Jeepers Creepers: Reborn| Confirmed Release Date, Plot And Many More

Jeepers creepers are one of those Horror movies which have been a favorite go-to film for every scary movie lover. Not every horror movie is able to entertain the audience because they all follow the same traditions and the audience is also not very fond of it. Also, Jeepers Creepers are able to release its three movies for the people which is again a great achievement or I’ll say daring for the creators. 

Now, after the movie ends, the people are wondering about the fourth movie. While the last movie, which was Jeepers creepers 3 didn’t go very well for the producers as it wasn’t able to attract much of an audience. But that was something that happened with the Jeepers creepers 2 too. Let’s see what happens with the Jeepers creepers 4 or will it be able to renew or not? 

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Jeepers creepers – A Horror Movie for you! 

Jeepers creepers 4

An American scary movie that was first released on 31 August 2001 became a hot topic for that time. The movie was created by Victor Salva and he is also the man behind the direction.

The storyline follows the two siblings named, Trish and Darry Jenner who were being followed by creepers. The story follows the drastic change in the life of both of these characters through various situations which are led by the creeper. The movie stars Gina Philips and Justin Long who played the role of the sibling and are the main protagonist of this story. 

 After the movie was released, it became a super hit as the people were newly introduced to the unique storyline. Though horror movies are always being there this was something unique in the 2000s. The movie made $59.27 million dollars against the budget of only $10 million dollars. 

After the huge success at that time, the creators thought of releasing another part of the story and that’s when Jeepers creepers 2 came out. The second sequel arrived shortly after the two years of the movie. In the year 2003, the second series was released which was titled Jeepers creepers 2

Furthermore, after the sequel was released, it didn’t go very well and received criticism from the people. The movie wasn’t a huge success and that’s when the people thought there would be no more Jeepers creepers story for them. Many people were happy that the series ended and that was a sign of relief for them. 

But unfortunately, when everybody thought that they were free from this creeper, it aired again in 2017. Now, the fourth sequel is in talks. What will happen to it? Let’s find out in the next section. 

Jeepers creepers 4 – Is it going to happen?

Jeepers creepers 4

The third installment of jeepers creepers was really the worst mistake for the creators. The show received many black lashes and didn’t even make much money, the movie has badly flopped and the audience didn’t expect to see another sequel. 

On the other hand, there were many people complaining about this part being the same as every other horror movie. Of course, there’s been a two-decade gap between the first movie and the third sequel, there would be absolutely changes happening to the people and their taste. Over the two decades, there have been a lot of horror movies and people have watched the same storyline over and over, so they didn’t like the Jeepers creepers  3 much. 

My people concluded that after the third sequel badly hit by the people, there will be no more Jeepers creepers.

BUT AGAIN, out of surprise, the creators are releasing the next sequel. Yes, you heard it right! I don’t know whether it will or not be the best decision but it is surely going to happen. 

The official announced that the movie will be titled Jeepers creepers: Reborn. So, the fans are really happy about the news and looking forward to seeing the movie. 

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Jeepers creepers: Reborn – When It is going to happen?

Jeepers creepers 4

In an official statement by the show makers, it was clearly mentioned that the movie will be released this year. The movie was set to be released in 2021 the upcoming horror movie, Jeepers Creeper: Reborn will have something different on it. Unlike the other parts of this series, this movie will be headed under the supervision of Timo Vourensola. The movie is already aimed to be released on Screen media Films. 

The actual release date of this movie is not confirmed but the officials said that we might see the movie in 2021. As the corona is already circulating with more power this time. There might be a postponed date. However, nothing is officially released yet so we can’t say that. 

If anything happens and the released date will out then I’ll let you guys know. 

Jeepers creepers: Reborn – What will be the storyline?

Jeepers creepers reborn

The movie revolves around the siblings who are being followed by dangerous creepers throughout the show. The kids fall prey to the monster which is called creepers. The starting movies were all about it. But in the last sequel i.e., Jeepers Creepers 3. The group of people which are basically called “Creepers Hunter” has set the aim to hunt down these monsters. The movie got interesting but the people still didn’t like it. We have also seen the movie ends with a satisfying ending and the people were happy with it. 

In the fourth sequel, we will really see that creeper again. As the name suggests, Jeepers Creepers: Reborn, so we will definitely be going to see the creepers again. But as there are already Creeper hunters you might see something more interesting. The movie is already being directed by Timo Vuorensola who is popular for his work, Star Wreck movies. 

It will be great to see what they will bring to this story. Moreover, the writer is also changed so we might get something better this time.

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Where is the official trailer?

The official trailer of the fourth installment isn’t out yet. The sequel is confirmed to release but its release date is not fixed. According to the news, we will see the movie in the last of 2021. So, there are chances that the movie will be out somewhere in November or December 2021

The official trailer of the upcoming movie is not released. But there is one fan-made trailer that might be helpful for you.