Justin Hartley Net Worth: How Much Fortune He Has in 2022?

Fans may want to know how much Justin Hartley's This Is Us salary comes from his net worth. Hartley plays Kevin Pearson on the NBC drama series, which debuted in September 2016 and is now in its second season. In its fifth season, the show follows a family of five from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in two different times: the 1980s, when Kevin, Randall, and Kate Pearson were kids, and the present day, when they are adults.

Fans may also remember Hartley from his marriage to Chrishell Stause, who stars in Selling Sunset. After just two years of marriage, Hartley filed for a divorce from the reality T.V. star in November 2019. Even though the divorce was announced in November 2019, the This Is Us actor said that the couple broke up on July 8, 2019, almost four months before he filed. Stause, on the other hand, says that they broke up on November 22, the same day Hartley filed for divorce and “shocked” her.

Justin Hartley Early Life

justin hartley net worth

American actor, writer, and director Justin Hartley have a net worth of $7 million. Most people know Justin's role in the drama series “This Is Us.”

On January 29, 1977, Justin was born in Knoxville, Illinois. He studied theatre and history at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

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Most people first heard of Justin Hartley when he played Fox Crane on the popular soap opera Passions. Between 2002 and 2006, he was a regular on a T.V. show. Between 2014 and 2016, he was also a regular on The Young and the Restless. He was also in Smallville, Emily Owens, M.D., Revenge, and Mistresses.

The show This Is Us aired in September 2016, making Justin a household name. On the front, Justin plays Kevin, one of three twins whose lives are linked from the time they are born. The show has been praised by critics and is one of the most-watched shows on NBC.

Justin Hartley Personal Life

From 2004 to 2012, he was married to co-star Lindsay Korman. Together, they have a daughter named Isabella Justice.

In 2017, Justin got married to Chrishell Stause, an agent. Chrishell started to be on the Netflix reality show Selling Sunset in 2019. She used to be an actress, and some of her roles were in soap operas. She filed for divorce in November 2019, which is sad.

Justin Hartley Real Estate

Justin and Chrishell spent $4.65 million in April 2019 to buy a brand-new home in Encino, California. It is a modern farmhouse-style home with 6,700 square feet.

Before “This Is Us,” Justin Hartley Was a Rising Tv Star.

justin hartley net worth

In the early 2000s, when he was cast in the NBC soap opera Passions, Hartley began to act professionally. Soon after, the then-WB Network took notice of him.

Long before the D.C. Extended Universe (DCEU) was made, the Network was well into making several DC-based shows.

And after the success of Smallville, the producers were eager to show viewers Aquaman, who was played by Hartley. Once auditions started, Hartley knew he had to take a chance, even though he didn't think he would be noticed.

“I went in for an audition for Aquaman, just like everyone else does, and then I got the callback,” he told IGN.

“So, I tried out for the studio but didn't hear much back.” But Hartley was eventually asked to try out for the part again, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Unfortunately, The C.W. decided not to pick up Aquaman, which surprised everyone. Hartley, on the other hand, was just ready to move on.


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“It was disappointing, but I got over it quickly because that's what you have to do in this business,” he said.

Even though his pilot didn't work, Hartley was cast as Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow, on the show Smallville. Everything worked out in a way.

Over the years, the actor has made brief appearances on T.V. shows like CSI: N.Y., Cold Case, and Melissa Joey.

Hartley also got roles in the T.V. shows Revenge, Mistresses, and The Young and the Restless. The actor also tried his hand at movies now and then. He was in A Bad Mom's Christmas, Another Time, Little, Jaci, and The Exchange, a comedy-drama from 2021.

Hartley recently returned to his D.C. Comics roots by voicing Superman in the animated movie Injustice, which comes out in 2021. For the actor, being in the movie brought back many old memories.

Hartley told Entertainment Weekly, “I remember doing Aquaman before I did Smallville, and when I first started doing Smallville, I was petrified and second-guessed myself. I wasn't sure if I was right and didn't know what I was doing.”

justin hartley net worth

Today, Justin Hartley Is Worth This Much

Estimates say Hartley is worth a cool $7 million now that This Is Us is in its last season. It's safe to say that he made money from his work on the popular NBC show.

Back in 2018, it was reported that the show's cast was able to renegotiate their contracts before the third season. Hartley's salary went up to $250,000 per episode as a result. The actor reportedly only made $40,000 per episode during the first season, so this rate is a pretty big pay raise.

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People also think the show's cast got huge bonuses before the last season. A report from Deadline says that 20th T.V. and NBC gave Hartley and the other original cast members each $2 million.

Frequently Asked Question

What Else Has Justin Hartley Done?

Before This Is Us, Hartley was known for his parts in popular soap operas and C.W. shows. From 2002 to 2006, he played the role of Fox Crane on the show Passions. Between 2014 and 2016, he played a similar part on The Young and the Restless.

Had Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause Signed a Prenuptial Agreement?

It's still unclear if Justin Hartley's divorce from Chrishell Stause hurt his net worth, but it's certainly a possibility. TMZ thinks the couple didn't sign a prenuptial agreement, which could lead to a messy fight over money between the stars.

How Much Money Will Justin Hartley Have in 2022?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Justin Hartley's estimated net worth in 2022 is $7 million. This includes money he made from his role on This Is Us and money he made from other acting jobs.

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