Kevin Durant Net Worth: What Is His Net Worth in 2021?


Having established himself as one of the best basketball players of his time, Kevin Durant has become one of the wealthiest athletes in the history of sports.

It also helps that he is one of the most sought-after athletes in terms of sponsorship deals, which makes him a desirable candidate. This particular piece will discuss Kevin Durant's net worth as of 2021, which will be updated annually. And believe me when I say that there's a lot to unpack.


What Is His Net Worth?

If we use reliable reporting and combine it with his present pay, Kevin Durant's net worth in 2021 is estimated to be $200,000,000. With a large number of sportsmen of his stature, age, and commercial ability, it is projected that this number will continue to climb in the next years.

Kevin Durant signed a four-year, $164 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets that will make him worth (about) $170 million dollars by 2021. After fellow superstars LeBron James and former teammate Stephen Curry, he is now the third-richest NBA player in the league's history.


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Durant has been a max-deal candidate since the beginning of his career, and he will earn a total of $351,439,033 in NBA money when his current Nets contract expires in 2023.

The two-time champion, of course, does not limit his earnings to the confines of the court, taking advantage of a variety of lucrative chances off the court as well.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

Aside from his NBA salary of about $30 million, he makes an additional $35 million a year from his sponsorships and other business activities. Overall, it is projected that the Slim Reaper has earned a total of 400 million (and counting) in salary and endorsements over his 13-year professional wrestling career.

Durant established 35 Ventures last year to aid in the consolidation of his numerous business businesses in order to stay up with all of his money-making endeavors.

His most significant partnership is with the sporting giant Nike, with whom he has a long-term agreement that will last until 2024. Durant was extensively courted by Under Armour, a competitor firm, in 2014, but Nike reportedly responded with a hefty contract extension worth between $265 and $285 million.

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According to a source from USA Today, Durant's 10-year contract with the Swoosh has the potential to be worth up to $300 million, and it also includes a $50 million retirement plan, among other benefits. The revenues alone from his distinctive KD shoe brand are sufficient to provide him and his family with a comfortable retirement.

In addition, the former league MVP has rich endorsement relationships with major corporations including Alaska Airlines, Google, Sprint, Gatorade, Panini, General Electric, and 2K Sports.

Despite having a love-hate relationship with the media, Durant has signed long-term deals with companies such as Apple, ESPN, and YouTube that will continue indefinitely. Durant has made prudent investments in technology businesses such as Postmates, Lime, Acorns, and Rubrik, allowing him to diversify his portfolio.

He also founded his own production business, Unanimous Media, which just signed a multi-year development agreement with Sony Pictures Entertainment. He also has a number of other projects in development.

His production business, Thirty Five Ventures, recently completed the documentary Basketball County, which was released just a few days ago.

Kevin Durant's Career

In 2012, the 6-foot-10 scoring phenom made his acting debut as the star of the basketball film Thunderstruck, which garnered widespread attention.

Durant has done an excellent job of leveraging his star power, despite the fact that he is not really interested in promoting himself. The NBA star was reported as saying in an interview with Sports Illustrated that “global marketing and all that stuff” does not pique his attention.

Durant, like many other wealthy players, has made it a point to give back to the community by supporting a variety of charitable organizations. In 2013, he made a $1 million donation to the American Red Cross in order to assist the victims of the Moore tornado. Durant's old team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, as well as Nike, both contributed to the cause in the same way.

Durant has given back to his birthplace of Prince George's County, Maryland, by establishing College Track at The Durant Center, an after-school program for students in the area. Low-income and underserved students are the primary focus of the center's efforts, which includes providing them with resources to obtain a college education.

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In addition to being a spokesperson for P'Tones Records, the 10-time All-Star is also affiliated with the Washington, D.C. division of the company. Over the course of several years, Durant has publicly backed a non-profit after-school music program that operates across the country.

As things stand right now, Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets appear to be a more than perfect match. Because of his first-year struggles with injuries, and despite the fact that the team will be hit hard in the upcoming 2021 NBA season, he and his fellow superstars appear to be destined to stay in the hunt for the NBA Finals for an extended length of time.

Nonetheless, were you taken aback by Kevin Durant's estimated net worth in the year 2021?