Jean Claude Van Johnson Season 2: Cancelled & Updates!

Last updated on 31 January 2022.

Ridley Scott’s production comes out with a series named Jean Claude Van Jonhson in 2016. It’s been more than five years and still, the audience is talking about it’s a sequel but the question is will it really happen?

The answer is a big no!! There won’t be a Jean Claude Van Season 2. On January 18, 2018, it was officially announced that the show is canceled.

This might be pitful for the followers of this show but why creators take this decision let’s figure it out!

jean claude van johnson season 2

Why Jean Claude Van Johnson Season 2 Cancelled?

The main lead of the story is Jean Claude. Jean is a secret agent but he decided to leave his job of spying five years ago. He always remembers the days when he used to work with his co-worker. He really desires to do the same again even five years later.

The storyline is quite enough to glue you with the screens with a number of fines actors in it. Starting from the main lead roles Jean-Claude Van Damme as Johnson / Himself, Kat Foster as Vanessa, Moisés Arias as Luis and Phylicia Rashad as Jane.

Other high-profile faces are also there in the show as Tim Peper, Ian Fisher, Carlo Rota, Deren Tadlock, Winston James Francis, Richard Schiff and Daniel Bernhardt.

The Jean Claude Van Johnson Season 2 has been Cancelled confirmed by TVseriesfinale. 


Even after a great plotline and a number of stars the show is removed…

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Are There Any Chances of Renewal of Jean Claude Van Johnson?

Being one of the biggest networks Amazon always comes in front to pick up hit shows but now as the show is discontinued by Amazon itself, so I don’t think it is going to renew again.

Not only the Jean Claude Amazon decided to “cancel” three shows together Tig Notaro’s One Mississippi, but Jill Soloway’s also I Love Dick and Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Jean-Claude Van Johnson which is making the fans upset.

On the cancellation, Amazon insider told the Deadline-

“This is part of a move towards bigger, wider-audience series.”

Putting the Amazon aside, many believed that the show would continue if some other channel would pick up the show for the fans but at this time we haven’t heard much about JCVJ season 2, so we can’t predict that the show would renew or not.

As a substitute, you can watch the former season on the Amazon Prime Videos. It has all six episodes available to stream online for free.

Amazon has cancelled the jean claude van johnson season 2, confirmed by Tvseriesfinale. 

Series Jean Claude Van Johnson Season 2
Release Date Cancelled
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Where We Can Watch Jean Claude Van Johnson Series?

Aforementioned the show is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Videos.

Jean Claude Ratings-

It secures a rank of 70% from the Rotten Tomatoes with 97% audeince reviews. Meanwhile IMDb and has given this 7.6 and 7.1 out of 10. Reviews are good for the show this is what audience said on this-

“Can’t believe this thing got canceled. Van Damme is brilliant, doesn’t take himself too seriously, showing off his comedy chops. Unfortunately, with Amazon’s change in…”

“This show is simultaneously a finely-honed parody of a genre and one of the best entries in that genre. It oscillates between over-the-top sarcasm and down-to-earth.”

“I watched the first three episodes and the series is so stupid and exaggerated that I have to say that it is really good.”

Are you agreed with the aforementioned reviews? Have you seen the show? Wanna add more in this? Comment Down your reviews below!

jean claude van johnson season 2

Last Lines-

Now, the show is dropped but the fans are not happy with this announcement. The faithful fans can stream and enjoy the show on Amazon Prime Videos. You can also check some of the latest shows and series on our site,

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