Jun And Jun Season 2: Fans are Waiting for the Officials to Reveal the Future Updates!


Asian BL drama series have widely spread their popularity all around the world, and we already know that our readers are extremely overwhelmed by the latest release of the issues. In our previous articles, we have already covered BL series like Be Mine Superstar, Tokyo in April Is and Our Skyy, for the People. 

In today's section of the article, we will be going to explore the latest series which has marked enormous success after its release. While we have discussed tons of Thai and Chinese BL drama series, Jun and Jun is a Korean drama that came out as a complete success after its first release. 


We know that you guys have a lot of questions regarding the coming season of the show and that’s why we are here with this detail. Continue reading the article so that you don’t need anything from the release date to the cast of the show.


Season Title Jun and Jun
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episode 8 (Season 1)
Status Season 1 Running
Director Kim Eun Hye
Writer Yoon Na Ra
Music N/A
Genre Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Stars Ki Hyun Woo, Yang Jun Mo
Production N/A
Country of Origin South Korea
Origin Language Korean
Available Languages Korean
First Season Aired On July 20, 2023
Second Season Aired On TBA
Run Time 25 Min
Available On We TV, Viki


Jun And Jun Season 2 Release Date: When it is coming out?

There are a lot of people who are looking forward to watching the second season of the show and we believe that you are one of them. However, at the time of harassing me I don't have any official statement regarding the renewal status of the show. 

Majority of Korean drama series consist of one season but this is the latest. A lot of new series have adopted a multiple season concept and renewed their season. Series is like Squid Game, Sweet Home, All of us are dead, or one of the shows that have marked the renewal status of the series.

One can see that there are unavailable details on the renewal status and that’s why we can’t see whether we can expect another season of the series or not. If the series airs before the end of this year, the audience can see the second season in 2024 and 2025.

Jun And Jun Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

The series has one of the most amazing performing artists, and we believe that if there comes the renewal of the show, the fence is likely to expect them to be back. In this section of the article, we will be going to talk about the cast of the series which we will see if the creator renews the show. I know a lot of you guys are looking forward to meeting the cast of the show and that’s why we Are here with the section of the article.

Cast Character
Ki Hyun Woo Choi Jun
Yang Jun Mo Lee Jun
Jo Chan Hyun Song Hyun Jae
Park Hyeong Seop Simeon
Yeoreum Lee Joo Ha
Jung Ye Bin Kim Young
Lim Min Ho Yeong Seok
Han Se Jin Ha Jin

Jun And Jun Season 2 Plot: What to expect with it?

The storyline of the Korean BL drama series has already attracted the action of the people through its heartwarming storytelling. The story revolves around two young men, Junho and Junaeok, Through the vibrant city of Seoul. 

In the series, we see that Junho is a young and talented actor who has a reserved kind of personality. He feels insecure about his sexuality and doesn't open up at all because of the pressure and social judgment. As the series moves forward, we see how he remained passionate about art and started working with more determination as the show went forward. 

On the other hand, we have Junseok, a free-spirited musician, who is known for his dynamic personality and charismatic approach towards things. He is a famous singer among the LGBTQ-plus community in Itaewon. As the show moves forward, we see how despite being a confident and energetic person, he has a deep concern about love, and he wants to approach a connection with someone. 

As fate comes between them, both the correctors meet at a bar, where Junseok plays confidently. While Junseok is with his friends, their eyes meet across the crowded place and spark an instant connection, which can’t be denied by each other. The unexpected journey becomes more expected as they meet again in the show.

The show follows their complex relationship and the challenges that they face as an individual and a couple. Explore the brutal reality of the society where LGBTQ plus community face a lot of social pressure and Judgmental approach by their people. If the series continues to tell its storyline in the second season, we can expect the officials to work on this storyline.

Jun And Jun Season 2 Official Trailer

Are you looking for the official trailer? Jun and Jun is one of the prominent Korean BL drama series that has generated massive appreciation after the release of its first season. Before the official release, the creators released the official trailer for the audience to watch.

Where to watch the show?

We know at the moment there are a lot of viewers who are waiting to hear the correct updates for the upcoming season of the show. If you want to watch the series, it is exclusively available on Rakuten Viki.

All the audience can find the series being on the platform. If you are eager to watch it online, visit Rakuten Viki, one of the biggest platforms for people to stream their beloved series.

You can also find tons of shows on the platform including Crash Landing on You, a romantic series filled with a roller-coaster journey where the couple faces challenges to be with each other.

What are the ratings of the Series?

Ratings and reviews of any series play an important role in the formation of the show. If you guys are questioning whether you should go for that as the score in the BL drama series, then you must check out the online dating that reviewers have given after watching the show. Let’s take a look at them and see whether the series is actually what is it to watch or not

7.2/10 IMDb

7.4/10 MyDramaList

5.6/10 BL Watcher

Final Conclusion

At the time of writing, we don’t have any specific information regarding the third installment of the show. Also if you guys are getting any updates regarding the third season, we request you to not believe such rumors as none of them has been reviewed by the creators.

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