Kenya Moore, a Star of “RHOA,” Discloses Why She Isn’t Divorced: It Has to a Standstill

Kenya Moore, 51, isn't yet formally single. After filing for divorce in May 2021, the RHOA star admitted to Andy Cohen, 54, that she is still legally wed to her ex-husband Marc Daly. At this moment, he is not requesting anything.

It has simply come to a stop. Therefore, it will continue until we receive a trial date or reach a settlement, Kenya said on the show.

Kenya made it plain that she is unmarried and willing to date despite the protracted divorce. I'm definitely participating in group dating, and I'm getting some attention, but nothing serious yet, she admitted.

Additionally, Kenya revealed to Andy that her pals are attempting to set her up! “Guys are coming out to me all the time saying, ‘Hey, my friend wants to meet you. Right now, I just have that enthusiasm,” she continued.

Kenya Moore, a Star of "RHOA," Discloses Why She Isn't Divorced: It Has to a Standstill

Mom-of-separation one's began in September 2019. On June 10, 2017, Kenya and Marc got hitched. They divorced after two years of marriage. Kenya, however, felt a romantic reunion was no longer in the cards shortly after the couple's initial breakup while they were still working on their reconciliation.

She said that I'm just moving forward one step at a time. We have a lot of work to do, and only God knows for sure whether or not our marriage will last.

The founder of Kenya Moore Hair Care wants to permanently end her relationship with her ex after their second separation. Moore noted on the divorce on a Watch What Happens Live broadcast from May that “I feel like it's been going on for years too.” She said, “Get me out of here! Free me, please!

Kenya Moore, a Star of "RHOA," Discloses Why She Isn't Divorced: It Has to a Standstill

Brooklyn Daly, a 3-year-old daughter, is the child of Marc and Kenya. The Miss USA winner spoke to us on co-parenting with her ex during the first COVID-19 quarantine of 2020. Kenya said, “We've been doing fantastic. In New York, he is. Every day, we FaceTime with him. Co-parenting is wonderful, she continued.

However, by May 2021, it was evident that things had changed because the TV celebrity had also asked Marc for “sole custody” of her kid. In June of the same year, Marc added his own request for “shared legal custody” to the original one, while still stating that he was fine with Kenya having “primary custody.” The status of a custody arrangement between the former couple is still unknown as of the time of publication.

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