Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi Season 2 | Release Date | Cast And More

Kakuriyo no yadomeshi (Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits) is a fantasy, romantic-comedy anime tv series. The series is based on the light novel series of the same name. The story revolves around Aoi Tsubaki, a teenage girl. She is provided with the special gift of seeing Ayakashi.

Midori Yūma is the writer, and Laruha is the illustrator of the novel. It started its journey in the Fujimi L Bunko imprint in 2015. The author has published eleven-volume so far, and fans are looking for more.

Waco Ioka has adapted it as a manga series that begins serialization in 2016. It ran for seven volumes in Enterbrain’s B’s Log Comic to date.

Gonzo adapted it as an anime tv series that premiered from April 2 to September 24, 2018. In no time, the series won the hearts of several viewers. Now they are looking forward to the second helping. Read more to know about Season 2.

Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi Season 2

The Release Date of Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi Season 2. When Will It Air?

The first season came to an end on September 24, 2018. The creators have not uttered a word regarding the sequel of the series since then. Is this means the series got canceled?

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No, the creators have neither renewed nor canceled the series. And we all know the renewal of any series depends on the two most important factors. How much revenue the production house generated and the source material for the series. Well, the series was a blockbuster and created a massive fan base. It successfully caught the attention of millions of viewers and generated huge sales. It also increased the sales of the novel and manga. But what about the source material.

Is Enough Source Material Is Available to Make the Sequel?

The series is based on the light novel series with eleven volumes so far. Season 1 is only based on the five volumes. Therefore, six volumes are still left to make the sequel. So plenty of source material is available for the second helping.

Well, everything indicates that we likely to have season 2 but not any time sooner. We guess that it will arrive somewhere in 2023.

Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi Season 2

If we get any updates regarding the release date, we will share them with you.

The Cast of Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi Season 2. Who to Expect?

Well, three main characters will return for season 2 for sure.

Aoi Tsubaki Voiced by Nao Tōyama (Japanese), Emily Neves(English)

She is the protagonist of the series. She has the power to see Ayakashi, which she inherited from her grandfather. She is a caring and brave girl. When Oddana offers her marriage in exchange for the debts of her grandfather. She refused and chose to work to repay the debts. She permanently became the chef at the hidden realm

Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi Season 2

Ōdanna Voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi (Japanese): Christopher Wehkamp (English)

He is an Ayakashi and owner of a hotel named Tenjin-ya in the Hidden Realm. He seems rude and cruel at first but was found kind-hearted later. He was a friend of Aio’s grandfather and lent him a great amount of money.

Ginji Voiced by Shun’ichi Toki Miyu Tomita(Japanese): Stephen Fu(English)

He the another Ayakashi, and a friend of Odana. He is the shapeshifter and first friend of Aio in the Hidden releam. He owns a restaurant named Moonflower in the Tenjin-ya building.

The Plot of Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi. What to Expect From It?

This anime series focuses on the protagonist Aoi Tsubaki, a teenage girl. She inherited the power of seeing the Ayakashi, a supernatural creature, from her grandfather.

One day, she saw Ayakashi named Odanna waiting for her in her home. He kidnapped her and took her to the Hidden releam where he lived. He told her that her grandfather had to take debt from him. Now in exchange, he wanted to marry her. Aio refused the marriage and requested him that to do work in Tenjin’ya, an inn he owns.

Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi Season 2

She was an awesome cook. Soon, other Ayakashis also got impressed with her. Due to this, Aio fell into several troubles. However, Odanna saved her every time she fell into trouble. Gradually they both developed romantic feelings for each other.

In season 2, we may see how the relationship between Aio and Odanna will grow. Will they end up marrying, or more troubles waiting for them?

Well, whatever happens, you will get some best entertainment.

Is There Any Trailer Available for Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi Season 2?

The production house has not decided to renew the sequel so far. So we have to wait patiently for the trailer. It is not coming any time sooner. We will inform you once the trailer land.

What Is the Imdb Rating Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi Season 2?

The viewers liked the series pretty much. It scored a fair rating of 7.8 out of 10.

Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi Season 2

Where Can We Watch Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi Series?

It is streaming on Crunchyroll and anime-planet. You can watch its English dub on Funimation.

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Final Verdict

Delightful is the exact word for the series. The characters are magical, and the artwork is breathing. It is a perfect blend of romance, magic, and comedy. The opening soundtrack is killer. The storyline is impressive, and the advancement of the plot is also at a correct pace. You will feel the love in the air while watching it. Overall is a pretty good series to watch. If you are looking for something intense in this genre, just go for it.

Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comment section.

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