Killing Bites Season 2: What We Know So Far About the Release Date?

If you’re an anime fan, you might have heard about the popular Japanese manga and anime series “Killing Bites.” The first season of this series was a huge hit among the anime community, and fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of the second season.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Killing Bites Season 2, from its release date to its plot and characters.

About Killing Bites Season 2

A fabulous creation of Liden Films, Killing Bites (Kiringu Baitsu in Japanese ) is a Japanese action, sci-fi anime tv series based on the manga series of the same title. Shinya Murata has written the manga, and Kazuasa Sumita illustrated it. 16 volumes of the manga have been serialized in Hero’s Inc.’s seinen manga magazine so far.

Killing Bites Season 2

Liden films adapted the manga as anime tv series. It consists of 12 episodes and premiered between January to March 2018 in Japan. The series became widely popular and applauded by the viewers. The 1st season left the fans on a cliffhanger, so they are desperately waiting for the second season.

When Will Killing Bites Season 2 Be Released?

The production house has not shown the green flag to the second serving of the series so far. However, we are expecting that the makers will renew the series for the second season soon.

The reason for not renewing the series for the season is the lack of source material. The original manga had 10 volumes, and 7 volumes were used to create 1st season, but now sixteen volumes have been created. So we are expecting the second season.

Killing Bites Season 2

As of now, there is no official release date for Killing Bites Season 2. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the second season for over three years now, and there has been no news about when it will be released.

However, there have been rumours and speculations about the release date, but nothing has been confirmed yet. It is expected that the second season will be released sometime in 2023.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Killing Bites Season 2?

Going by how the 1st season ends, we will surely see our protagonist Yūya Nomoto. He was an investor of Hitomi and had feelings for him. However, she killed him. He will definitely return to fetch revenge from Hitomi.

Next, we will see our 2nd protagonist Hitomi Nomoto. She is the Rattle (honey badger), a hybrid who follows the order of her guardian Shido. She seemed killing Yuya, so she will be there when Yuya comes after him to take vengeance.

Our next returning character is Reiichi Shidō who is the legal guardian of Hitomi. He holds the power to control the hybrid matches. He ordered Hitomi to kill Yuya making him his enemy.

We are not sure about the other characters, however, we are definitely going to see some new characters in season 2.

What Will happen in Killing Bites Season 2?

The story of season 1 focuses on the two protagonists Hitomi Uzak and Yūya Nomoto. Four Zaibatsu Conglomerates of Japan sponsor underground death matches between Therianthropes, genetically engineered hybrids having the power to transform into animals.

Yūya Nomoto, unaware of his friend’s intention, joined them in a plan of abducting and raping a girl Hitomi. They kidnapped him, but she being an animal hybrid, killed everyone except him. Later she forced him to drive to the underground battlefield where Yuya became his investor.

Killing Bites Season 2

Later several battles took place and the underground battles become legal and opened for normal humans too. In the end, we saw when Yuya was about to confess his feeling to Hitomi, she killed him on the orders of Shido, her lust as well as his guardian. However, he was alive and planning to create more hybrids to take revenge on Shido and Hitomi.

Well, season 1 left us with cliffhangers and several questions are popping into our heads.

Why Hitomi killed Yuya? What benefit will Shido harvest from the death of Yuya? How Yuya is alive? We are hoping to get the answers in season 2. We will also see how Yuya will seek revenge against Hitomi and other members of Killing bites.

Is There Any Trailer Available for Killing Bites Season 2?

The showrunners have not renewed the series for the second season so far, so no question of a trailer arises. We will update you here, once the trailer arrives, For now, you can watch the trailer for season 1 below:

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The sci-fi series is action-packed and has some humour also. It consists of beautiful animation effects, weird but at the same time fun concept. You will not be bored with so many twists and turns.

Overall, it is good and pretty much enjoyable. There are still several open ends in the story that will hopefully be covered in season 2. If you have not watched it yet, give it a try, and let me know your reviews about the series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can We Watch the Killing Bites Season 2?

Currently, it is streaming on Amazon prime video to watch. You can watch it on Anime planet as well as on Crunchyroll.

Is Killing Bites English Dubbed?

No, not so far. However, you can watch it with English subtitles.

What is the IMDb Rating of the Killing Bites Series?

The series was not able to score well. It got mixed reviews from the viewers and able to score only a mediocre rating of 6.3 out of 10.