Kancolle Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Know So Far


After six years, an anime has returned, and fans are awaiting the announcement of the second season. Finally, KanColle has returned with a new plot and cute characters.

Mark your calendars, as the KanColle Season 2 will premiere soon. Keep scrolling to learn everything there is to know about KanColle Season 2.


Release Date of KanColle Season 2

Kancolle, which premiered on January 8, 2015, is one of the most popular Japanese animated television series. The second season of this series, which debuted with only a few episodes, has already gained immense popularity.

Fans are waiting to learn the Kancolle Season 2 release date since they are quite enthusiastic about this season. It is anticipated that Kancolle Season 2 will be released sometime around 2022. However, these are merely conjectures. Therefore, we must wait for the formal confirmation of the Season 2 release date.


Kancolle Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Know So Far

The Storyline of

KanColle is an abbreviation for Kantai Collection. This anime series is based on a Kadokawa Games-developed video game. The anime depicts a future in which humanity has no control over the oceans and seas due to the Abyssal Fleet's dominance.

Humanity is in danger, and only the Kan-musu (Fleet Girls) are capable of resolving this issue. Kan-musu has the spirits of naval vessels and resides in a naval facility. These young women spend their time preparing for future wars.

The Main Characters of  KanColle Season 2

Season 1 of the anime “Kantai Collection” featured a large ensemble of actresses representing a variety of World War II-era warships. Fubuki, who possesses the spirit of a destroyer, is the protagonist of the story and the newest member of a naval base in the pilot episode.

The remainder of the anime is recounted through Fubuki's point of view, despite the fact that the show contains a variety of characters from that point on, representing the vast number of collectible characters in the source computer game.

Kancolle Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Know So Far

Fubuki visits the aircraft carrier, Akagi, on her maiden day at the naval base. Fubuki is initially shy and learning the ropes of naval warfare, however, Akagi is a seasoned fighter whose battle prowess inspires Fubuki.

Yamato, who carries the soul of the famed Japanese battleship of the same name, is one of Fubuki's many allies (per Britannica). Her firepower is substantial, but she lacks combat experience. Her martial prowess finally proves useful in the first season's climactic conflict.

They are accompanied by numerous other characters, including the destroyer Mutsuki, the battleship Nagato, and the heavy cruiser Ashigara. Given the significance of its vast cast, a leftover from the collectible nature of the “KanColle” video game, these and other characters should all return for Season 2.


KanColle 2 is not yet available, thus it is difficult to predict how the audience will respond. Therefore, we will examine the history of KanColle's first season. The anime received a 6.8 rating from MyAnimeList, although it received a 4.5 rating from Crunchyroll and a 5.9 rating from IMDb.


Fans anticipate greater action-comedy moments than in the first season of the anime. If you haven't watched the first season of KanColle, you should do so before watching the second season. Maybe you'll find yourself a new waifu!