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Kelvin Coster Yellowstone Season 4: Duttons’ Family Is Back Again for the New Season!

Yellowstone Season 4

Yellowstone series, Dutton family is back again to premiere this year after completing its principal filming last year and delaying the season from June to November. It’s good news for the fans of the Yellowstone series that a new season is coming soon or you can say that next month in November of this year.

Another good news is that this series is also expanded by Paramount for the Yellowstone universe with one prequel and one spin-off.

Ready to know about the series and its window date, cast and many things, then read the article till the ending as you will get to know everything you are finding for Yellowstone season 4 on the Internet.

I also have a brief description for the readers who didn’t know what’s in the show and why the show is given so much love.

The series revolves around Duttons’ family which was runned by John Dutton and their cattle farms or ranch and they are the largest ranch owners in the U.S. This family faced many problems from the borders and sometimes attacked by the enemies for their legacy protection.

Yellowstone Series: About

This american drama is the most watched drama which is led by Kevin Costner and the series have close to 5 million viewers for the original season but its viewership falls down from season 1 to season 3 and it remains 4.2 millions at the end of the finale.

Now audiences and fans are waiting to watch its latest season 4 which was renewed in February 2020 before the premiere date of the third season. But why is the show delayed? The principal filming of season 4 completed last year but due some scenes which were filmed later on and added in 2021 the new season was delayed.

The finale of the season 3rd left the viewers to get more to see what happened in the end as the season left the fans on a cliffhanger, so all wanted to know what is the perfect ending of this drama. You also want to know will Jimmy be there in season 4 or he dies in the first episode? Lets know about it by reading the blog further.

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Yellowstone Season 4: Release Date

Release date is the first thing which comes in your mind when you are searching for any season. You are searching for a window date to know when you will get the series or movie or other thing.

Release date of Yellowstone season 4 was already announced in August and it is set to come out on November 7, 2021 on Paramount Network and runs for 2 hours-special on Sunday.

This western drama family series was already announced by the Paramount Network before the third season came.

The filming of the series started in June in 2020 but the shooting was delayed and then finally started in late August due to Covid-19 and it was confirmed through instagram that the filming for the season 4 is almost completed in November 2020.

Jimmy Hurdstarm Died in Yellow Season 4?

Jefferson White played the character Jimmy Hurdstram and he is one of the main characters of Yellowstone series.

He is featured from season 1 and now all are wanting to know its status whether he dies in season 4 or not? Will he recover from his injury. He is warned by John Dutton the owner of the ranch not to get into the rodeo but he didn’t listen to his words and decided to get back on horse and got injured. It is expected by everyone that Jimmy’s role is finished so his character in the new season will also die.

But there is no official indication about his death in season 4 and you will come to know about it when the season 4th starts premiering from November 7 this year.

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Yellowstone Season 4: Cast

These are the characters who will come for the new season-

There are more members who will reprise their role in season 4 and you will also get to see new faces.

Yellowstone Season 4 Official Trailer

Is Yellowstone Season 4 the Last and Final Season of This Series?

No, at the time of writing it is not announced that it will be the last season of this series but there is no signal for the further seasons of Yellowstone also.

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Where to Watch the Yellowstone Series?

You can catch and stream its all previous seasons on Peacock or from Amazon Prime by purchasing it.

Last Lines

The Yellowstone series got 8.6 ratings out of 10 on IMDB and it is a good series but its viewership declines. You have to watch for 1 month for season 4 and till then enjoy all previous seasons on the given platform and also read the latest season of Heartland on Keeperfacts.

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