What Is Kanye West’s Current Relationship Status?

Kanye West’s personal life has recently come under scrutiny following his high-profile divorce from Kim Kardashian.

In his new song video Eazy, the 44-year-old record producer, now known as Ye, appears to bury what appears to be Kardashian’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

West recently terminated his relationship with Uncut Gems actor Julia Fox, who denied being saddened by the breakup. The 33-year-old was seen departing LAX and was described as ‘tearful’. Fox responded in a now-deleted Instagram story. The artist has moved on from his ex.

West’s new girlfriend?

Kanye West is dating Chaney Jones, a 24-year-old COO and Instagram influencer from Dover, Delaware, in March 2022. Many counseling facts, many fans have compared West’s new partner to his ex-wife.

According to the Mirror, they announced their love in February 2022. The influencer recently revealed her nationality, work title, and birthday to her followers. “Facts about me,” Jones wrote. “I am European, French, German, West African, Nigerian, and Ghanaian,” she wrote on Twitter.

The COO of First State Behavioral Health, Jones said.

“I am now pursuing a 4.0 master’s degree in counseling.” “No I have never had surgery on my face, I was born like this,” she wrote in the post. Her birthday is August 28th, making her a Virgo.

Kanye West's Current Relationship Status

Kanye West’s evident disdain for Pete Davidson has been kept public, with the rapper recently raging on Instagram.

A frightening music video showing West burying what appears to be Davidson has heightened tensions between the two.

Notably, West calls Davidson ‘Skete’. That’s why LADbible has invited the expertise of mental health professional Zoe Clews to debunk West’s cryptic moniker.

Read on to learn more about this moniker.

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Isn’t Kanye calling Pete “Skete”:

Kanye West recently targeted Davidson, who is now dating his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, in many posts, calling him ‘Skete’.


The rapper didn’t say if he called Davidson ‘Skete’ or why, but the post looked to relate to him.

To avoid any potential legal implications, such as slander, Clews believes West uses ‘Skete’ to trash [talk] Pete Davidson without specifically identifying him.

As for why West is suddenly concentrating “an alarming amount of unwanted attention” on Davidson on social media, Clews says it could be due to his “rampant narcissistic qualities”.

Sadly and unwisely, he chooses to process his emotions on social media rather than venting his feelings to a therapist or in a safe space.

He wants to blame someone else for his part in the divorce, and he’s decided that someone else is Pete.

“It’s a classic narcissistic trait – blaming others for your actions.”

“Skete” Davidson:

‘Skete’ is defined as “a pale, tiny white dude who beats up on your ex”. An online dictionary says ‘Skete’ is “likely originated from the slang word ‘sket’.” “According to this lexicon, a sket is a morally bankrupt person. “Sleeps with anybody, regardless of relationship status,” the entry said.

However, another explanation on the site is slang for the verb ‘ejaculate’, which is presumably not what West means (but who knows!).

Some fans believe the term refers to Davidson and Kardashian’s “ship” name, similar to how “Kimye” refers to West and Kardashian.

Who Is Kanye West Dating?

Kanye West’s personal life has been well-documented, especially since his high-profile divorce from Kim Kardashian.

His followers were recently informed that he “wasn’t allowed” to attend his daughter Chicago’s birthday party, and he thanked Travis Scott for emailing him the address.

His new song Eazy, produced by 44-year-old record producer Ye, has gone popular on Twitter for appearing to attack his ex-current wife’s companion Pete Davidson.

In the song with The Game, West raps, “God rescued me from that wreck just so I can smash Pete Davidson’s a**.”

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Kanye West’s girlfriend:

Despite the controversy with his ex-wife, West appears to be dating again.

West is now officially dating actor and mother-of-one Julia Fox, 31. The Italian-American actress was nominated for the Breakthrough Actor Award at the 2019 Gotham Awards for her role in Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler.

They’ve been dating since New Year’s Eve 2021/2022, and they’ve shared personal images. After only two dates, Fox and West recently posed for Interview Magazine and spoke about their relationship.

“His energy is so exciting to be around,” Fox told the outlet about West. And he made us smile and laugh all night.”

“An entire hotel suite full of clothes” was “every girl’s fantasy come true”, she said of their second date. “It was a true Cinderella moment.”

Kanye West's Current Relationship Status

During a speech on Thanksgiving Eve, Kanye West suggested God will help him get back together with Kim Kardashian (24 November). The rapper, now known as ‘Ye’, spoke at the Los Angeles Mission’s annual Thanksgiving dinner.

According to Page Six, West stated, “Kimye crafted a story that God does not want.”
“The narrative God wants is to demonstrate that we can be redeemed in all these relationships,” said Yeezy.

“We erred. I’ve erred. I’ve done things in public that were inappropriate as a husband, but today, for whatever reason – I didn’t realize I’d be on this mic – I’m here to rewrite the narrative.”

West may be referring to the time he asked Kris Jenner, the queen mother of the Kardashian family, whether she wanted to ‘go to war’ via Twitter.

This will be Donda’s first Thanksgiving away from Kim, who filed for divorce in February.

During his remarks, West stated his wish to be with his family.
he rapped: “I’m trying to be as rational and cool as possible, but I need to get home.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are currently separated. “If the enemy can divide Kimye, millions of families will feel OK with it,” he stated.

[The devil] has utilized separation and trauma to keep people in agony while people pass over homeless people to go to the Gucci store.”

A series of public comments by Ye expressing his wish to save his marriage.

On the Drink Champs podcast, he said: “SNL made my wife say “I divorced him” on TV to get that bar off, and I’ve never seen the papers.

“We’re still married. “That’s no joke. I wish my parents would stay together. “I want us to be.”

Is Kanye West Dating Again?

After seven years of marriage and four children, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are set to separate this year. The divorce is mentioned in the lyrics of Donda, the rapper’s new album.

But the 44-year-old has reportedly moved on and is dating someone new.

Soon after the divorce was revealed, he unfollowed Kim and the rest of the Kardashian clan on Twitter.

As of June 20, 2021, various publications said Kanye was having a summer romance in Europe with a new girl, with the possibility of marriage.

“They’re in a honeymoon, lovey-dovey period right now,” a source said. “They’re meeting new people and having a blast. They like each other but aren’t serious yet.”

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New girlfriend?

A 35-year-old Russian model, Irina Shayk, is said to be Kanye West’s

Shayk, like West, just ended a long-term romance. She’s been married to American actor Bradley Cooper for four years and they have a daughter Lea De Seine. She dated Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo for six years before Cooper.

Despite the good progress, they aren’t ready to reveal the families yet.

Earlier in June, The Sun said that the model had “put the spring back in [Kanye’s] step” after his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

“Kanye is regaining his former self. He has a bright smile and a bounce in his step again “a source told the paper

“He’s enjoying Irina’s company and they’re taking it easy. They have many interests and know many of the same individuals.

“Kanye isn’t planning on having kids. His four children are his entire universe. He’s simply re-entering.”