Kiss Day 2021 – How to Make Your Kiss Day Memorable


Every couple is waiting for Valentine’s week and now it is finally here and they want to make it special for their partner. We have already posted so many articles for each day and today it’s the turn of Kiss day. Kiss day is celebrated just before Valentine's day and it is the final step to make someone yours. If you already have a girlfriend/boyfriend and planning to celebrate this day with her/him. Also you can make this day memorable for your wife/husband. But what to do? Don’t worry because we’ll let you know what is best for you. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the ideas which will help you to make your kiss day unforgettable. Read this article till the end to have exact and right knowledge. 


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Plan a Trip To the Countryside

candle light dinner


Now the most popular way to make a day memorable is by going to a peaceful location with your partner. If you are already stressed with your daily routine and wanted to go somewhere then you should consider this one. Hold your partner's hands while driving and let the love spread. Have a romantic conversation with them and celebrate your kiss day by kissing them. I am sure your partner will love this idea and you’ll add another memorable day with them. 

Furthermore, the trip would be helpful to reduce the level of tension and stress and make them feel relieved. 

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A Movie night

movie date idea

A romantic movie with your partner would forever be the romantic thing and most of the couples will agree with it. Select a romantic movie and have a movie date night with your guy/girl. You can go for movies like The notebook, The fault in our star, La La Land or Titanic and enjoy it. Hold your partner while watching the movie to add the romance. Wait for the perfect moment and make your move by kissing them. Don’t forget to have some snacks and this would be in the pages of their heart. 

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Couple Dance

couple dance

Love to dance? Learn some romantic steps from YouTube and practice with your partner on this kiss day. Hold their hands and ask them to join you for a romantic couple dance. Holds their waist firmly and their hands tightly. The idea of romantic couple dance is not new and was kept in practice for a long time and it still works. Do some romantic moves and let them know how much you are good at it. If you are feeling trouble in choosing a perfect song then read our article and select on from there. After finishing the dance kiss them to end your kiss day perfectly.  

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Go for a romantic Picnic 

picnic with your lover

Take your partner to places which are unknown to them. If your area has a beautiful forest or a sea side or a waterfall then you should definitely consider this idea. Take your favorite snacks and have fun while enjoying the best view with your partner. Click some amazing pictures with your partner and upload it on social media. Let the world know about your partner and how much you love them. Share your passion with your partner and talk about your future goals with them. While talking with your partner, make a moment and kiss her/him. 

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Candle Night Dinner on the Rooftop

travel idea

Bringing back the romantic date idea for you to enjoy on this Valentine’s week. If you wanna make your Kiss day special then decorate your rooftop with the lightnings and some balloons and ask your partner to come along. Make their favorite meal and decorate the table with the beautiful candles. Use some rose petals to make it more romantic. Surprise them with the perfect location. Your partner will surely love this Candle light date idea. Kiss on their forehead and enjoy your date night.

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Every day of Valentine’ week holds a special place. February is the shortest month of the year but is the favorite of all couples. There is no boundary of love on Valentine's week. Like every other day of Valentine’s day, Kiss Day is also special in its own way. 

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