Just Beyond Season 2 Release Date: Did the Show Get Renewed?

Just Beyond stands out among other horror television programmes because not all of them are suitable for young viewers. Just Beyond is a horror comedy series with an anthology structure that is based on the same-named R.L. Stine graphic novels. Each of the eight episodes focuses on a different horror story.

There are obviously many possible directions for this Disney Plus series, so here is what we know about a Just Beyond season 2 release date.

Brief Information About Just Beyond Season 2

Name Just Beyond Season 2 
OTT Platform Disney+
Genre Horror Comedy
Directed By Marc Webb
Just Beyond Season 2 Release Date Yet To Be Confirmed

What Happened in Just Beyond Season 1?

Every episode tells a story using a scary antic. Veronica is taken to Miss Genevieve’s school in the first scene of this narrative. The school is for resilient females. It quickly becomes apparent that discipline has a negative side. Furthermore, Lily is depicted attempting to convince others of her inner beauty rather than her brains.

Just Beyond Season 2 Release Date

This prompts viewers to question if outer traits are superior than interior ones. Sam’s decisions in the season finale are influenced by the agony he experiences after falling into a treehouse. Stine has written numerous books, therefore it is nearly impossible for her to run out of material to create. The creators of this film won’t struggle to come up with a second season.

Expected Release Date of Just Beyond Season 2

Given that season 1 of Just Beyond was released on September 20, 2021, more than a year ago, we believe Disney Plus would have announced a season 2 by now if one was in the works. This is standard procedure for the streaming service to do for other original series within weeks of the first season dropping. If that didn’t happen, Disney Plus Day 2022 would have been a good time to do so.

Just Beyond Season 2 Release Date

But despite this, neither the cast nor the crew have officially announced the cancellation of the show, suggesting that season 2 of Just Beyond may yet be renewed. Given their reputation as a terrifying programme, they might aim to surprise viewers with the announcement of season 2 or they might be saving an official season 2 announcement for a later time.

Regardless, we know from season 1 that it takes 7 months from the beginning of production to the series debuting on television. If we want to be optimistic for a September 2023 release date, we can cross our fingers for news on production starting as late as February 2023.

Expected Cast: Who Will Be in It?

Just Beyond has a new cast for each episode because each one is a distinct story. If a second season is ordered, it is unknown whether the cast will return in various roles, similar to American Horror Story, or if a whole new lineup would be introduced. Here are some people we believe might return if they decide to follow American Horror Story‘s model:

The Plot: What We Can Expect From Just Beyond Season 2?

There are numerous short stories from R.L. Stine’s graphic novels that can be adapted into standalone stories.

Some of these short stories include The Scare School (in which middle schoolers discover a monster wandering their school), The Horror at Happy Landings (in which martians from outer space take over the bodies of two children), Monstrosity (in which monsters from classic horror movies come to life after a family buys a notorious Hollywood horror film studio), and a great many others.

In addition, as several other anthology programmes have done in the past, it’s possible that some episodes will continue the stories that were introduced in the first season.

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Is There Any Official Trailer of Just Beyond Season 2?

The second season’s trailer has not yet been released. The first season of this show is available to watch on Disney. You can view the Just Beyond Season 1 trailer up until that point.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Just Beyond Season 1 IMDB Ratings?

The first season of Just Beyond has a 6.2/10 IMDB rating.

Where Can We View Season 1 of Just Beyond?

Disney+ offers access to Just Beyond Season 1.

How Many Episodes of Just Beyond Season 1 Have?

This comedy and fantasy programme has 8 episodes in a single season.