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Is Kate Mara Wish to take Small Role in Iron Man 2?

Kate Mara Iron Man 2

Did you Remember Kate Mara as US Marshall in the Iron Man 2 which is one of the biggest movies of 2010, and sequel to the Iron Man original movie. All are wishing to know why she took a small role with Robert Downey Jr. who is a iron man or lead star of the movie?

Let’s know more about there is an explanation to this movie which is given below.

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As you all know that there are different ways at which actors take up to establish their career in Hollywood at the beginning of their career.

Some actors take little time and get popular while some take up a longer time to build an excellent presence of themselves in Hollywood, to move slowly but in a smarter way as Kate Mate did.

 but she chooses to appear in small roles in movies and tv shows before going to do a small role in 2010 Iron Man 2 Movie with Robert.

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In her early part of Kate Mara’s she also performed a pivotal role in Brokeback Mountain and guest roles on Tv shows like Everwood and even in We Are Marshall film she also earned a good credits.

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Know Why Kate Mara Took a Small Role in Iron Man 2

In an interview, Kate admitted that she agreed on a small role in Iron Man 2 with Robert Downey and Jon because she knew that, after this role, she could get a larger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and after that she will continue in the movie as taking bigger roles.

She is excited to work with both Robert Downey and Jon as she wants to do a work with them, she also loves them as both are amazing and it is a great pleasure for Kara to Work with them for a good experience.

Now, let's see what she said on this:

“I had a meeting with [director] Jon Favreau for that and they had said to me, ‘It’s a very, very small part, but it’s with Robert Downey and Jon, and it’ll be really fun,” Mara, 37, said to Collider. “And a lot of times they bring these characters back into bigger, more substantial roles.’

“It wasn’t a promise, but it was definitely something that was hinted at to me.”

She further added:

“So that’s the reason why I even took the meeting was because I thought, ‘Well, if there’s a chance of it, why not spend an evening working with Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau? Great. I love them both. They’re amazing. It’ll be a good experience,'” Mara continued.

“And that’s exactly what it ended up being. It ended up being nothing more than that, but it really was fun. And we were shooting until like four in the morning. But yeah, it’s a weird cameo that turned into really nothing. But I don’t mind!”

Her dream is to get bigger roles in the MCU after doing Iron Man 2, small roles didn’t end up and it was not a loss for her as she valued the experience and even still she managed to get roles after that Iron Man 2.

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After 2011, she managed to make her roles in American Horror Story, playing as Zoe Barnes in House of Cards Netflix Show in 2013. In the between she saw few disappointments Like in Fantastic Four, but even after disappointments with the work or the film, she managed to come up and still had plenty of career to earn credits in her life.


I hope, it's crystal clear to you “Why Kate Mara take small role in Iron Man 2?”.

If you have any grudges or love to share around Kate Mara, Let us know in a comment section.

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