Just Add Magic Season 4 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?


Updated on 28 January 2022.

Grounded on Cindy Callaghan‘s novel of the identical name, Just Add Magic is an American family, adventurous television series full of magic. The television series was produced by Amazon Studios. The story reloves around the three teenage girls Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah, who are best friends. They unanimously found a magic book and helped others to release them from the curses.


The first season was released on 15 January 2015 and very well received by the audience. Consequently, Amazon released the second(2 parts) and third season(2 parts). There are a total of 51 episodes till season 3. The last episode hit the screen in October 2019. The next two seasons were also amiably received by the audience. Now the fans are eagerly waiting for season 4.

Just Add Magic Season 4

What Will Be the Cast of Just Add Magic Season 4?


Some main character we expect to see in season 4

Donnelly as Darbie O'Brien, Olivia Sanabia as Kelly Quinn, Judah Bellamy as Jake Williams, Catia Ojeda as Terri Quinn, Aubrey Miller as Hannah Parker, Andrew Burlinson as Scott Quinn, Ellen Karsten as Ms. Gina Silvers.

Aiden Lovekamp as Buddy Quinn, Amy Hill as Ida “Mama P” Perez, Dee Wallace as Rebecca, Andrew Burlinson as Scott Quinn.

We may see other characters as well –

Zach Callison as Chuck, Mira Furlan as The Traveler, Jeremy Guskin as RJ, Felisha Terrell as Nöelle Jasper, Jolie Hoang-Rappaport as Zoe, Sprague Grayden as Jill/Caroline, Usman Ally as Mr. Morris, Jen Drohan as Amy, and Tess Paras as Erin Chua.

When Can We Expect the Release of Just Add Magic?

Though Just add magic season 3 was a super-duper hit, there is no official announcement regarding its renewal for season 4 by amazon. The second part of Just Add Magic 3 was released on October 25, 2019, and more than a year has passed without any renewal news. Given the situation of the global coronavirus, there can be a slight delay for season 4. If the makers of the show will decide to make season 4, it will not hit the screen any time sooner. You have to wait a little longer.

Just Add Magic Season 4

What Will Be the Plot of Just Add Magic Season 4?

In season 3, we saw Mama P's was sold to a coffee chain. Darbie, Hannah, and Kelly become skeptical about the manager- Erin. They erased the memories of all the people but they suspected that still, someone knows that the magic is real. That person is the one who stole the Night Blooming spices and being called- Night Bandit.

Later we saw, the girls met Darbie's friend, Piper. Piper gets to know about the magic from them and becomes part of their team to fight crimes. However, someone poisoned Pier and he went back to the garden. Later we saw Grandma Becky mysteriously disappeared. However, the girls' Squad saved her. Further, they created a new ingredient- Parquinnien. At last, the cookbook fell into Zoe's hands, who was Erin's daughter.

We hope that season  4 will continue from here. Now there are new protectors of Cookbook- Zoe, Ish, and Leo. It will be exciting to see their adventures. Will the trio able to use the cookbook efficiently. Will they cook more magical things? Well, we are desperately waiting for season 4 to get all the answers.

What Is the IMDB Rating of Just Add Magic?

It is an awesome kids series and loved by the audience. It has a superb rating of 8.2 out of 10.

Just Add Magic Season 4

Is There Any Trailer Available for Just Add Magic Season 4?

The makers of the series have not renewed the series for 4th season to date, so no question of the trailer arises. However, you will get fake and hoax videos on youtube when you search for the official trailer of Just Add Magic season 4. So till then watch season 3 trailer which is given below-

Well, worry not. We will keep you posted.

Season Name Just Add Magic Season 4
Genre Fantasy
Release Date Pending
Pixie Wespiser
Streaming Platform Amazon Prime Video
Lead Role Olivia Sanabia

Famous Dialogues

Some of the heart touching dialogues from Just Add Magic are-

“The universe must always be in balance. If you do something bad, something bad will come back to you. Maybe not right away, but it will come. I promise you.”

“I believe many things are magical – stars, knowledge, poetry, love, and friendship.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can We Watch the Just Add Magic?

It is Amazon Video original, so you can watch it on Amazon Video. It is also streaming on Netflix, so you can watch it there as well.

Was Just Add Magic Season 4 Canceled?

There is no official announcement regarding the cancellation or renewal of the series. However, there are rumors on the internet that Amazon canceled its season. These speculations are based on Millers' post on tweeter. She tweeted that they finished the shooting of the series. Her tweet is given below-

We have completed filming Just Add Magic,” But you can go back and watch all the seasons ‘Just Add Goodbye.' Thank you for being a Just Add Magic fan!”

Just Add Magic Season 4

How Many Seasons Are There of Just Add Magic?

There are 3 seasons of Just Add magic with a total of 51 episodes.

Final Verdict

Nowadays, there are very few good series available which one can see with their family. Just add magic is one of them. This series is perfect for kids as it is full of enchantment and fun. The series has a unique storyline and concept. The performances of the actors are mindblowing. It has breathtaking cinematography. You can see the true friendship in the series.

Your child can learn a few good qualities like honesty, benevolence, and philanthropy by watching it. The series is also a winner of the best live-action series in Kidscreen Awards 2020. Watch it with your kids, and let me know how much you and your kids like it.

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