Is Jumper 2 Cancelled Only Because of Negative Responses From The Critics?


The science-fiction film Jumper was delivered in 2008 and keeping in mind that it wasn't generally welcomed by intellectuals and almost half of the audience as well, which is the major reason to be concerned as the low ratings simply mean no plans for a spin-off.

Many of the people are still looking to get a clear answer to this question – what happened with Jumper 2? Collecting all the queries of the audience we have decided to make a post, that will give clear guidance regarding Jumper 2.


Starting with some basic introduction of Jumper…

The movie is composed by Steven Gould, Jumper followed David Rice whose role is marvelously played by Hayden Christensen. The Rice is seen as a man with the capacity to magically transport, who is pursued by a mysterious society that objectives jumpers are fully intent on killing them.

The Jumper was coordinated by Doug Liman, who was at that point an expert producer in the activity sort, yet this film wasn't also got reliable to form.


Most critics and the intellectuals called the movie is unique from the source material, the risen plot, and how little sense it made whatever that implies for a story zeroed in on instant transportation.

Preceding the beginning of shooting, New Regency Productions reported designs for more Jumper films, however, they needed to go through certain changes.

The Jumper novel has three sequels-

  • Reflex(2004), which proceeds with the account of David and Millie as adults.
  • Impulse(2013), which follows their girl.
  • Cent, and Exo(2014).

In the middle of spin-offs is the short story Shade(2008), which happens after the events of Reflex. By the time Jumper was in production, Reflex was currently out, so there was material for possible continuations.

Although Jumper received for the most part unfavorable surveys, the film found real success in the cinema world, which was a sizable amount of justification for Liman and friends to genuinely consider moving forward with their thoughts for a spin-off.

In any case, the time elapsed by, different ventures disrupted the general flow, and Jumper 2, as a film, won't ever occur.

Jumper 2

Why There Won't Be A Jumper 2?

In 2016, a spin-off to Jumper was declared however as a series for the YouTube streaming stage which is titled as Impulse, and inexactly dependent on the novel of a similar name.

Impulse has Liman as a maker and chief, and the motivation behind why he chose to zero in on it rather than a properJumpersequel is on the grounds that he needed to do what he wasn't ready to in the film. Liman's innovative freedom was confined by the studio, and he sawImpulseas a chance to address the idea of the book series how he would have preferred to.

Given that Impulse was restored briefly seasonally and stays well known on YouTube, it's exceptionally improbable that Liman will seek after a theatricalJumpersequel; it's been extremely long at this point.

Had there been a properJumperfilm continuation, it most likely wouldn't have had the option to fix the main movies botches, rather proceeding with an all-around imperfect story with immature characters.

YouTubers giving Liman and the story an opportunity they couldn't have on the big screen, and while impulses more a connection than an immediate continuation, it's such a great deal better compared to no spin-off by any means.

How The Former Season of Jumper Ended?

At the closing part of the story, we see David running into Griffin once more and following him to his safe-house in a cavern. Griffin uncovers that he has been following and killing Paladins for quite a long time and plans to kill Roland to vindicate his folks.

Griffin makes David understand that the Paladins will focus on his colleagues and family in order to bring him out. David magically transports home and recognizes his father lay dying. He bounces his dad to a medicinal clinic and gets back to Griffin to request help.

Accepting Roland is expressly hunting David, Griffin concurs.

They go to get Millie at the air terminus, however, she is no longer there. Griffin gets back to his hideaway to get weapons. David breaks into Millie's condo, maddening her. On the other side, we see Roland pointing out David who chooses to uncover reality to her.

He magically moves her to Griffin's safe-house. Utilizing a machine that keeps David's “hop scar” open, the Paladins, including Roland, attack the refuge. David and Griffin quell the majority of them. David sees his mom's photograph on the divider and acknowledges she is additionally a Paladin.

Roland is tracked back into the leap scar, yet he figures out how to grab Millie with him. He sets up a trap in Millie's condo, anticipating that David should return for her.

Fixated on revoking Roland, Griffin signifies to bomb the condo but David objects, he wants to save Millie. They battle and David traps Griffin with electrical cables in Chechnya.

Disregarding Griffin's admonition, David leaps to Millie's condo and is immediately caught by Roland's links. The links “connect” him to the condo, taking him incapable to leap away alone. Marshaling his solidarity, David magically transports the loft and everybody inside to a waterway.

When liberated from the links, David magically transports Millie to security and dumps Roland in a cavern in Horseshoe Bend. He strands Roland there, telling him “I might have dropped you with the sharks“.

David visits his tragically missing mother Mary and finds his more youthful stepsister Sophie. Mary lets David know that when he was five, he took his absolute first leap. She is a Paladin and needed to either kill David or leave. In the wake of going out, David gets together with Millie, and he hops himself and her to a lot hotter area.

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Final Words-

So, as of now The Jumper 2 is officially dropped but maybe in the future the creators will decide to renew it, if this ever happened then we will try to update the same post, so don't forget to make us in your bookmark section.

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