It’s Okay Not to Be Okay: Cast, Production and Everything We Know About This Smashed Movie

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay  is a South Korean romance drama television series directed by Park Shin-woo. It was written by Jo Yong. Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Yea-ji, Oh Jung-se, and Park Gyu-young star in the film. A selfless psych ward attendant and an antisocial children’s book writer star in the series.

From June 20, 2020, until August 9, 2020, the series was broadcast on tvN and Netflix for 16 episodes. According to Nielsen Korea, it had a 5.4 percent average nationwide TV audience rating. In South Korea, it was the most popular romance show on Netflix in 2020. The critical reception was overwhelmingly good; some critics faulted the script in the second half of the series, but applauded the cast’s acting.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay was selected one of the “Best International Shows of 2020” by the New York Times.

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It garnered eight nominations and two awards at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards (Best Supporting Actor – Television and Technical Award for Costume Design). It was nominated for a 49th International Emmy Award in the category of Best TV Movie or Miniseries.

 It's Okay to Not Be Okay


Moon Gang-tae lives with his autistic older brother Moon Sang-tae. Since Sang-tae witnessed their mother’s murder, they have frequently moved from town to town. Everywhere they go, Gang-Tae works as a caretaker at a psychiatric ward. While working in a hospital, he encounters Ko Moon-young, a well-known children’s book author who is suspected of having antisocial personality disorder.

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Due to circumstances, Gang-tae is forced to work at the OK Psychiatric Hospital in Seongjin City, the same city where they all grew up. Meanwhile, Moon-young develops a romantic crush on Gang-tae after learning that their pasts are linked. She joins him to Seongjin, where the three of them (including Sang-tae) start to heal each other’s emotional wounds. They discover numerous secrets, seek solace from one another, and continue on with their lives.



Moon Gang-tae[3] is played by Kim Soo-hyun.
Moon Woo-jin when he was younger Moon Gang-tae is a fictional character created by Moon Gang-tae
Working at OK Psychiatric Hospital as an orphaned caregiver. He is compassionate to everyone around him, but he suffers from low self-esteem as a result of his past traumas, and he avoids forming personal relationships with anyone save his older brother.

Ko Moon-young is played by Seo Yea-ji.

Kim Soo-in when he was younger Moon-young Ko
Antisocial personality disorder affects a well-known children’s book author. She had a tumultuous connection with her parents and a tumultuous childhood. After a chance encounter, she develops a romantic attachment with Gang-tae and goes to great measures to obtain his attention.

Moon Sang-tae as Oh Jung-se[5]
Moon Sang-tae (Lee Kyu-sung) as a child
Moon Gang-tae has an autistic older sibling. He is both a Moon-young enthusiast and a budding illustrator. He was the lone witness to his mother’s murder, which caused him to develop an irrational fear of butterflies because they reminded him of the horror. Every spring, his dread turns into nightmares, forcing Gang-tae to move towns with him in order to “get away from the butterflies.”

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

Moon-books young’s children’s are published by SangsangESang Publishing Company, which is run by Kim Joo-hun as Lee Sang-in.

Yoo Seung-jae is played by Park Jin-joo.
Sang-assistant in’s and art director for SangsangESang Publishing Company.
Officials from the OK Psychiatric Hospital

Park Gyu-young as Nam Ju-ri, Park Seo-kyung as Nam Ju-ri, Park Gyu-young as Nam Ju-ri, Park Gyu-young as Nam Ju-ri, Park Gyu-you
At OK Psychiatric Hospital, she is a nurse and Gang-coworker. tae’s She has an unrequited crush on Gang-tae and is portrayed to be bashful and envious of those who are romantically involved with her. Moon-young, with whom she had a brief friendship in elementary school, is someone she despises.

Oh Ji-wang is played by Kim Chang-wan.
OK Psychiatric Hospital’s director. Despite his unusual methods, he sincerely cares about his patients and is often successful in assisting them in improving their health.

Kang Soon-deok is played by Kim Mi-kyung.
Ju-mother ri’s and a good cook at the hospital.

Park Haeng-ja is played by Jang Young-nam.
The hospital’s chief nurse. In disguise, she is revealed to be Do Hui-jae, Ko Moon-mother. young’s

Sun Byul is played by Jang Gyu-ri.
Ju-coworker ri’s and buddy, a nurse with three years of experience.

Seo Joon plays Kwon Min-seok, a hospital psychiatrist.

Oh Cha-yong is played by Choi Woo-sung.
A thoughtless and young caretaker who frequently naps at work. He is the son of Oh Ji-wang, the hospital’s director.
Patients in Psychiatric Hospitals Are All Right

it's Okay To Not Be Okay


Studio Dragon created It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, which was written by Jo Yong, directed by Park Shin-woo, and produced by Story TV and Gold Medalist.The drama is focused on Jo Yong’s friendship with a man who suffers from a personality illness.

She shaped Moon Sang-personality tae’s by listening to experiences from people who had autistic brothers and consulting literature recommended by the CEO of Bear Better, a social company that employs persons with developmental disabilities. Costumes were overseen by fashion director Cho Sang-kyung, while some of Ko Moon-clothes young’s were designed by fashion designer Minju Kim.

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Following his mandatory military enlistment in the second half of 2019, Kim Soo-hyun considered It’s Okay to Not Be Okay to be his comeback drama, and his casting was confirmed by his agency in February 2020. At the drama’s press conference, he stated that he was lured to the project because of its theme and Moon Gang-character. tae’s In the same month, it was announced that Seo Yea-ji will play Ko Moon-young. In March 2020, veteran actor Oh Jung-se accepted the part of Moon Sang-tae, saying at a press conference that “autism isn’t an illness, but something you’re born with.”


Performance on the commercial stage

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay was the most talked about drama online in South Korea for eight weeks, according to the big data analytics firm Good Data Corporation.

When Oh spent a day with an autistic fan, it became a huge issue on social media. CJ E&M and AGB were also beaten. During its eight-week run, Nielsen Media Research’s Content Power Index (CPI)[c] report had the highest CPI of 373.2 in the first week of August, making it the best-rated tvN drama of 2020 in CPI. The drama got over 110 million cumulative views as of December 10, 2020, according to Smart Media Rep (SMR), which distributes VoD (video on demand) footage from major broadcasters to internet platforms including Naver and YouTube. According to SMR’s research, the majority of viewers were in their twenties.

The development of international sales of blockbuster dramas such as It’s Okay to Not Be Okay helped Studio Dragon achieve its best quarterly performance in the second quarter of 2020, with sales of 141.4 billion.

Due to an increase in digital-related sales as a response to the COVID-19 epidemic, CJ ENM, the parent company of tvN, reported that operational earnings for the third quarter of 2020 climbed by 17.9% when compared to the same time of 2019. Following the success of the drama, the ensembles worn by Seo Yea-ji attracted attention and increased the visibility of Korean fashion designers and manufacturers of jewellery, handbags, and nightwear. The site immediately sold out of the soft toys, nightmare doll (Mang-tae), and dinosaur doll that were utilised in the play.

 "It's Okay To Not Be Okay"

A Critical Reaction

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay garnered mostly positive critical response, owing to its novel premise, visual storytelling, cast acting, and emphasis on mental health. “Not only are the actors stunning, but the drama’s graphics, cinematography, and costumes are also gorgeous,” Forbes’ Joan MacDonald said. Contributors to Manila Bulletin hailed Moon-young as a “headstrong” and “independent woman” who was “unafraid to incorporate innovative features” with required clichés in a love K-drama.

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When the series first aired, however, culture critic Chung Deok-hyun expressed concern that Moon-“exaggerated young’s words and deeds” might detract from viewers’ immersion in the drama. Jacinda A. Lopez discovered that the “messages the drama was relaying are where the beauty actually lies” in the Filipino version of Cosmopolitan. “This drama makes people aware, societies should stop gazing at individuals who seem different,” said Rumaiysa M Rahman of Prothom Alo.