Jayda Cheaves Net Worth: What Are the Income Sources She Uses for Making Money?

Jayda Cheaves is an American social media, YouTuber, Instagram star, and business owner. She became famous because she was very active on social media. She posts about fashion, modeling, and her everyday life, which gets her millions of likes and fans.

Jayda Cheaves has almost 7 million fans on Instagram alone, making her one of the fastest-rising internet stars in the country. She also started AmourJayda, an online clothing boutique she runs. Several brands wanted her to be a brand ambassador for their products because of how great her sense of style was.

Cheaves is also known for breaking up with the famous American rapper Lil Baby in March 2021. So, in this post, you will learn about Jayda Cheaves’s relationships, early life, career, biography, luxurious lifestyle, expensive things, and much more.

Jayda Cheaves Early Years

Amour Jayda was born Jayda Cheaves on September 25, 1997, in the US city of Savannah, Georgia. She is pretty private about her parents and early life and hasn’t said anything about where she went to school.

However, we know that she has a sister named Ameerah, who runs a salon in Decatur, Georgia, called The Glam Trap. Her little brother’s name is Len. Regarding her education, she went to Windsor Forest High School and graduated in May 2015.

Jayda Cheaves Career

jayda cheaves net worth

Jayda knew she wanted to start her own business, so at age 16, she launched an app called Poshmark, which was the start of her business career. She started making a good profit by selling used clothes through the app. In 2016, Jayda moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to start a business for her fashion line.

She started her website and clothing brand after getting good feedback and work experience from the clothing app. After that, she decided to open a new store in Atlanta, Georgia, called Amour Jayada, where she sells beauty and cosmetic products.

After her business did well, she was inspired to open an online hair store called Amour Jayda Hair. The store sells good hair bundles, wigs, and other hair-related products. Some reports say she made about $2.5 million from hair sales products from 2016 to 2018.

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Jayda is also a writer, and on February 2, 2018, her first book, “The Young Boss Blueprint: 15 Steps to Becoming a Young Boss,” came out.

Even with all of this, Jayda Cheaves’s social media presence has helped her gain a lot of attention. She has a YouTube channel with her name on it where she posts vlogs about her daily life that get thousands of views each. She made a page called “Waydaminmerch,” her new merchandise collection.

Jayda Cheaves Personal Life

jayda cheaves net worth

In her personal life, Jayda Cheaves used to date a well-known rapper named Lil Baby. In 2016, they started dating after meeting through her sister, Ameerah. Their first child, a son named Loyal Armani, was born on February 18, 2019. Jayda and Lil Baby were together from 2017 to 2021 but decided to break up. Some say that Lil Baby cheated on her with Ms. London, an adult star.

Current Business Ventures

Jayda Cheaves works with big stores like Forever 21, Adidas, and many others to grow her business empire. In partnership with Ulta, she is also putting out an extensive line of beauty products on sale soon.

Jayda Cheaves is also still working on her clothing line, and she plans to release a new collection soon.


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Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves

In 2017, Jayda Cheaves started going out with Lil Baby, an Atlanta rapper. At one point, they were rumored to be getting married, and they often posted pictures of each other on their social media accounts. Fans thought they would get married soon because they called each other “husband and wife” a lot.

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Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby broke up after being together for over two years. People were surprised to hear they were splitting up because they always seemed very happy together.

It is said that Lil Baby’s cheating was the reason for the breakup. The rapper was caught cheating on Jayda with more than one woman, including Ms. London, an adult film star. This news was too much for Jayda, so she and Lil Baby broke up soon after.

Even though they are no longer together, they have decided to share the parenting of their 2019-born son, Loyal Armani.

jayda cheaves net worth

Jayda Cheaves Net Worth:

As of 2022, Jayda Cheaves’s net worth is about $4 million US dollars. She is one of the fastest-growing Internet stars in the country. She got famous when she started dating rapper Lil Baby. She is also known for her clothing businesses and other business ventures that she runs online.

Jayda Cheaves loves expensive jewelry just like other famous people. She has diamond rings, watches, bracelets, chains, and many other things. According to some reports, her clothing business has made more than $2 million in a year, which is a big deal for her.

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In the same way, she has luxury cars like Rolls Royce, BMW, Mercedes Benz, a custom Wayda Pink Jeep Wrangler Sahara, and more. Her ex-boyfriend, Lil Baby, gave her a brand-new black Rolls Royce Dawn, which cost about $356,500. Jayda has many fans on social media, where she has promoted brands like Fashion Nova, GSU WOO, Pretty Little Thing, Dolce & Gabbana, YSL, and Chanel.

Frequently Asked Question

How Old Is Jayda Cheaves?

Jayda Cheaves was born in Savannah, Georgia, on September 25, 1997. She is now 24 years old.

What Does Jayda Cheaves Do for a Living?

Jayda Cheaves‘ businesses bring in more than $2 million a year.

How Much Does Jayda Cheaves Make?

How much is Jayda Cheaves worth? As of 2022, Jayda Cheaves, an American social media star, YouTuber, Instagram star, and business owner, has a net worth of $4 million US dollars.

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