Juan López and Jenni Rivera: How Did They Get Divorced?


Juan Lopez became familiar with the limelight with his marriage to American singer Jenni Rivera. Jenni said good-by to the world in 2012. However, the tragic death of her ex-husband Juan Lopez provided new insight into the rocky marriage these two individuals from different cultures had.

Jenni Rivera's postmortem memoir “Unbreakable, My Story Told My Way” provided further intimate information about how Juan and Jenni met and how their lives were forever changed.


Juan Lopez's life was a dramatic movie, going from being a modest baseball coach to a convicted drug addict. Here is some information regarding Juan Lopez and Jenni Rivera's lives.

How Was the Early Life of Juan Lopez?

Juan Lopez, alias Juan Manuel Lopez Padro, was a normal American-Mexican family man. He was born on March 17, 1972. Despite the fact that he was born in Nayarit, Mexico, his family immigrated to the United States during his boyhood, where they obtained US citizenship and settled in Los Angeles.


Little is known about his early life, including his schooling and other educational data.

He was a terrific sportsman, though, since he became a private baseball instructor for youngsters and teens. Throughout his career, he was a member of many teams and schools.

Juan Lopez and Jenni Rivera tied the knot in 1995. Jenny was a regular vocalist at a modest LOS ANGELES bar that Juan visited at the time. Because the singer was not well-known, he was forced to perform in a pub to supplement his income.

Jenni Rivera's first child?

Juan López and Jenni Rivera

Mikey, Jenni's third child, and oldest son had already made Jenni an Abuela by the time she died at the age of 43. Michael, like his father, José Trinidad Marn, who was condemned to more than 30 years in prison on sexual assault accusations, has had continuous legal troubles. He, too, has been accused of child abuse and has even been charged with vandalism.

All About Their Lovestory And Divorce

Jenny and Juan's love story had a difficult start, despite the fact that they were married. Juan Lopez was convicted of bringing unauthorized migrants from Mexico to the United States just a few weeks after his marriage. He received a six-month jail term. It is believed that Juan Lopez began smuggling narcotics and illegal migrants in order to make more money in a short period of time.

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Jenni Rivera, on the other hand, stood by him and morally backed him at the time. After six months in jail, he was released, and the newlywed couple continued their marriage.

Jenica, their daughter, was born in 1997. Jenica is well-known as an actor and YouTuber. Three years later, the couple had their son, singer and actor Johnny Rivera Lopez.

Juan López and Jenni Rivera

Jenny Rivera stated she was dissatisfied and unhappy in her marriage. Instead of being a great coach, Juan Lope became a heroin addict. He stopped looking for a job and began having extramarital affairs.

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Jenny claimed that when Juan's adultery was revealed, she was crushed and broken.

However, she attempted to salvage their marriage and give it one more try. She paid Juan a visit at work one day and intended to discuss their marriage with him. Instead, they got into a violent debate about Juan's extramarital affair and demanded the identity of his girlfriend.

What caused his death?

Juan was continually drawn to attacks of pneumonia throughout his time in prison. His pneumonia and respiratory difficulties grew persistent and worsened over time. Finally, in 2007, he died in jail from pneumonia. It is uncertain how he contracted pneumonia or whether he was receiving addiction therapy in jail. When he died, he was 37 years old.