booth Dialogues

Bottom Lines

The above article is completely inspired by the kissing booth and it's upcoming season 3. We don't have the official dates for the release but we have the year in which the movie is going to spark again with some interesting life stories of the teenagers name Noah, Elle, Lee, and more.

We have also added some of the ratings, just for our reader to make this article a complete piece of information, if you like our efforts then please let us know your feedback in our comment section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-What is the exact releasing date of Kissing Booth 3?

A-There is no exact date for kissing booth three, for the exact date you have to wait a little more because the creators have confirmed only the year but not the dates.

Q-Who are going to be the main cast and characters in Kissing Booth 3?

A-The Kissing booth three will have the following characters as the main ones Joey King as Rochelle “Elle” Evans, Joel Courtney as Lee Flynn, Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn, Taylor Zakhar Perez as Marco Valentin Peña, Molly Ringwald as Mrs. Flynn, and Meganne Young as Rache and may there will be some new characters seen in the movie, which are revealed yet.

Q-Where to watch The Kissing Booth 3?

A-The Kissing booth three is going to be hit on Netflix in the year 2021 at the starting of the summer. You have to wait for watching this, but you can watch the previous movie series they are available on Netflix in high HD quality and in full length, the only thing you need to have to access Netflix is the account for Netflix.

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