Joel McHale Recently Provided a Significant Update on the Film “Community”

Community aired for nine miserable years without delivering on the second half of its “six seasons and a movie” promise. Although the movie has been announced, not much has happened with it thus far. The much-delayed project, however, has a major update from star Joel McHale in a recent interview with GQ: it’s completely funded and set to begin filming next year.

Although the film hasn’t yet begun filming, McHale says, “It will be. Additionally, we briefly believed that everything would happen this year, but it didn’t pan out, so I don’t have a definitive update. However, we now have the funds, which is a big step. Hopefully, people are still interested in seeing it. Peacock is also footing the bill. Thus, I am eager to get started. In general, I’ll say “next year.” What say you about that? He asserts that he is to blame for the project’s delays, not the perpetually busy Donald Glover, as many have suggested. McHale states, “My schedule is to blame if anyone is at fault on this one. It’s not at all his. He was in the open.”

Why Do ‘Community’ Fans Seeking a Six-Season Film and Movie?


Pop culture aficionado Abed (Danny Pudi) develops an obsession with the brief NBC superhero series The Cape in the second-season Community episode “Paradigms of Human Memory.” When Jeff (McHale) informs him that the show will be canceled after three weeks, Abed insists that it will run for “six seasons and a movie.” Jeff was mostly right when he said that The Cape was canceled after ten episodes, but supporters of the cult sitcom used the phrase “six seasons and a movie” as a rallying cry as the show avoided cancellation and even moved to the now-defunct Yahoo! Screen streaming service for its sixth and final season. Dan Harmon, the creator of the series, has been pushing for a reunion film for a long time and has finished writing the script. When the film was formally greenlit last year, with summer filming scheduled, it appeared as though the “prophecy” would finally come true. However, the simultaneous strikes by SAG-AFTRA and WGA caused a delay in the film’s release.

On the Fox sitcom Animal Control, which was extended for a third season earlier this year, McHale plays Frank Shaw; but, you won’t be able to see him reprise his role as Jeff Winger just yet. In the recently released third season of The Bear, he also returned to his guest role as Chef David.

The Community movie is slated to begin production in the upcoming year; a release date has not yet been determined.

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