Jailbirds Season 2 Updates – Release Date| Plot And More

Jailbirds Season 2

Jailbirds is a reality tv series of America set in Sacramento County Jail. The show focuses on the life of female prisoners inside the jail. The series hit the screen on Netflix on 10 May 2019. Ever since then, the fans are desperately waiting for season 2. Well, below are the updates regarding season 2

Will Jailbird Return for Season 2? When Will It Premiere?

Netflix has not renewed the show for the second installment as of now. However, the first season concluded on 10 May 2019. The year 2020 was no good for any series or movie, and Jailbirds is no different.

Therefore, it is too soon to expect any news about the sequel. But given the viewership, Netflix will surely renew the series sooner or later. We can expect the series somewhere in 2022.

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The Cast of Jailbirds Season 2? Who Will We See In It?

Jailbirds Season 2

  • Yasmin SundermeyerShe is 19 year old. She was accused of carjacking, attack of an officer, stealing a vehicle, and driving under the influence of Alcohol. She also escaped from custody while shooting for the series.
  • Najla “Noonie” Jones- She is 27 years old. Jones was accused of pimping and pandering. She was arrested but could not get bail due to the high bail amount.
  • Courtney “Jay” Koranda- She is 30 years old. She was accused of taking drugs and arrested because she tried to ditch the cops. During the shooting of the series, she was released from jail.
  • Megan “Monster” Hawkins-She is 29 years old. She was accused of drug dealing and arrested for that.
  • Ads By Connatix- She had committed multiple crimes. She also served 3 months in jail earlier. She had committed theft, drug dealing, fraud, impersonation, and other felonies while on bail.
  • Tayler Renee Coatney- She is 20 years old. She had committed a trespass, burglary in the house where her father and her two sons got killed. She committed this crime when she was a minor.
  • Rebecca “Baby Girl” Temme- She is 36 years old. She was accused of possessing the heroine, murder, and Robbery.

We may see some new prisoners and male prisoners as well in the series.

The Plot of Jailbirds. What To Expect from Jailbirds Season 2?

Jailbirds Season 2

We saw all the prisoners sharing and revealing about their past.

We may see in season 2, the romance of Tayler and A1 outside the jail.

The monster charged him with a domestic felony. A1 served five years in jail and lost his girlfriend. Initially, Tayler was possessive about A1. She loved him and wanted a romantic relationship, but Tayler only considered A1 a friend. In season 2, we will see how their relationship grew.

Season 1 ended with the cliffhanger. So season 1 served us the two main plots for Season 2. We saw the marriage of Bianca with her love Brianna. They had a very beautiful wedding loaded with fun and love.

However, the series ended in a surprise. It was revealed that Bianca took admission in numerous classes. She signed for the classes even before meeting Brianna. The classes would help him to prepare her life outside the jail. However, the cost of the classes was her departure from him.

But Brianna became happy about it and encouraged her to take classes. She was ok even happy about her. We will see in season 2, the new separated life of the couple. How will they maintain their long-distance relationship?

Jailbirds Season 2

The second interesting storyline will be about Baby Girl and her younger sister Shayna. After giving numerous compliments about Shayna, Baby Girl revealed that she had plans for beating up her dear mate.

But WHY?

That happened because Shayna was talking on the toilet bowl to the co-defendant of Baby. Oh got married to Shayna. If the creators decided to go with season 2, we will see another fight.

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Is There Any Trailer Available for Jailbirds Season 2?

Netflix has not renewed the series for the sequel so far. So you cannot expect the trailer any time sooner. You have to wait a little longer for any trailer or teaser. We will let you know when the trailer land.

What Is the IMDB Rating of Jailbirds?

The unique reality show gained worldwide attention and got a decent rating of 7.1 out of 10.

Where Can We Watch Jailbirds?

It is available on the streaming giant Netflix to watch.

Final Verdict

It is the first jail reality show. Normal people like us have never thought of life inside the jail. By watching the series, we will get a glimpse of life inside the jail.

However, whatever we heard about the jail, the series is nothing like that. We saw a whole new life inside the jail. The series depicted the friendship between the women, cross toilet romance, and above all marriage.

What do you think about the Jailbirds? Will you also want to see Season 2 of the series? Do tell me in the comment section.


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