Jack Ryan Season 3 Release Date | All The Latest Updates on The Series!


Everyone loves a good thriller movie(or a web series). Over the years spy movies, political thrillers, and espionage shows have shaped the landscape of cinema and literature. Jason Bourne, Ethan Hunt, and James Bond are iconic figures from the fictional universe.

However, they lack that “regular joe” touch, that’s where Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan steps into the arena. Amazon Prime Video’s Jack Ryan Season 3 awaits release. 


If you enjoy watching military operations, and espionage dramas, you are going to enjoy watching the Jack Ryan web series.

In this article, we talk about every latest development around the show. We know you are excited for Jack Ryan Season 3, and that’s why we urge you to read the article till the end. 

Jack Ryan: The Premise of The Show


Sherlock Holmes’ name has become synonymous with the detective. James Bond and his American counterpart, Ethan Hunt, are iconic fictional spies or secret service agents.

However, there was a gap in the middle – an average-looking person, secretly working for the government.  That gap is where Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan fits in.

He’s not doing death-defying stunts like Ethan Hunt or charismatic womanizer like James Bond, he’s just another ‘commoner’, who without revealing his background works for the government.

The show Jack Ryan is based on characters created by famous novelist Tom Clancy. The series is a political action thriller, not exactly a ‘spy’ series, but entertaining no less. On August 31, 2018, it was released on Prime Video. 

The first season featured 8 episodes, and the second season was out on November 1, 2019, it also had eight episodes.

The response to the show suggests the audience admired it; it has 8.1 ratings on IMDb.

The Plot of Jack Ryan Season 3

Jack Ryan Season 3

The plot of Jack Ryan is set around our protagonist Dr. Jack Ryan, who happens to be a Marine veteran, but currently working at the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA. He’s enjoying his comfortable desk job at CIA headquarters as a financial analyst. 

His work demands him to track financial activities surrounding terrorism and finance. He later became head of T-FAD, a department under the Counterterrorism Center.

The plot thickens when our humble financial analyst at the FBI is thrown into fieldwork from his comfortable desk job after several suspicious economic activities are discovered which are carried out by Suleiman, an Islamic terrorist.

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The second season of the show was around the economic and political meltdown of corrupt Venezuela. As far as season three is concerned, we might see Ryan leaving to another place for another action-packed adventure.

However, no official hints have been dropped around a possible plotline. 

The Cast of Jack Ryan Season 3

Dr. Jack Ryan – John Krasinski

James Greer – Wendell Pierce

Dr. Cathy Mueller – Abbie Cornish

Sen. Jim Mareno – Benito Martinez

Matice – John Hoogenakker

The other cast members of the show aren’t confirmed yet. Besides, the fate of members like Wendell Pierce and Cornish is uncertain. Abbie Cornish plays Dr. Mueller, a love interest of Dr. Ryan in season one, but she was absent in season two.

We hope she returns this time. Wendell Pierce is going through some medical troubles, which means he mostly won’t come back for season 3. 

Jack Ryan Season 3: Release Date

Jack Ryan Season 3

Since season 2 came out in Nov 2019, we expect the show to return on the screen somewhere around late 2020. However, no official date has been declared by the show-makers.

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Given the pandemic situation which has paused filming and production of many shows and movies, we assume it will take some time for the crew to begin the filming for part three. If the release is delayed or a date is announced, we will inform you. 

Jack Ryan Season 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, no official trailer or teaser has been posted. You have to wait for some time before it is published. However, if you haven’t watched the second season of the show, here’s the trailer which shows how Ryan ends up in the political turmoil of Venezuela on his second mission.  


We know that you are eagerly waiting for Jack Ryan Season 3, but due to a pandemic situation, the chances of it getting delayed are high. If you are into military espionage cinema, you can check out these options. Jack Ryan is not as fancy as Bond or Hunt, but it undoubtedly tries to portray a more realistic version of military espionage.

If you are into these things, you are going to enjoy them. Make sure to keep reading our website for the latest updates on almost everything under the sun. Please support us by sharing our content with your friends and family.