What is Kate’s Big Secret in You Season 4? Explained

Now that the first episode of You season 4 is ready to stream on Netflix, I'm sure you're binge-watching the new episodes.

Although there are only five episodes in portion 1, a great deal occurs inside them. We discover that a mysterious killer is murdering the elite, that an unknown texter is sending Joe dangerous messages, and that Kate is not who she claims to be.

You may be asking yourself what we mean by Kate. Well, she has a major secret that only her inner circle of friends knows. Yet, she finally gains sufficient confidence in Joe to reveal the information to him. Yet, what is Kate's great secret?

What is Kate's Big Secret in You Season 4?

Over dinner at Phoebe's rural home, Roald suggests that Kate is keeping a secret from Joe, which piques Joe's interest. Joe approaches Kate later to discuss what transpired during dinner with the rest of the friend group.

Kate discloses her father's identity to Joe. She informs him that Tom Lockwood is her father. When Joe explored Kate's father, however, he was unable to locate any information about him.

What is Kate’s Big Secret in You Season 4?

Kate informs Joe that her father is an activist investor and one of the world's most influential men. She goes so far as to inform Joe that her family is wealthier than all of her friends' families.

Kate confesses to Joe that she severed ties with her family a long time ago due to her father's shady business practices and the manner in which he makes his money.

She also emphasizes to Joe that she desires to forge her own path and be recognized as more than Tom Lockwood's daughter. Thus, she continued to work diligently to build the life she now had.

Nonetheless, her father strives ceaselessly to be a part of her life. When Kate's father sends bodyguards to watch over her while she stays at the country house, Joe witnesses this for himself.

Kate's main secret is that she is extremely wealthy due to her father's business acumen, but she has nothing to do with him or his money.

Recap of You Season 4 Episode 4

The previous episode's cliffhanger is swiftly resolved. Joe is not on the police's radar, and the inspectors value Professor Moore's insight into the blackmailing of the murder victims.

The Sundry House group chooses to take a break to Lady Pheobe's Hampsie cottage due to the gloomy nature of the murder plot. Why not? Joe is welcomed to the modest home, which is a mansion. Our protagonist cannot pass up the opportunity to round up all suspects.

In Hampsie, Joe finally meets Gemma, who is repeatedly awful. Gemma adores employing staff members as croquet hoops. She is very vocal about her belief that her high status makes her superior to commoners.

What is Kate’s Big Secret in You Season 4?

Joe receives a cryptic message summoning him to the arms room after finding that he has been assigned one of the mansion's finest rooms and that the estate has no phone reception, allowing him to escape his stalker's frequent messaging. Joe enters the chamber to discover Lady Pheobe in lingerie attempting to charm him. Phoebe produces candles from the manhoods of all her lovers.

Joe shocks Lady Pheobe by revealing that she loves her boyfriend, Adam. Adam, unbeknownst to Joe and Pheobe, is heavily in debt, and marrying the wealthy heiress will cure all of his problems. He is thinking of proposing.

You Season 4 Episode 4 Ending Explanation

Following his enlightening talk with Kate, Joe searches Roald's room for evidence that he is the murderer. Roald, disgusted by his efforts, catches him in the act and knocks Joe out the second-floor window.

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Joe, who is miraculously still alive and is sure that Roald is the real killer and his stalker, wants only a peaceful spot to consider his future steps.

Sadly, he hears a scary scream coming from Kate's chamber, so this is not possible. Joe discovers (again) his greatest dread upon entering: Gemma dead on the floor and Kate kneeling over her with a bloodied knife. Could it be that Joe has fallen for Love Quinn again?