Kevin O’ Leary Net Worth 2022: How Much the Entrepreneur Earns From Shark Tank


Timothy Thomas Canadian author, entrepreneur, and television personality Kevin O'Leary hails from Montreal. O'Leary is one of the most prosperous businesspeople in the world thanks to his co-founding of Soft Key and O'Leary Fund.

He has made numerous TV appearances over the course of his career, including “Shark Tank.”


Early Life of Kevin O' Leary

Timothy Thomas One of Terry and Georgette O'Leary's two sons was named Kevin O'Leary. His birthday is July 9, 1954. He was born to business-minded parents who divorced while he was a little child in Quebec, Canada.

Terence's mother held an executive position at a small business after his alcoholic father passed away. Later, Georgette married a man who was employed by the UN. Their family was able to tour the globe because to this. Georgette started making money as an investor about this time, but no one knew about it.


Kevin O' Leary Net Worth

She kept her secret from everyone up until her will was honoured when she passed away. And as a result, Kevin gained knowledge of more sophisticated investment strategies. He graduated from Ivey Business School with an MBA. He also attended the University of Waterloo to pursue environmental studies and psychology there.

Net Worth of Kevin O' Leary

Kevin O'Leary is worth $400 million as of  August 2022. Mr. Fantastic A prominent businessman, author, investor, and television personality, Kevin O'Leary is a regular on the hit shows Shark Tank and Dragon's Den on CBC and ABC, respectively. Creating Soft Key is O'Leary's most well-known commercial endeavour. He now ranks as the second-richest Shark Tank cast member, behind only billionaire Mark Cuban.

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Kevin O'Leary earns $30,000 per Shark Tank episode. But it appears likely that the show helps him earn more from the businesses he invested in. He makes investments in businesses as well as cryptocurrencies.

According to O'Leary, his portfolio includes 32 stakes in virtual assets like Solana, Polygon, Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. He currently invests 20% of his capital in cryptocurrencies, including blockchain startups and tokens.

Instagram Account

Kevin O'Leary has 2324 posts and 933k followers on his Instagram Account. You can view his post below.


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Personal Life

In their many years of marriage, Kevin O'Leary and his wife Linda O'Leary have experienced a lot together. The Shark Tank star and his entrepreneur spouse had numerous ups and downs, including the birth of their children, their two-year separation, and more, so it wasn't always simple. The blonde beauty and the Canadian businessman wed in 1990.

Kevin O' Leary Net Worth

The couple made their separation announcement in 2011. At the time, the author of Cold Hard Truth attributed the division to his demanding work schedule. After two years of living apart, Kevin and Linda decided to try their relationship again as their divorce proceedings came to a close. “We were about to divide the assets, but we changed our minds. We have reconciled and kept the family together. Glad we took that action.
During Valentine's Day celebrations in February 2017, the Canadian native showed his wife how much he loved her. He gushed with a picture of his beautiful girlfriend, saying, “I had nothing when I met you, and I'd still be in the same boat without you at my side. I'm a fortunate man.

How Did Kevin O’Leary Build His Wealth?

The majority of Kevin O'Leary's riches certainly came from the 1999 sale of TLC to Mattel. The amount of that $4.2 billion sale that went into his pocket, though, isn't disclosed in the public domain.

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Storage Now Holdings, which he later founded, was successful since it was sold for $110 million in 2007. From that point on, most of Kevin's business endeavours focused on the media, including books, television, and public speaking, as well as his venture capital, mutual fund, and ETF investing projects. O'Leary Funds Inc., a mutual fund business, reportedly managed $1.2 billion in assets by 2012. His personal riches has been aided by Kevin O'Leary's several income streams from his television engagements, book deals and related royalties, wealth management services, and business sales.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Kevin O'Leary has written a number of best-selling novels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Kevin O’Leary worth?

It is estimated that Kevin O'Leary is worth $400 million.

How old is Kevin O’Leary?

The current age of Kevin O'Leary, who was born on July 9th, 1954, is 68.

What is Kevin O'Leary's height?

The height of Kevin O'Leary is 1.77 m, or 5 ft 10 in.