Jahm Najafi Net Worth: Check out the Lifestyle of a Successful Billionaire!


The Phoenix Suns vice chairman and part-owner Jahm Najafi has recently made headlines. Robert Sarver, the owner of the Suns, was suspended for acting inappropriately at work, and Najafi has requested that he resign. Najafi wasn't as well known in the NBA, especially among fans, because he maintained a low profile over the years.

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Quick Facts About Jahm Najafi

Name Jahm Najafi 
Age 59
Gender  Male
Nationality Iranian/American
Source of Income Najafi Companies
Net Worth $3.5 billion

Early Life: His Education and Career Beginnings


Jahm Najafi was born in 1963, making him 59 years old. Jahm seems to be a kind and courteous person, despite the fact that he is silent about his personal life. He is a citizen of both Iran and the United States.

He relocated to the US from Iran in order to advance his professional chances. Although he does not frequently discuss his family, it appears that they were well-educated. Together with his brother Francis Najafi, who served as a partner and chief operating officer, he managed the parent firm, The Pivotal Group (COO).

Jahm Najafi Net Worth

The company's primary activity was purchasing commercial buildings. The Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, the Harbor Bay in Alameda, California, and the 650 California Street structure in San Francisco were all purchased by the brothers. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor's in economics.

After receiving his undergraduate degree, he enrolled in Harvard University where, in 1986, he earned a master's degree in business economics. He was once employed by Salomon Brothers, a Wall Street company that ultimately merged with Citigroup. Now that he is a part owner of the NBA team Phoenix Suns, he is highly known.

The Journey of His Successful Career

The CEO of the Phoenix-based private equity company Najafi Companies is Jahm. He works as an investor. He serves as the Phoenix Suns' vice chairman of the NBA team. He began by doing work for Salomon Brothers. He developed an early interest in management and business, and as a result, he rose to the position of CEO at Pivotal Private Equity.

He co-managed The Pivotal Group's parent firm with his brother Francis Najafi as a partner and COO. His company purchased assets for use as businesses, including the Los Angeles Century Plaza Hotel. He held various positions for various companies throughout this time.

Jahm Najafi Net Worth

Both the Phoenix Symphony and the Phoenix Metropolitan Area Convention & Visitors Bureau have him on their boards of directors. Very soon after joining Najafi Companies, he rose to prominence. The company was established in 2002.

He solely invests his own funds because he is the company's owner. To reach this point, Najafi had to overcome many obstacles and difficulties. He had no English language skills when he migrated from Iran to the US. But his modesty and positive outlook have contributed to his job success.

What is the Net Worth of Jahm Najafi?

Jahm Najafi is projected to be worth $3.5 billion by Nova Scotia Today. Jahm is a well-known businessman, a billionaire, and a dual citizen of Iran and the United States. He does a great job managing Najafi Companies.

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The business is well renowned throughout the world. It is a Phoenix-based private equity company. Najafi invested $248.5 million, giving them a 15% initial stake and a 33% final stake by the end of 2022. He serves as one of the two vice chairs for McLaren Racing. Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa of Bahrain is another VC in the group.

Jahm Najafi Wants Phoenix Suns Owner Robert Sarver to Resign

Phoenix Suns vice-chairman Jahm Najafi joined a lengthy list of notable NBA figures in calling for Robert Sarver to be suspended from the league. Following an investigation, the NBA fined Sarver $10 million and banned him from all league activities. It was discovered that most of Sun's owners engaged in unethical behavior at work.

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Najafi is among those who believe this sentence is insufficient. In an open letter to the Suns' staff and players, Najafi wrote the following. Based on what Robert Sarver mentioned about the circumstance, Najafi stated that he has no plans to replace him.

Sarver used at least five racial slurs when recounting what black persons said, according to the league's inquiry. He repeatedly misbehaved with other colleagues and spoke inappropriate things about the female employees of the organization.

Jahm Najafi's F1 Influence

  • His investment in McLaren was a sign of faith in Liberty Media's strategy and the team.
  • F1 wants medium-term investment for its business plan.
  • Moorad appeared in and worked as a technical consultant for Jerry Maguire's film.
  • Jerry Maguire‘s slogan “Show me the money” was inspired by Moorad.
  • Najafi said, “How can you not be an F1 fan?” after completing the McLaren deal.

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Final Words

Jahm serves as the CEO of the Phoenix-based private equity firm Najafi Companies. He is a financial investor. He is the NBA team's vice chairman for the Phoenix Suns, which is how he built up a massive net worth of $3.5 billion. Please let us know in the comments area if you have any questions about Jahm Najafi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jahm Najafi's Spouse?

Jahm Najafi's wife is Cheryl Najafi. With their three children, Najafi and his wife Cheryl Najafi reside in Arizona.

Has Jahm Najafi Any Connection to the Suns?

Phoenix Suns deputy chairman and minority owner Jahm Najafi.

What Age Is Najafi Currently?

Najafi is currently 59 years old.