Jeffree Star Net Worth: Everything Relating to His Income, worth and More

Jeffree Star is an American model, fashion designer, DJ, songwriter, vocalist, and cosmetics artist. Jeffree Star has a net worth of $200 million as of this writing. In addition to being one of the most handsomely rewarded YouTube stars on the globe, he leads a therapeutic domain called Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which is the source of the majority of his riches today.

He is known for his striking hair variety that is as often as possible hot pink, and numerous tattoos.

Early Life

Jeffree Star was conceived by Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. in Orange County, California on November 15, 1985. Unfortunately, his dad, Jeffrey Steininger Sr., serious self-destruction when he was six years of age. His mother, Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger, was a model and reared him.

Jeffree used to experiment with numerous options when it came to his mother’s cosmetics when he was younger. In middle school, he began wearing cosmetics to school on a regular basis. After graduating from high school, he relocated to Hollywood to pursue a career in modelling and cosmetics.

He, too, maintained an interest in music. He previously worked at a few cosmetics stores while scheduling second gigs at weddings and style shoots whenever he visited Hollywood.

Jeffree Star Net Worth

Over the long haul, he started making VIP associations for his cosmetics abilities. He likewise fostered a following via online entertainment, MySpace specifically, where he posted cosmetics tips and melodies. In the long run, created one of the biggest early MySpace followings with photographs posts getting a huge number of remarks.

He was MySpace’s most associated profile character by 2006. He additionally acquired a reputation as one of the most well known unsigned specialists on MySpace. His tunes additionally routinely beat MySpace Music’s Independent Artists diagrams.

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Music Career

Jeffree’s introduction collection “Magnificence Killer” was released on Popsicle records in September 2009. The collection appeared and crested at #2 on the Top Heatseekers outline and topped at #122 on the Billboard 200. It hit #22 on the US Independent Albums outline.

It additionally made the best 10 of the US Dance/Electronic Albums. As of this composition, it’s Jeffree’s just studio collection, however, he additionally released four expanded plays and live music recordings. His 2008 EP “Cupcakes Taste Like Violence” likewise broke the main 10 on a few diagrams.

He worked with Kesha and Nicki Minaj and in 2010 marked a record managing Akon’s Konvict Muzik briefly collection which was rarely delivered. He would later guarantee that character conflicts with Akon are the explanation he left the record bargain and the music business overall.

Jeffree Star Net Worth

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree founded his namesake beauty care products company in 2014, using money saved from his music and cosmetics careers up to that time. He subsequently admitted that he was practically broke at the time and that he thought his music career was over when he sent the organisation off.

He was one of the first cosmetics celebrities to use YouTube to promote himself and his brand. Jeffree’s initial YouTube transfers were still for the most part connected with his music, however, he before long moved to advance Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Because of fellowships with big names like Kat Von D, his following developed rapidly. His YouTube following would ultimately top 15 million, with more than 1.7 billion video sees. His most memorable release was an assortment of velour fluid lipsticks. Every one of the 30,000 units sold out not long after send-off.

He circled back to a line of lip scours, highlighter ranges and eye-shadow beds. He then, at that point, released a line of extras and attire including cosmetics sacks and mirrors. In 2018 the first shopping centre based store in quite a while started conveying Jeffree’s line, yet most of his deals today came from direct satisfaction from his own stockroom in Los Angeles.

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In a 2018 meeting with YouTuber Shane Dawson, Jeffree asserted that his cosmetics domain’s yearly gross income is north of $100 million. This couldn’t be affirmed since the organization is private, however, based on Jeffree’s home and vehicle assortment which we find in an alternate Shane interview, the organization is obviously doing extremely well!

Today Jeffree Star has interests in weed, land and marketing. He possesses the transportation and satisfaction focus utilized by Jeffree Star Cosmetics and other drop shipment organizations.

Jeffree Star Net Worth

In 2019, Jeffree and Shane collaborated to send off a line of eye-shadow and fluid lipsticks. In an October 2019 YouTube video, that’s what Jeffree guaranteed if the rat of the eye-shadow, they would acquire $35 million, with $10 million going to Shane. With re-arranges, the numbers would ultimately become significantly higher.

Between January first and December first 2018, Jeffree acquired $18 million from his different undertakings. That was sufficient to make him the fifth most generously compensated YouTube Star on the planet. In 2019, Jeffree procured $17 million, which was sufficient to make him the fourth most noteworthy YouTuber on the stage.

In 2020 Jeffree acquired $15 million, which made him the tenth most generously compensated YouTube star on the planet.

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Jeffree is prominent for being engaged in various high-profile fights with different VIPs. He constantly quarrels with individual cosmetics big shot Kylie Jenner, habitually debasing her items as inferior quality, subordinate and copycat. He has additionally fought with Kylie’s sister Kim Kardashian, individual YouTuber James Charles and previous dear companion Kat Von D. The fights appear to just make Jeffree more well known.


Jeffree was involved with virtual entertainment character/model Nathan Schwandt from 2015 to January 2020. For a considerable length of time, they lived in a gigantic house in Calabasas, California with five canines. Jeffree bought the 10-room, 15-restroom house in 2016 for $3.62 million and then, at that point, emptied millions into redesigns and updates.

The 7,000-square-foot residence is situated on a nearly 30,000-square-foot plot with panoramic views of mountains and valleys. In November 2020, he sold this residence for $3.4 million.

Jeffree Star Net Worth

In December 2019 Jeffree burned through $14.6 million on an extraordinary new home in Hidden Hills, California. The property, which sits on just shy of 3-sections of land, has 8 rooms and 13 washrooms in 25,000 square feet of living space.

Jeffree has a great vehicle that has highlighted Bentleys, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis and Ferraris. He allegedly possesses north of twelve extravagance vehicles.


Jeffrey Star is an American corrective business person and YouTube star who has a net worth of $200 million. While he is one of the most generously compensated YouTube stars on the planet, acquiring $15-20 million every year. By far most of his net worth is inferable from the worth of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, as well as possession interests in different land properties and startup organizations.

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