Kiss Me First Season 2: Cancelled or Renewed Season 2?

What do you think about this Thriller series Kiss Me First? Did the series Renewed for season 2 or it may be cancelled? As everyone is excited and waiting for this British cyber thriller drama.

It is almost more than 2.5 years completed and now information about its renewal or cancellation of this drama came out for the new installment.

Kiss Me First Official Trailer

The show became popular among the fans and viewers of this show which was first aired on Channel 4 and after sometimes on Netflix.

This Cyber drama tv series follows a girl named Leila who is in her teenage age and gets addicted to an online multiplayer game known as Azana after her mother died. She is engaged in this Azana virtual game and now she forgets the pain of separating from her mother as she is playing it.

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This British drama series is an adaptation of the novel of Lottie Moggach of the same name and Bryan Elsley is the creator of Kiss Me First tv series for Channel 4 and Netflix. This british drama is available on Netflix on June 29, 2018 after a few months of the original release on April 2, 2018 on Channel 4.

The show is enough to impress the fans and it ends in such a way the season 2 is required by the fans to see an accurate ending. The show gets mixed reviews from the critics and viewership to this show is low as compared to other thriller dramas. Season 2 of Kiss Me First Series has a 50-50 chance to renew or cancel until its official announcement.

So we are hoping that new season will happen in near future if Netflix wants to renew it and it mainly depends on the creators and the Netflix whether they renew the show or cancel it.

If Netflix thinks the show is profitable then it will renew the show and also it depends on the viewership of the season. There is also a possibility that Netflix might now be investing in a show due to COVID-19 effects on the entertaining industry which gives lot of losses to the industry.

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Kiss Me First: Cast Members

Kiss Me First Season 2

These are the cast members of the Kiss Me First-

  • Tallulah Haddon as Leila, (the protagonist).
  • Simona Brown as Tess/ Mania ( cool party girl).
  • Mathew Beard as Adrian Palmer
  • Matthew Aubrey as Jonty
  • George Jovanovic as Cyril Niemic
  • Freddie Stewart as Kyle
  • Misha Butler as Jack Innes
  • Haruke Abe as Tomike Teshima
  • Samuel Bottomley as Ben
  • Philip Arditti as Azul
  • Geraldine Somerviller as Ruth Palmer.

If the show would return or happen in the coming time then we are expecting that these members from the cast would be back for season 2 of Kiss Me First.

Is Kiss Me First Season 2 Cancelled or Renewed?

Kiss Me First Season 2

Season 2 of Kiss Me First is neither renewed nor cancelled by the show creators or Netflix. When the first season ends, the creators are on the way to renew the show as they always wanted the show to run for more than one season and hoping that the season would return as soon as possible. But until 2021 there is no renewal for the Kiss Me Season 2 from the network side.

Is there any possibility for the return for season 2 of Kiss Me First?

Kiss Me First Season 2

There is less chance that the Kiss Me First series will return for season 2 as any series was held by the Netflix for 5 to 6 months before giving signal to new one or for its cancellation. But this british thriller drama got no official announcement for the release or cancellation of this show after a long time. Also you see that there are no shows on Netflix which comes after such a long period of 2 years.

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Plot of season 2 of Kiss Me First Season

If the season happens in the future then we are expecting that the creators will follow the same theme and pattern of seasons which shows our present harsh society realities.

Last Lines

There is no official announcement for season 2 of Kiss Me First. So you can watch more shows like Kiss Me First-

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