Jack Reacher 3 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Tom Cruise's iconic movie Jack Reacher might have some different plans for its third season.

This article is updated on 28 January 2022: Tom Cruise has done pretty much everything he can do for winning an Academy award, though many believe that the three-time nominee would have taken one of them. Cruise remains one of the biggest stars in Hollywood with his Mission Impossible Franchise which just keeps getting better getting a lot of popularity which he might not have thought.

Mission Impossible was one of the blockbuster films of all time that Tom has ever fronted. The question is Jack Reacher’s films had been underrated and overlooked in terms of action.

Based on a beloved series of novels from Lee Child, those films found Cruise stepping into the main role as a former Military Police Investigator turned drifter who occasionally takes high-risk investigatory work when it comes to doing something for the right cause.

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The first Jack Reacher arrived in 2012 with Christopher McQuarrie which had earned 218 million dollars at the worldwide box office but the second part which was released in 2016 follow-up Jack Reacher: Never Go Back had failed miserably got the series got on hold.

Tom Cruise performing stunts at this age is just adding factor to the film. Fans didn’t accept him as Jack Reacher as the other action movies came out. Now it has made it difficult for the third film to come out.

Will, There Be a Third Part of Jack Reacher’s Movie?

Despite the relative box office success of Jack Reacher, it might be not surprising that Tom Cruise won’t be a part of the series as he is completely packed with Mission Impossible filming and his stunts that nearly might kill him.

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He has recently returned to his Top Gun roots for the upcoming yet-to-release Top Gun: Maverick. He might also be working with a SpaceX movie in which he will be in actual outer space. So the actor is spread everywhere in everything which might be difficult for him to return as Jack Reacher.

Author Lee Child of Jack Reacher was not happy with Tom Cruise casting in the title role, telling the BBC news in 2018, he believed Cruise’s personality didn’t match the brute-force physicality of his creation.

He mentioned that Cruise for all his talent lacks in physicality. He enjoyed working with him and had a lot of fun. But the ultimate thing that the readers are right is that size of the Reacher should be important as it is a big component of a character.

The idea of entering Jack Reacher walks into a room, should be a little intimidating and nervous for a minute.

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Amazon Studios announced a Jack Reacher TV Series in the works of Amazon Prime Video, they also said the main title may indeed be a recast.

Drama Name Jack Reacher
Category Action
Release Date Canceled
Director Christopher McQuarrie
No of sequels 1


An R-rated Jack Reacher Is Still Happening, Maybe Not on the Big Screen?

While the Jack Reacher movies might be over, for now, the character is getting a small screen reboot courtesy of Amazon Studios. The streamer has ordered a new series based on the books which are set to begin filming in April 2021. Unlike the films, according to the author’s description in the books, it will be Alan Ritchson from the TV series DC Titans.

At this stage, it does still not know about the Amazon series, aside from the fact that it’s the approval stamp of Lee Child. When the news was announced in January 2020 it was stated that the fun starts here after what has been great so far.

By now I know these guys, Reacher is in perfect hands. Season 1 of the web series will be focusing on the first book in the long-running series. In the book, Reacher visits a small town in Georgia to investigate a cold case but ends up quickly being arrested himself. It’s a dark introduction to the character’s world that’s full of action sequences that they are sure to finally give the readers the R-rated Reacher action they are craving omitting Tom Cruise and director McQuarrie.

Jack Reacher 3 Cast & Crew

Now that the movie is not going to be made again it is understandable, we won’t see Tom Cruise again.

As fans were disappointed that the character and the actor didn’t match. It is said that the creators of the series are looking for somebody who will fit the description of Jack Reacher 3 that has been laid in the book.

As of now, there is no clear picture of who will be starring but it will be worth the wait to see who finally lands on the role of Jack. There might be the highest possibility is that there will be a completely new actor in the show.

It looks like all the characters that they will join the show will be looked at properly and mostly fit in the description.

As the plot is still not confirmed yet, by the manufacturers, it is definite that Tom Cruise would be replaced there might be a possibility that the additional characters might return or maybe not. The cast of the film was:

  • Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher
  • Rosamund Pike as Helen Rodin
  • Richard Jenkins as Alex Rodin
  • Werner Herzog as The Zec
  • David Oyewelo as Emerson
  • Jai Courtney as Charlie
  • Joseph Sikora as Barr
  • Robert Duvall as Cash

Since a third movie mostly definitely would not be happening, that question is out of the window. According to Looper, the creators are not looking forward for the third sequel of the movie. As for the rebooted TV series nothing apart from the announcement that it would be happening is known, so we will have to wait a fair bit for that.

Jack Reacher 3: What does the Creator Say?

There might be a possibility of the return of Christopher McQuarrie, who has a successful run with Tom Cruise directing two films in the MI franchise, and Edward Zwick, the director of two Jack Reacher films.

The only confirmation on this as of now is that Lee Child will be directly involved in the production of the TV show, as opposed to only a little involvement in the films, has signed a deal with Paramount TV and Skydance TV which also serves the capacity of a screenwriter or a story consultant.

When it was announced that a Jack Reacher TV Series is being made he made sure that according to the fans that Tom Cruise was wrong for the lead role as Cruise is 5’7’ and Reacher is 6’5’.

So when it came to casting the new Jack Reacher- whose credits range from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies to TV series Titans it was Alan Ritchson who was auditioned but didn’t feel confident.

Ritchson talked about the intense audition process for the Jack Reacher 3 TV series and how he originally didn’t get the role.

He said “It’s funny, I didn’t get the role at first. I’m not exactly 6’5 and I’m not exactly 250lbs, and I heard that they were very specific with their demands. After working with Tom Cruise and a lot of fans being upset that he didn’t have the physicality, as great as in the role, they wanted to get into right.”

I was like, “ Well they wanna read me, but I know they’re gonna find someone like Dwayne Johnson, who’s a huge dude.” I auditioned for the part and it was good, it was just that my take on it was a little different than what they had in mind, at the time.

But Ritchson got a second shot when there was behind the scenes change-up on the TV series:-

“There was a shake-up with who was casting, so they started again from scratch, and I’d already passed on, as had everybody who did an audition. When they came back around, they picked up a few tapes that they had seen already, and I was one of them, so they wanted me back and try again, and it worked out.

The closer I got to that, the more familiar I became with the Reacher stuff. I’ve fallen in love. I’ve read the books now and Reacher has some big shoes to fill, metaphorically speaking. I’m just so thrilled to be a part of it. It’s my favorite character that I’ve played it.”

The actor can’t say much about the series, but he did reveal that they are going to be adapting one book per season, and they’ll be starting with the first book Jack Reacher: Killing Floor.

He added, “ I don’t know what and how much to say. I’ll say that they were gonna be doing a book a season, so the first season will be the first book. I think it’s a great way to do this. I can see why it’d be exciting as a film, but the slow burn is what I love so much about the books. The way that he goes down the checklist and picks apart these cases, you need time. It’s okay to enjoy that. I think spending a season on each book is gonna be enjoyable for audiences.”

I hope that this takes a turn in the story and even for the fans as they are expecting it to be. I am also excited to be looking forward to this. What do you think about the Jack Reacher 3? Do let us know in the comment section. Also follow Keeperfacts to get daily updates.