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Kelly Mi Li Net Worth: Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray, Both of Bling Empire, Are Back Together.

Bling Empire is all about money, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the cast members’ net worths have a lot of zeros at the end. But really, we’re not just talking about a few million here and there. These guys are worth tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s the kind of money that’s hard to understand.

From people who have so much money from their families that they don’t know what to do with it to people who have invested their money or started their own businesses and careers with it.

Early Life

Kelly Mi Li (born November 13, 1985) is a Chinese-American film producer, actress, and entrepreneur. She is well known for producing and starring in the Netflix series Bling Empire. Kelly has served on the boards of a number of non-profit organizations, including Well Child and UNICEF CCI.

Kelly Mi Li was born in Kunming, China, but she moved to Chicago when her mother got a job at the University of Illinois.

Kelly Mi Li Net Worth

Mi Li’s mother raised her alone in the United States, trying to give her a better life. When Mi Li was 18, she went to work in New York for a life insurance company.

After that, she moved to Los Angeles and worked in the food and drink business and in real estate development. She eventually got into tech investing after a string of successes in the field, such as turning Jim Morrison’s old house into an exclusive speakeasy. She is Asian, and her family comes from China. She was born under the Scorpio star sign.


After moving to the United States, Mi put money into two companies: Skinny Bikini Swimwear and Be Great Partners. She and her friends started these businesses more than ten years ago, and they are still doing well.

She also made a few movies and worked in the entertainment business. Her life started to take shape, and in 2016, she met Power Rangers actor Andrew Gray.

They met through a friend they both had and quickly became more than just friends. They were one of the most beautiful Asian couples in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, after five years together, they both broke up and posted about it on social media. They also asked their followers to support them by staying out of their business and letting them make their own decisions.

Kelly put money into “Bling Empire,” her most important project, in 2021. This show made her famous and changed the course of her life. After the BE, she kept appearing on shows like “Celebrity Family Feud,” “The Netflix Afterparty,” “Entertainment Tonight,” and “Cypher.”

Kelly Mi Li’s Net Worth

By 2022, it is expected that Kelly Mi Li will have a net worth of $5 million. Her work as an entrepreneur, investor, and producer has helped her make a lot of money for herself. Kelly was also involved in putting together the cast for Bling Empire.

Kelly Mi Li Net Worth

Who Is Kelly Mi Li’s Ex-Husband?

Kelly’s ex-husband was a Chinese businessman named Lin Miao who was worth a lot of money. Lin was arrested because of a big internet scandal, and Kelly filed for a divorce. According to sources, Kelly filed for divorce in Los Angeles in November 2014. The hearing for her divorce was in the middle of 2015. On May 11, 2015, Kelly got a divorce order.

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Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray, Both of Bling Empire, Are Back Together.

During a trip to Paris on the reality show, Andrew Gray called Kelly Mi Li in a rage after she left him at the hotel. This was the first time that viewers saw cracks in the relationship between Mi Li and Gray. Both her friends and fans were upset by the way Gray spoke to her after the outburst.

Mi Li finally gave up on Gray and asked him to leave their house. Mi Li said in the new special that fans saw a really bad time in their relationship. “I can’t understand why Andrew did what he did. I don’t think it’s right at all.”

Kelly Mi Li Net Worth

During the time they were apart, Mi Li said that both she and Gray went to therapy to work on themselves as individuals before they got back together as a couple. Gray said, “I feel like I’ve changed a lot.” “I’ve been able to close up so many wounds I didn’t even know we’re still open.”

Both of them agreed that their relationship is not the same as it used to be. “We are stronger and happier than we have ever been as a group,” said Gray. Mi Li and Gray both said that watching their breakup was painful, but that putting all of their problems out in the open helped them figure out how to deal with them and move on.

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Is Kelly Mi Li Still With Andrew?

Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray have been together for more than five years, but now they are going their separate ways. Tuesday, the stars of the Netflix show Bling Empire said in separate Instagram posts that they had “made the difficult decision” to break up.

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Who Is Kelly Mi Li Ex-Husband?

Lin Miao

How Old Is Kelly Mi Li in 2022?

Kelly was born on November 13, 1985, so she is 36 years old right now.