Kill Bill 3- Quentin Tarantino States That It Could Be His Last Film As An Executive Director


Quentin Tarantino, who made Kill Bill 18 years prior, might make the movie's third portion and bid farewell to the chief's seat. He has consistently demanded that he might want to stop coordinating after 10 movies as it's smarter to resign when you're in your prime.

As of late, he said that Kill Bill 3 could be his last film, however, he likewise plans to make a satire film.


Quentin Tarantino's

Quentin Tarantino's Statement Regarding The Kill Bill 3 Project-

Quentin Tarantino's last executive endeavor was Once Upon a Time in Hollywood which was delivered in 2019. Discussing his last film, he told digital broadcast have Joe Rogan, “Now would be the time in the career where I would do that good book, just because it would make a good movie…”


“I think it’s just revisiting the characters twenty years later and just imagining the Bride and her daughter, Bebe, having 20 years of peace, and then that peace is shattered. And now The Bride and Bebe are on the run and just the idea of being able to cast Uma (Thurman) and cast her daughter Maya (Hawke) in the thing would be ***ing exciting.”

At the point when Tarantino was gotten some information about Kill Bill 3 at the Rome Film Festival, he said, Why not?”

The chief said when pushed on this consuming issue on Tuesday at the Rome Film Festival, where he got a lifetime accomplishment grant from Italian awfulness maestro Dario Argento.

But at the same time, Tarantino has different tasks not too far off. They include a film analysis book and potentially a TV series, as Tarantino told moderator Fabio Fazio, of Italian state telecaster RAI, on Sunday, prior to adding: “But first I want to make a comedy.”

Parody is by all accounts at the forefront of Tarantino's thoughts. During a dramatic discussion with Rome fest boss Antonio Monda, he portrayed an undefined undertaking that sounded exceptionally entertaining.

“It’s not like my next movie. It’s a piece of something else that I’m thinking about doing — and I’m not going to describe what it is,” Tarantino said. “But part of this thing, there is supposed to be a Spaghetti Western in it.”

“I’m looking forward to shooting that [thing] because it’s going to be really fun. Because I want to shoot it in the Spaghetti Western style where everybody’s speaking a different language,” he continued, prior to breaking into chuckling.

“The Mexican Bandido is an Italian; the hero is an American; the bad sheriff is a German; the Mexican saloon girl is Israeli. And everybody is speaking a different language. And you [the actors] just know: OK, when he’s finished talking then I can talk,” ” Tarantino chuckled once more.

During a wide-going discussion about his 32-year vocation up until this point, during which he's shot nine movies, Tarantino said the primary movie he saw is British spy film “Deadlier Than the Male,” coordinated by Ralph Thomas, with Richard Johnson in the James Bond-like job.

“That’s as far back as my memory of a movie goes; I was literally about 5,” he recounted. “I remember this one scene with Elke Sommer and Sylva Koscina. They kidnap this guy, and they kind of hold this guy prisoner. I remember watching it at 5 and being a little blown away by the sexual politics of it. I didn’t understand that at 5.”

A long time elapsed and Tarantino continued to recall this film, yet had no clue about what the title was. Then, toward the finish of the 1990s, when he began his own film assortment, he purchased “Deadlier Than the Male,” without realizing that was it.

“And so I’m screening it after I bought it. And then all of a sudden, about midway through, that scene comes on and I go: ‘Oh my God! This is the fucking movie! This is the first movie I ever fucking saw!,'” he said.   

Gotten some information about when and how he chose to turn into a chief, Tarantino said it took him eight years to get through and uncovered that he completely understood his calling while at the same time taking acting classes.

“I realized that, not only did I love movies more than the other kids in the class,” he said. “But I cared about them, whereas I think they only cared about themselves. And the reason why is that I loved movies too much to be an actor.” 

“I didn’t want to just appear in them: I wanted the movie to be my movie,” he said.

At the finish of the discussion, Tarantino honored late incredible writer Ennio Morricone and recounted the account of how his Oscar-winning soundtrack to “The Hateful Eight” came to fruition.

In the wake of adoring Morricone for quite a long time, and utilizing tracks that he made for different movies when Tarantino wrote “Hateful Eight,” he figured, “This one ought to have a unique score,” he said and connected with the maestro.

Be that as it may, when they met in Rome, there had been some disarray. “Hateful Eight” had effectively been shot, while Morricone figured the cameras hadn't moved on it yet. Also, he was reserved for another work.

Tarantino said he was frustrated, yet would discover another arrangement.

However, at that point, he got some information about the “little theme in his mind” that Morricone had recently referenced. Furthermore, Morricone went to work and the following day let him know he could give him three unique courses of action of the subject that he had been contemplating, in addition to numerous unused tracks from the soundtrack he had composed for John Carpenter's 1982 film “The Thing.”

“I think I can give you 20-25 minutes of original music that you can maybe stretch to 40 minutes, depending on the arrangement,” Tarantino recalled Morricone telling him.

“Then you can use unused tracks to ‘The Thing,’ and you’ve got a completely original score,” he said. “He was a true giant.”

Kill Bill

End Words-

The film has chances to be out in the future, however, at this time we have nothing excepting the statements which clearly give us a direction that we could hope for the film, so, let's hang ourselves tight for more future updates, till then stay tuned with us at

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