Kim and Kevin Dating: It Is Reality or Rumor?

Bling Empire” cast members Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee begin a love relationship in the second season of the reality show. During Lee's quest to find her biological father in season one, Kreider accompanied her on a road trip, and the two became fast friends.

Their relationship becomes increasingly tense despite their growing affection in Season Two, which premieres on May 13th.

In one episode, Lee is unable to find a date for Kreider. Rumors break them apart the next day. The next thing you know, they're sharing intimate moments around an ostrich farm fire while on a weekend getaway.

Pre-season, Kreider, and Lee offer an update on their relationship—including whether they are still together—to TODAY ahead of the season's premiere.

 Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee Are Still Together, Right?

Briefly? They are not. They're hundreds of miles away. When asked if he was in New York or Los Angeles, Kreider replied, “I'm in New York.”

After filming, Kreider stated he and Lee were “still close” and were in touch. According to Kreider, they tried to check in on each other's mental and emotional well-being.

The Lie Detector Exam Still Hasn't Healed the Wounds Left Behind

 kim and kevin dating

Lee made Kreider take a lie detector exam as a condition of their courtship. Trying to help Lee overcome his distrust issues was the goal, but Kreider was uneasy about the method. “Why do you have to take a test for some girl?” inquired Anna Shay.

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The results of a lie detector test can be a wake-up call. That Kreider's claims of having feelings for Lee and not seeing anyone else are truthful is widely accepted. When Lee was asked if she had feelings for Kreider, she said no — and she was being candid about it. Another alleged lie was that she had no feelings for her ex-boyfriend.

This leads to a brawl. Lee said, “I don't imagine myself with you because I don't trust you.”. Kreider's face is flushed with anger. “The pain is unbearable. You can count on me to keep my word.”

As far as Lee's strategy of uncovering the truth is concerned, she remains steadfast. “Everyone should purchase a lie detector test and administer it on themselves at home. Then you won't have to put in the time or effort to conduct your investigation, “Lee humorously told TODAY. What's the point of doing a hard job if you have a machine at home? “

Despite Passing a Lie Detector Exam, the Girl May Still Not Believe Kreider

According to Kreider, Anna Shay's automobile ride was more terrifying than the lie detector test. The man said, “At least I won't die while taking a lie detector.”

Lee Has Come to Terms With What Transpired

 kim and kevin dating

When it comes to her relationship with Kreider, Lee says she's “at peace” with it all. You had to trust your instincts in the end. Because I couldn't do what everyone else was saying, I had to do what was best for me instead, “she informed me.

After the end of Season 2, Kreider said he had to leave. “We were all in desperate need of some breathing room and separation. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry when we watched it, “Kreider said.

Asked about his involvement in the connection between Kreider and Lee, Kane Lim said he was “caught in the midst.”

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After the trip with Lee, Lim revealed to Lee that Kreider had had an intimate relationship with a woman from a yoga class. When asked about this, Kreider replied they last saw each other “a month earlier.” Ultimately, Kreider and Lee came to an arrangement, but not before many controversies.

“Both of them are my buddies. If Kevin [Kreider] wishes to date other people, he can. But I'm stuck in the middle, which was a difficult situation. I'm hoping I didn't stoke the fires.

The Bling Empire Journey of Kevin and Kim

According to Kevin Kreider, who appeared on the show, Kim Lee turned out to be a “spoiled brat” from Malibu who took up DJing on a whim. He couldn't tolerate her at first. A dispute over Kim's actions at Anna Shay's party further strained Kevin and Kim's relationship. When he became a helpful friend and even helped her search for her estranged father, things began to change for the better for both of them. When viewers finally saw a sweet moment between Kevin and Kim at the end of the first season, they were delighted.

When Kim found out she had been accepted into the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas residency program in season 2, their relationship took an interesting turn. Kim kissed Kevin on the cheek. Although Kim seemed uninterested in initiating a connection, she agreed to go on a dinner date with Kevin despite her reservations. Kim had a change of heart on the day of the date, and Kevin was heartbroken to learn that she had walked out on him.

When Kim asked him whether it had been a long time since he had felt this way about someone, Kevin opened up his heart and said it had been a while. Kevin and Kim chose to date after spending some time together on a brief trip and getting to know each other. While Christine Chiu gave Kevin suggestions on keeping Kim happy, Kane Lim sounded apprehensive about the relationship. It was only just and proper that Kane informed the DJ of Kevin's extramarital liaisons weeks before the latter formally asked Kim out on a date.

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When Kevin found out that Kane had delivered the news to the group via email, things got out of hand. Of course, Kim was alarmed by this and confronted Kevin, who insisted that he had always been loyal to her since they first met. While Kim was afraid of the altercation, she said as much on the show, saying that it reminded her of her past relationship. Although they couldn't speak it out like kids, Kim and Kevin nonetheless made a mature decision to keep their love going.

Do Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee Have a Future Together Anymore?

 kim and kevin dating

Even though Kim and Kevin agreed to continue their relationship, their faith in one other had been broken. Kim's faith began to dwindle with time, and she confessed to her boyfriend about it. To try and preserve their relationship, the two took a lie detector exam as a last resort. Kevin was told the truth about his emotions during the polygraph. Even still, when she took the exam, Kim confessed that she didn't want to be with Kevin.

She later justified her decision, saying that despite the polygraph test proving Kevin correct, she couldn't bring herself to believe him. As a result, Kim and Kevin have decided to part ways and are no longer together. During an appearance on a talk show, the couple said that they would never let their friendship die, no matter what. Kevin is working on a movie, and Kim is busy with her residency at the Wynn Hotel, so it looks like the two are living their own lives. We'd want to send our warmest wishes to the two of them for the future.

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