‘RHOSLC’ Star Jen Shah Net Worth After Her Ongoing Fraud Scandals?

In this article, we are going to provide you with the details of Jen Shah net worth and her latest updates.

Jen Shah was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is an American actress. When she joined the cast of the show The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, she got a lot of fans.

She is also the well-known owner and director of the companies JAX Fashion, Shah Beauty, and The Real Shah Lashes. Jen grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was born there on October 4, 1973.

After Jen Shah got her Bachelor of Political Science, she finished school in her home country. In the end, Jen got his law degree in Utah in 2001. She has five brothers and sisters, and he is the oldest of Charlene Bonnie Vincent Lui and Sione Kaisa Lui's six children.


Jen began her work as a business development director for a 20-year-old company. She is the CEO of three marketing companies she owns: JAX Fashion, Shah Beauty, and The Real Shah Lashes.

She established herself as a significant commercial personality within a few years of beginning her job with “The Shah Squad.”

Jen was a cast member in the Bravo reality series “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” which premiered on November 11, 2020.

What Is the Net Worth of Jen Shah?

As of this writing, Jen Shah has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars.

She earns between $50,000 and $100,000 every Real Housewives show. According to accounts, his husband is a football coach who earns $500,000 each year.

Jen Shah Net Worth

Jen, a successful entrepreneur, has emerged as one of the most well-known ‘RHOSLC’ stars.  Jen Shah amassed considerable riches before and after her time on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Jen is well-known for spending $82,000 on a party at her chalet on top of her luxurious lifestyle. She claims to host at least six extracurricular activities every year. Spending $50,000 on a dinner with friends or bringing in Tonga dancers for a celebration is not a problem.

Fraud Scandals

Shah allegedly modified her plea to guilty on July 11, 2022.

According to Good Morning America, defense counsel Priya Chaudhry stated at the opening of the change-of-plea hearing, “At this moment, Ms. Shah would want to withdraw her plea of not guilty.”

Jen Shah Net Worth

“From 2012 through March 2021, in the Southern District of New York and abroad, I agreed with others to perpetrate wire fraud,” Shah said in a prepared statement to Judge Sidney Stein. “I sensed something was wrong. I was aware that many individuals had been wounded, and I really regret this.”

Personal life

Jen is married to Sharrieff Shah, who has been the special team coordinator and cornerback coach for the NFL's Utah franchise for over nine years. Sharrieff Jr. and Omar Sharrieff Jr. are their two children.

Who Is Sharrieff Shah? How Did Sharrieff and Jen Shah Meet?

Reasons: Why Did Police Arrest Jen Shah?

Jen Shah's Net Worth Following Her Ongoing Fraud Scandal The United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York released a press statement on March 30, 2021, stating that Jen Shah and her assistant, Stuart Smith, had been detained in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In addition to telemarketing, they reportedly conspired to commit wire fraud and money laundering.

According to Audrey Strauss, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, “Shah, who portrays herself as a wealthy and successful businesswoman on reality television, and Smith, who is portrayed as Shah's “first assistant,” “allegedly generated and sold “lead lists” of innocent individuals for other members of their scheme to repeatedly scam.”

Shah, Smith, and their co-conspirators portrayed fraudulent schemes to steal money from unsuspecting clients as real business prospects. This was Strauss' contention. “These suspected perpetrators now face jail for their crimes.”

It is claimed that Shah and Smith, along with other conspiracy members, deceived countless Americans, the bulk of whom were over the age of 55.

They allegedly provided a wide range of other things in addition to “business services.” According to court records, some of the alleged victims were old and did not have access to a computer at the time.

If convicted of money laundering and wire fraud, Shah and her aide may face an extra 20 years in prison.

Soon after Shah's arrest, a source informed Us Weekly that he was “embarrassed” by the scenario. In an April 2021 hearing, a mother of two pleads not guilty to one count of conspiracy to conduct wire fraud and one count of money laundering.

Following a series of delays, the trial is now expected to begin on July 18, 2022. It will persist for five weeks.

Residence and Controversy

Jen Shah lived in Park City, Utah, in the “Shah Ski Chalet,” a 9,420-square-foot mansion. The house is on 0.49 hectares of land. There are five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a home gym, a bar, a gaming room, outdoor living areas, a spa, three car spaces, and a hot tub.

The estate rose to notoriety after being featured for the first time on the season premiere of RHOSLC in 2020. The home was promoted as Shah's with the title “Shah Ski Chalet,” however it was found in 2021 that Shah never genuinely owned the residence.

The property has been held by Univesco Inc., a Texas-based real estate leasing business, since 2014. Shah erased previously published Instagram posts after being offended by accusations that she was renting the home. The “Shah Ski Chalet” is for sale for a whopping $7.6 million.

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