Kelly Clarkson Was Taken Aback by Channing Tatum’s Ability to Make Brad Pitt Uncomfortable With His Inappropriate Actions

There are many memorable events and tales from The Kelly Clarkson Show. This was evident recently when Channing Tatum shared some of his greatest career moments.

Working with Brad Pitt was one of the goals of a lifetime. Tatum told Clarkson that the encounter exceeded his expectations and that he even felt uncomfortable leaving Pitt.

We’re going to look more closely at Channing’s interaction with Pitt and Kelly Clarkson’s response to the tale. We will also disclose the additional things that Tatum has stated regarding his changing friendship with Brad Pitt over time.

Kelly Clarkson Was Quite Surprised by Channing Tatum’s Meeting With Brad Pitt, Mostly Because Brad is a Sucker for Self-loathing

The interview between Channing Tatum and Kelly Clarkson went as planned. During his conversation with Kelly, the actor revealed a few amusing things, one of which was about his time working with Brad Pitt on Bullet Train. The revelations, which Tatum revealed he was able to make Pitt uncomfortable during his cameo, stunned Kelly as well as fans.

Channing confides in Kelly, saying, “It was a dream come true to engage in inappropriate sexual behavior with Brad in Bullet Train. I had no idea that there was a bucket that could be filled that high. I believe I once uncomfortable him.”

“I was like, did I reach a line there?” Tatum continues.

Clarkson was astounded as well. More of a bonus, she says to Tatum. Because it appears like he’s up for any old s—. Thus, good work if you’re causing him discomfort.”

What other topics did Channing Tatum and Kelly Clarkson talk about?

Regarding the most formidable co-star Tatum had ever collaborated with, he was also questioned. Tatum was unable to respond, but he acknowledged that working with young performers always made him anxious because of how prepared they were and how frequently he would forget his lines and play much more loosely.

In More Interviews, Channing Tatum Stated That Getting to Know Brad Pitt Had Been Everything He Had Hoped It Would Be

Additional details on Channing Tatum’s relationship with Brad Pitt behind the scenes were disclosed. Tatum said that meeting Brad was all he had dreamed for. Together, the two were motorbike riders.

He started out by saying, “I can’t believe I got to work with either one of them,” according to People. “Brad Pitt, I met him once, I rode motorcycles with him, and again, he’s everything you want him to be.”

Tatum continued by saying that throughout the making of The Lost City, he drew inspiration from Pitt.

  • For my cover model look, I have to wear a wig, so I thought, ‘I want to look like Brad Pitt from ‘Legends of the Fall.'” Would you kindly try to make me that, or at least as near to it as you can?”
  • “He’s hilarious. Simply said, not everyone is aware of his humor. He’s done comedies, I believe, but nothing quite like this. They just don’t produce movies like this anymore, which is why I adore this one so much.”


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