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Jenna Johnson Talks About “2 Years of Infertility” After Pregnancy Announcement

Jenna Johnson has been one of the most popular professional dancers on Dancing with the Stars since joining the cast in season 18. So You Think You Can Dance was where the five-time U.S. National Latin Champion got her start on the talent show circuit.

After announcing her pregnancy last week, Jenna Johnson turned to Instagram on Tuesday to reflect on her years-long struggle with infertility. The 28-year-old professional dancer from Dancing With the Stars is currently expecting her first child with her husband, fellow DWTS star Val Chmerkovskiy.

Johnson produced a video compilation of the initial positive pregnancy tests he took at home and the first ultrasound photos he had at the doctor’s office. “The time my entire life changed,” she said in the photo’s description. “We had stopped trying to conceive for approximately six months to allow ourselves a mental/emotional break… I shall never forget the astonishment, bewilderment, and pure happiness I felt in this moment.”

In the second paragraph, Johnson explained that she and Chmerkovskiy had spent two years attempting to conceive. She stated, “I want to remain optimistic because there is so much to celebrate and my heart is filled with thankfulness, but our path to this point was not an easy one.” “I recall seeing people post these videos and aching with the desire to experience their happiness. After two years of infertility and hundreds of negative tests after negative tests, it was difficult to maintain optimism and I questioned whether I would ever have this chance.”

Now, Johnson is determined to share her tale so that others feel less isolated. “I will elaborate on our reproductive journey a bit later, but if you are struggling to conceive, suffering from infertility, or grieving the loss of a pregnancy, do not lose hope. Don’t give up on yourself or your beloved child, even if it doesn’t happen within your timeframe and the road occasionally rips your heart to shreds. It will transpire, “She wrote the text.

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Johnson and Chmerkovskiy wed in 2019 and revealed on July 15 that they were expecting a child. Johnson discovered she was pregnant in April, two weeks after the pair celebrated her 28th birthday in Mexico. During their trip, the couple appeared relaxed and in love, according to one eyewitness. “They were lounging by the pool with smiles on their faces,” an eyewitness reported to ET. She was radiant as he massaged her shoulders.

Under a photo of her husband caressing her stomach, Johnson said on Instagram, “Our biggest wish has come true.” “In January, Chmerkovskiy will have a child! My heart has expanded beyond comprehension as I have carried this tiny marvel within me. We cannot wait to see our angel of great worth.”

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Meanwhile, the soon-to-be-announcement father’s consisted of a photograph of his pregnant wife, a sonogram, and a heart emoji.