Jason Sudeikis Thanked His Kids When ‘ Ted Lasso ‘ Won the Emmy for Best Comedy

Otis, who was born in 2014, and Daisy, who was born in 2016, are Jason Sudeikis‘ children with Olivia Wilde. On Monday night at the Emmys, as he stood up to accept a prize for Outstanding Comedy Series for his uplifting television programme Ted Lasso, he praised them both.

He hinted to a comeback for season three by saying, “Otis, Daisy, I love you very much.” At some point, we’ll see you for season 3! “Thank you very much to everyone who has watched this programme,” he remarked, in part, before going on to discuss how the production deals with “good and evil.”

Jason Sudeikis Thanks Otis and Daisy Amid Custody Battle With Olivia Wilde

“Thank you to everyone who voted for the show and to everyone who contributed to it. Everyone who answers calls in the Warner Brothers, Apple, and Doozer offices. everyone involved in production.

Season two of our COVID squad was huge,” the celebrity continued. “Thanks to the work that you men and women did for us, we didn’t have a single shutdown. everyone that assists us in post-production and builds the magnificent football and soccer stadiums that surround us.

This programme is about the nature of good and evil and the reality of existence. All of it is covered on this broadcast, but our reactions to it are what matter most. And the reception to our show has been incredible.

The turmoil surrounding Jason‘s separation from the director of Don’t Worry, Darling is at the centre of his remarks. The comedian, 46, and his longtime partner Olivia, 38, split up in 2020, but since then, a string of unfortunate incidents appear to have befallen the former couple.

Jason Sudeikis Thanks Otis and Daisy Amid Custody Battle With Olivia Wilde

Harry Styles, the 28-year-old star of Olivia’s movie, has sparked speculations that she dumped Jason to date him. Olivia categorically denies these reports, recently referring to them as “horsesh**.” Even yet, Olivia received custody papers while performing onstage at CinemaCon in Las Vegas in April.

Although Jason denies any involvement, the date and the place seemed to raise questions for some about how the nine-year-old couple was dissolving their engagement. Additionally, the Don’t Worry, Darling cast has been dogged by a deluge of speculations around the movie’s premiere.

While Jason continued to date Keeley Hazell, 35, for almost a year before parting ways with her in May, Olivia has maintained her loving connection with the former One Direction member. A source claims that even if things appear to be getting worse, Jason still respects his ex-girlfriend as the mother of their children.

In response to Olivias attendance at CinemaCon, Jason stated, “Jason would never in a million years try to embarrass Olivia. Despite the fact that they don’t get along, he would never purposefully humiliate or embarrass the mother of his children.

He didn’t want her to be served in front of everyone at the important event, according to the source as well. When Jason learned that Olivia was served at CinemaCon, he expressed the same disbelief as the rest of us, they claimed. He is aware that being a celebrity means you are constantly in the spotlight, but he couldn’t have predicted how things would turn out.