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King’s Affection Season 2: Renewal Prediction and Other Updates

The first season of the Korean drama King’s Affection was great, and the audience is eagerly awaiting the release of the second season. In this post, we have included the latest information regarding the renewal and release date of King’s Affection, as well as the new cast members and the plot of King’s Affection season 2. Please continue reading this article without delay.

Release date of King’s Affection Season 2

Fans of King’s Affection are ecstatic about the future season and are eagerly awaiting updates on King’s Affection season 2. They can’t wait to watch the new season of King’s Affection and are inquisitive about its release date.

Still, the King’s Affection has not been formally renewed for a second season by the series’ production company. The release date for King’s Affection season 2 will not be announced if the show is not renewed.

King’s Affection Season 2: Renewal Prediction and Other Updates

The Plot of King’s Affection

King’s Affection concentrates on the historical period and palace romance genres and its plot center on the Joseon dynasty. During this period, newborn twins were considered an unlucky omen, and the queen of the royal palace gave birth to twins at the same moment.

Later, the order was made to kill one of the children, who was a girl, and in order to protect the daughter, the queen sent her away from the royal palace.

A few years later, the child’s density allows her to return to the royal palace as a maid, whereas the male child perishes. After recognizing her daughter, the queen orders her to replace Lee Hwi, but the girl refuses and flees the palace. The plot of the series will revolve around the girl Lee Hwi, who falls in love with the nobleman Jung Ji-Woon.

The Cast of King’s Affection Season 2

King’s Affection features an exceptional cast, and all cast members have produced their greatest performances in the first season. If King’s Affection is extended for a second season, there is a chance that the following cast members will return for the new season.

King’s Affection Season 2: Renewal Prediction and Other Updates

  • Park Eun-bin will be seen as Crown Prince Lee Hwi.
  • Rowoon for playing the role of Jung Ji-Woon.
  • Nam Yoon-su will be playing the role of Lee Hyun, and Prince Jaeun.
  • Jung Chae-Yeon will be seen as Noh Ha-Kyung.
  • Bae Yoon-kyung as Shin So-eun.
  • Yoon Je-moon is portrayed as Han Ki-Jae.
  • Choi Byung-chan has played the role of Kim Ga-on.
  • Bae Soo-bin is seen playing the character Inspector Jung Seok-jo.

Recap of  King’s Affection Season 1

The first season of King’s Affection was completed with twenty episodes. In the season 1 finale of King’s Affection, we witnessed a satisfying conclusion. After so much struggle, the protagonist Eun-Seo was finally able to realize his desire and become the palace royal commander, continuing his mission to protect the king.

Ha-Kyung was at last able to live a regular life. Now that she doesn’t have to care about her status as queen, she can see her father whenever she pleases. Meanwhile, Lady Kim and Eunuch continue to serve the king.


The King’s Affection is the most recent Korean series to premiere in 2021. The series King’s Affection features a great plot, which has earned it numerous positive reviews from viewers and decent ratings from various rating services, such as IMDb’s 7.9/10 rating for season one. It has an 8.3/10 rating on MyDramalist, and around 94% of Google users have enjoyed this episode.


Updates on the renewal of the second season of the Korean drama King’s Affection can be found in this article, and the production studio has made no further announcements regarding King’s Affection season 2.

Once the updates are confirmed, we will post them on our website, so if you are interested in learning more about King’s Affection season two, be sure to check our website frequently.