Julie and the Phantoms: Season 2 Renewed OR Cancelled ? Read For Latest Updates!

Currently, there are no plans for the series to air on Netflix or anywhere else, according to Kenny Ortega, executive producer of the recently-cancelled Julie and the Phantoms. The possibility of a comeback is not completely out of the question, as Ortega said that “never say never” while contemplating its return.

Originally scheduled to appear on Netflix in the Fall of 2020, Julie and the Phantoms was a musical comedy. After her mother’s death, high-schooler Julie (Madison Reyes) tries to express herself and rekindle her love of music in the wake of her loss.

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Her passion of music is reignited when she unwittingly calls the souls of the murdered boyband Sunset Curve (Charlie Gillespie, Owen Joyner, and Jeremy Shada), who inspire her to take on the role of their new lead vocalist. (See also: The programme earned three Primetime Emmy Awards during its first season before being discontinued in December 2021, more than a year after it was originally shown on television.

Why Julie and the Phantoms Season 2

Reasons For Not To Air The Series

However, while Ortega has stated that he has no current plans to try to get the show picked up by another network, he expressed his gratitude to Netflix for approving the project, stating that he believes it is “some of the best work I’ve done for kids and families, and for young adult entertainment.” Considering Ortega’s extensive résumé, which includes the High School Musical films, Hocus Pocus, and The Descendants films, this is high praise indeed.

It was conceived by Dan Cross and David Hoge as part of a multi-year arrangement that Ortega signed with Netflix. Julie and the Phantoms was produced by Ortega and Netflix. It was based on the Brazilian television programme Julie e os Fantasmas, which likewise only lasted for one season before being cancelled.

While airing its first season, Julie and the Phantoms developed a large and dedicated fan following, who campaigned to keep the programme on Netflix. As a result of their efforts, Julie and the Phantoms was routinely trending on Netflix throughout the world, and the hashtag #savejulieandthephantoms could be seen hundreds of times on each Netflix Instagram post, thanks to their efforts.

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I wish I could assure the fans that all of [their] efforts would bring Julie back, and that everyone who worked on the programme is “very appreciative for the devotion they’ve shown to the project.” But I can’t.

Orestes hasn’t fully given up on the notion of bringing Julie and the Phantoms back in some form, and has floated the idea of undertaking a tour with the group or perhaps making a film about the characters.

Despite the fact that the guys have finally become corporeal, Ortega will not share what the boys have planned for Season 2 until it is obvious that there will be no more Julie and the Phantoms media in the future, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything in the works at the time, so all that fans of the programme can do is hold on to their hopes.

Julie and the Phantoms Season 2

The Phantoms’ Origins and Biographies

According to Madison, “If we get a season 2, the thing I’m hoping for is learning more about Alex and Reggie.” Madison spoke with Collider in September 2020 about her hopes for a second season. Their personas are simply so nice and adorable, and I get the distinct impression that I would want to understand more about their origins.”

“I simply want to elaborate a little more on the characters,” Madison said. But I was looking forward to seeing how the boys’ abilities progressed. Caleb is able to manage a great deal and do all of these amazing feats. And that makes me very curious if the boys’ abilities will develop in the same way.”

Jeremy, on the other hand, would want to see more of his character’s past addressed in season 2.

“I believe we’ll see some of hopefully Reggie’s family and see his brother if we get to do [season 2],” he said in an interview with E! News.

In part, this is due to the fact that he has not yet discovered where they are all hiding,” says the narrator. I think we’ll certainly get to play around with the concept of Reggie almost being a member of the Molina family a little bit more in the future, particularly with the Carlos/Reggie connection, her younger brother, in particular. I believe there is some material there about him getting into some trouble with Carlos, given that Carlos has discovered that the band is really made up of ghosts.”

The Relationship Between Julie and Luke

The future of the relationship excites me, particularly since we didn’t jump straight into things with the two of them being together or anything like that. Unlike the conventional love storey of ‘Girl meets Guy, Guy and Girl Fall in Love,’ this one was unique. There was a lot of hardship. “It was a struggle,” Madison said to E! News in September of this year.

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Their understanding that it is not right and that it will not work out is astounding, but the fact that they can put aside everyone else’s opinions and just kind of care about each other for what their souls are and who they are and what they represent and project out into the world is truly amazing. And I believe it is important to establish this, particularly for younger people, so that they are aware that they do not have to hurry things in life. It is preferable to just get to know a person.

Also, you should pay attention to what others have to say, but if your heart is urging you to do something, and you have a gut feeling about it, then go ahead and do it.”

The fact that he is a ghost and she is a female makes it difficult. My favourite thing about season 1 is that you can tell it’s there, because the energy and chemistry are there. But there are very precise moments when my character finds it out, and there’s a certain time where her character figures it out, and they become best friends,” he remarked. “You know, they collaborate on songs, you know?

I believe it’s an important lesson for people to realise: make sure you’re best friends with someone before you go any further, before we ask that question on the programme.”

Julie and the Phantoms Season 2

Season 1 comes to a close.

In the ninth episode, viewers were left on the verge of their seats as the Phantoms unwittingly made a bargain with the devil, and instead of going poof, the ghosts were given the power to touch people!! In addition, Julie’s love interest, Nick, is possessed by the wicked Caleb Covington, and fans can’t forget about the growing relationship between Willie and Alex, who have both been on the show. Certainly a lot of things remained unresolved at the conclusion of season 1, which is why the cast wants to see more of the show.

Last Words

Currently, there are no plans for the series to air on Netflix or anywhere else, according to Kenny Ortega, executive producer of the recently-cancelled Julie and the Phantoms. The possibility of a comeback is not completely out of the question, as Ortega said that “never say never” while contemplating its return.