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Martha: Are you going to help or are you too pretty?
Bethany: I’m too pretty

Have you seen Jumanji 3? Do you remember this conversation between Bethany and Martha from the season? If, no then you need to check out this awesome movie from the Jumanji series.

Be with us, we will enter into this dangerous world of the Jumanji together 🙂 hope you would not leave us alone there 😉 haha kidding. Just be with us to know the exact plot and detail of The Next Level Jumanji.

Jumanji 3

Jumanji: The Next Level is directed by Jake Kasdan, produced by Dwayne Johnson Dany Garcia Hiram Garcia Matt Tolmach William Teitler Jake Kasdan, and written by Jake Kasdan Jeff Pinkner Scott Rosenberg.

The creators are also ready for the Jumanji 4 but there is a bit of debate on this. We will talk about this later, now diving to season 3.

The story has a bit of up and downs in the life of our Jumanji team and has a different storyline. Number of question arises in Jumanji 3 like-

  • What happens to Spencer in part 3?
  • Why does the reunion turn into a tragic mystery?
  • How to get back from the world of Jumanji?

Below we have the plot for you in which you get the complete information about ‘How The Game Is Changed And Why It Is Stated As The Next Level Jumanji’.

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 The Next Level: Jumanji Plotline

Its been two years of their adventure in Jumanji, all the members are separated for college, they all decided to do a reunion for a Christmas break but this break turns into a life-taking decision as stated above. They all gathered together except Spencer, they went to his home in order to meet him.

Jumanji 3

In the house of Spencer, they met his grandfather Eddie and his friends. But they get shocked there because Spencer went into the Jumanji. Martha, Eddie, and Milo went to rescue him but they leave Bethany behind.

In short In this part of Jumanji 3, the whole gang is now back but the game is changed. In this Next level Jumanji they return to rescue one of their own players. They went into the most dangerous place like snowy-filled mountains, aired deserts in order to rescue their companion.

Release Date of Jumanji 3

Jumanji 3 was the first premiere on 13 December 2019. The movie has got a huge success it has got 800.1 million $. Isn’t it a huge amount for the box office?

The movie is now available to watch on many platforms like Youtube, Amazon Prime, Google play, and more. If you want to watch the Next Level of Jumanji.

Have look at this tweet 🙂

IMDb ratings of Jumanji 3

Have you seen the movie? If, yes then you must know the IMDb ratings right? If, no then here are the ratings for you. According to the IMDb, this movie has got 6.7 stars out of 10.

And from the rotten tomatoes, it has 77% and 3 out of 5 from Common Sense Media. Also, have a look at the reviews of the IMDb users on Jumanji 3.

How IMDb users reacted to Jumanji 3?

I know everybody used to love the reviews from the critics and IMDb. I think it is the most important part of any article is to read the reviews, I mean how real they are. Isn’t it.

Let’s look forward to the IMDb reviews.

Not so good

“I really enjoyed the first movie but this one, not so much. The jokes seemed forced and not particularly funny. Even Dwayne Johnson’s smoldering look wasn’t funny this time around. At least Karen still looked beautiful as ever.”


“Boring forced clone movie Well this is a bad movie (sequel) and not worth a watch, still not worth five minutes or less. All spammers praising this film use the word “sequel” in their subject line (poor Sony execs have a quota of spam).”

Sequels, What Are They Good For?

“It is boring, it is the same as the last one and the characters are in god mode. nothing can hurt them. They are invincible and can never be hurt, shot, or defeated, and even falling from the sky does not hurt them. So, where is the tension?”
Have you seen part 3 of the movie? If yes then also share your reviews with us in our comment section.
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Star Cast of Jumanji: The Next Level

Let me introduce you to the casting of The Next Level Jumanji but before moving forward, let me tell you one of my favorite characters from Jumanji.

  • Kevin Hart as Mouse
  • Karen Gillan as Ruby
  • Rhys Darby as Nigel
  • Jack Black as Oberon
  • Nick Jonas as Seaplane
  • Alex Wolf as Spenser
  • Morgan Turner as Martha
  • Madison Iseman as Bethany
  • Dany DeVito as Eddie
  • Danny Glover as Milo
  • Collin Hanks as Alex
  • Rory McCann as Jurgen The Brutal

Now it’s your turn to introduce me to your favorite character, comment on your favorite actor of this movie in our comment section below.

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First Look of Jumanji 3

Here is the trailer of the thrilling and the adventurous trailer of Jumanji 3 for you, if you haven’t watched it yet then go ahead. Also, follow www.keeperfacts.com for the latest trends and updates.

Bottom Lines

Well, it is the end of this article. We have tried to cover all the genuine topics related to Jumanji 3 that is The Next Level Jumanji. In fact, there are controversies about the fourth part of the Jumanji is going to happen in the future or not.

If you have any question related to the Jumanji three, then ask us in our comment section below, we would love to reply and answer your queries, Also share this article with the die-hard Jumanji Lover Fans 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Where was Jumanji 3 Filmed?

A-Filming started on January 21, 2019, and took place in many places like Atlanta, New Mexico, Calgary, Fortress Mountain Resort, Imperial Dunes, and Hawaii before wrapping on May 11 after the movie is completed.

Q-How long the movie Jumanji part 3 is?

A-The movie Jumanji is of similar duration to the other movies are it is approximately 2 hour and 3 min long that is not a bit too much for this adventurous drama.

Q-Who is in Jumanji 3?

A-Kevin Hart as Mouse, Karen Gillan as Ruby, Rhys Darby as Nigel, Jack Black as Oberon, Nick Jonas as Seaplane are some of the main star cast of the Jumanji along with them some featuring actors are also seen in the movie like Dany DeVito as Eddie, Danny Glover as Milo, Collin Hanks as Alex and Rory McCann as Jurgen The Brutal

Q-Who is Bethany in Jumanji 3?

A-Madison Iseman is playing the role of Bethany in Jumanji. She also worked in the movie named Annabelle Comes Home.

Q-When will Jumanji 3 will on Netflix?

A-The Jumanji is available on Netflix. It was premiere on Netflix on March 5. You can enjoy and watch part three there.


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