“Jackass” Actor Steve-o Recently Disclosed That He is Getting Implants for His Upcoming Stunt

Pioneer of reality TV Steve-O announced that he will be receiving breast implants.

One of the first real-deal, authentic reality TV stars, Steve-O first gained notoriety on MTV’s fever dream-like Jackass in the early 2000s.

From the start, Jackass was known for its incredible antics, and among the group of risk-takers, Steve-O was the most courageous.

Even at fifty years old, Steve-O still appears to be doing the same acts that first brought him notoriety.

Reason for Steve-O’s Breast Implant Procedure

Has Steve-O Gone Too Far? (X5 Podcast #84) is the episode that the X5 Podcast posted on YouTube on July 3.

The X5 Podcast, which “features a rotating crew of witty Gen X hosts chatting with musicians, comedians, and content creators in their studio in Alabama,” is described as such on their about page. Generation X was particularly impacted by the Jackass controversy.

Steve-O was well-known for his desire to push the boundaries in any way, both on and off camera, and it appears that this trait is what motivated his alleged choice to get surgery done for a comedic scene.

Following his admittance, Steve-O first described his reasons for wanting surgery and his post-operative plans:

A few years back, I thought about getting a boob job and filming a series of genuinely funny hidden camera pranks. I planned to be in different disguises, eventually revealing my true identity, along with doing some hilarious endurance stunts and other entertaining stuff.

Steve-O went on, crediting his “commitment” to making people laugh for the absurd move:

I’ve been especially passionate about that concept because I think it has great comedic potential. It embodies the essence of Steve-O’s style with that kind of dedication.

The original Jackass star was quoted by US Magazine as stating that he thought getting breast augmentation surgery was similar to getting other “body modifications” like tattoos or piercings:

“I’ve always been into body alteration; examples include my butt piercing and my back tattoo. Body alteration has always been a lane in my art; it’s part of my [crap] business.

The dedication to this idea, no matter how crazy it seems, is something I truly believe in, so I’m going to pursue it.

US claims that back in 2022, during a conversation with YouTuber Doctor Mike, Steve-O discussed breast implants.

Steve-O then expressed his curiosity about the process and wondered if he would still be able to share pictures of himself without a shirt on Instagram:

“I think there’s a good dosage of’my body, my choice’ in there. Some people have the direct question, “Does having breast augmentation mean I can’t post pictures on Instagram with my shirt off as a heterosexual man who identifies as male?”

Steve-O appears to be earnest about getting breast implants, although it would be strange if he kept them. The Independent clarified that after two months he intended to remove them (a procedure known as “explantation”).

The stunt master said that he was a little worried the surgery would cause further harm to his body, but he was reassured by plastic surgeons that the dangers were low:

“The one thing I’m really freaked out about, bummed out about, and would back out of this over, is if I’m just gonna be a mess afterwards,” I told the physicians in an honest conversation.

“They’re going to place it under the muscle, and the doctors are totally unconcerned, saying, ‘In two months, it comes out with absolutely no issues.'”

Steve-O also mentioned that he intended to receive “D-cup” implants, however it was unclear if he had arranged a date for the procedure.


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