Jim Rome Net Worth: What Is the Story Behind Jim Rome Income Become Topic of Controversy?

J. Phillip Baldwin In the United States, Rome is a sports radio host.

The Jim Rome Show is syndicated by CBS Sports Radio.

The Jim Rome Show is a radio show Rome hosts from a studio outside of Los Angeles, CA. Jim Rome Is Burning (formerly Rome Is Burning) was a popular television show that aired on ESPN in the United States and TSN2 in Canada.

In this post, we'll look at Jim Rome's net worth.

Jim Rome's Childhood and Youth

On October 14, 1964, Jim Rome was born in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from high school, Rome enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

During Jim's college years, he worked as the sports director for the college radio station. In 1987, he graduated with a degree in communications.

The Career of Jim Rome

jim rome net worth

When Rome moved to San Diego, he began his professional radio career. It all started with an interview at XTRA Sports 690. After a few years, the show's name was changed to “The Jim Rome Show.”

In 1996, CBS decided to air Jim's show nationally, and it continued to gain in popularity. As an alternative, approximately 200 radio stations in the US and Canada participate in the broadcast. Multiple radio stations can listen to “The Jim Rome Show” simultaneously.

As a result of this, he began anchoring sports programs for ESPN. Jim Rome is Burning, and ‘Talk2' were among them. Additionally, FX has hired Rome to be the host of “The FX Sports Show.” It wasn't long after that he began working for the Fox Sports Net network, where he hosted the show “The Last Word.”

He returned to ESPN for a second time before ending all ties with the network in 2011 despite having previously resigned. Jim has shown an interest in returning to ESPN in the future, but only if he can do so in an interview style.

While this may be the case, Jim has stated a desire to return to ESPN. Although Jim's program has a 2.5 million-strong audience, it is still broadcast on terrestrial radio rather than satellite radio.

The Total Net Worth of Jim Rome

A multibillionaire with a vast fortune in Rome, on the other hand. As a result of his professional endeavors, he amassed a sizeable sum of money. According to some online sources, Jim will be worth $85 million by 2022.

He's happy with his job's pay because it's enough for him. Among the wealthiest celebrities, his name emerges.

It costs him $30 million a year to broadcast CBS Sports Radio's “The Jim Rome Show.” Similarly, Rome's long-term success as a sports radio host in the United States has allowed him to amass this massive sum of cash.

He's built up a portfolio of accomplishments and a solid name throughout his professional life. As a result of the money he has earned via his job, he and his family are enjoying a happy and affluent existence. His net worth and annual salary will climb in the coming days.

It's Jim Rome's Instagram

Rome's Instagram account has 64.5K followers.

Controversy Over Jim Rome

jim rome net worth

Jim Rome became a trending topic on Twitter after The Athletic tweeted a picture of the highest-paid sports announcers. The photograph stated that Rome generated $30 million in annual revenue. The figure shocked and enraged users of all kinds.

Second, Twitter pretended that Rome was some random C-level broadcaster who kept his job because he had images of an influential person. This reaction was telling for two reasons:

Such people have no idea what a significant impact he has had on their lives. The Mount Rushmore of sports discussion would be adorned with Rome's likeness first and foremost. In Rome, sports radio became a state-run enterprise. He's known as the godfather of sports talk.

For the second time in recent memory, it has been reported that Jim Rome does not make $30 million yearly. This number comes from a 2012 article by an ESPN author. There's no way to know how much money Rome made in the past ten years, but it's a safe bet. Regardless, a great deal has happened since that tweet was sent.

Jim Rome's Net Worth

The total revenue from Rome's radio show, which airs on CBS Sports Radio and CBS Sports Network, is unlikely to exceed $30 million.

That's not a slam on Rome. He's talented. He's still one of the most gifted sportscasters globally, and that's saying something. Despite his enormous following, he's no longer a moneymaker for the social media platform.

A FanDuel sponsorship deal makes Pat McAfee the only sports radio host currently making nearly $30 million per year.

Is Jim Rome's Show Still On?

jim rome net worth

CBS Sports Network's daily show “Rome,” presented by Jim Rome, is ending. Rome will remain at CBS and work on other radio and television projects due to the decision, which was reached amicably.


It wasn't until years of joking about horse racing and insulting its players that Rome took an interest in it and founded Jungle Racing, LLC, the stable. The Monrovia Stakes at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California, in January of 2013 was won by Mizdirection, a premium mare owned by Jungle Racing. Ultimately, the race netted $150,000 in prize money.

In 2013, Mizdirection was able to retire with a net worth of $1.72 million. He was the trainer of Shared Belief, another successful racehorse, which earned him almost $2 million in 2014.


Jim Rome and Janet Rome are married. There, they have reared their two children, born due to their union, in California.

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