It Follows 2: Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Last Updated On 26th January,2022

There are so many incredible horror films which offer you something new which you have not seen before. One of these incredible fresh and unique things and plot you can see in David Robert Mitchell’s movie ‘it follows’ which is one of the rarest and brilliant movies of David, and he perfectly made his nightmare happenings and things into such a horror movie.

However, with its limited release, It Follows became the best movie among all the viewers and they loved it when they watched the movies and if we check there is 96% whopping on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie excites the fans and viewers as the fear in it grows up and it is one of the horror films which rarely happens and it was revealed by Mitchell and distributors that they are working on a follow up.

Will the family succeed to come out from that horror vacation house? Why is the masked man Killing everyone in that house?

Let’s move forward to know about its potential sequel by knowing what happened. It follows, original movie to know about what is in the plot and why the viewers love this movie who don’t know about this horror movie.

Movie  It Follows 2
Genre Psychological Horror Film
Director David Robert Mitchell
Script Writer David Robert Mitchell
Streaming Platform Amazon Prime Video
Lead Role Maika Monroe
Release Date Not Confirm Yet

What Happened in ‘It Follows’ Original 2014 Movie?

It Follows 2

It Follows revolves around the young girl named Jay whose life is turned upside down when she meets with her boyfriend, Hugh and both make love in the car for the first time.

In the beginning the movie does not look like a horror film but when we move forward the horror starts to begin, when his boyfriend Hugh tells he is cursed by a supernatural entity and it only gets away when he has intercourse with someone to pass the curse on to another person.

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So Hugh curse is passed on to Jay who is 19 years old student. It looks like transferring disease from one to another when another person comes in contact with that infected one. So this curse is also transferred to another person and it is on Jay and the entity will kill Jay.

So to get rid of the entity it was revealed that she will need to sleep with someone else to pass the curse on to another person and save her life. Firstly she refuses and the entity follows her in different forms and only she is able to see that entity.

So she decided to take the help of her sister Kelly along with her friends Paul, Yara and Greg to save herself and find the way to get away from that entity.

It takes the form of anybody whom you love or not or even completely strangers to follow you consistently.

In the end Paul decides to take the risk and have intercourse with Jay and then he passes to one of the prostitutes and Paul moves with Jay on the road holding hands of Jay but it seems that the entity is also following them.

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It Follows 2: What Will the Expected Plot for the Sequel?


In the Climax of the movie you see that all friends are trying to give electric shock to the entity who wants to kill Jay and at that time it comes in the form of his deceased father in the swimming pool and tries to kill Jay by pulling her in the swimming pool but they shoot in the entity but eventually they failed in it and it is an interesting scene which director puts in the movie but in the ending the curse is passed to Paul and he passed it on to a prostitute to get rid of the entity but the entity still follows the couples from a distance.

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So it gives a chance to make the sequel to know why the curse entity moves from one to another and why it is killing everyone or if the curse moves to the original one then what is the reason behind this entity. So there is plenty of scope to make the ‘It Follows’ sequels.

Tom Quinn, revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that they were discussing for the story of a potential sequel, “I don’t want to give away too much, but we’ve thought about it … Flip the title …There’s so much you could do.”

In an interview with Vulture David Robert Mitchell said that he is open and exploring the concept for the possibility to work on a sequel.

“I don’t know that a sequel would be the next thing that I would do, but I’m certainly open to it … But I do want to say that when I wrote this, I had some bigger set-pieces, a few things that I sort of simplified, and some stuff that we chose to cut out because of the budget and time, so there’s all kinds of fun things that could be done with this concept and story.”

But till this time there is no news for the sequel to happen officially.

It Follows 2 Release Date

It Follows 2

There is lot of talks for the It Follows sequel from the past years but nothing is come out even after working on the potential ideas by the team members and until this no announcement is release around the renewal of the film so there are less chance that the sequel will happen but we hope if they write the story complete then there may be chance that it will come in 2022 or after that.

But officially nothing is said about the sequel as there is a 50-50 chance for the movie to be renewed or cancelled. According to, the film will come but it has not been confirmed yet. Also, when the film comes, the title will be reversed.

It Follows 2 Cast

It Follows 2

Who will be seen in this horror movie sequel?

If the movie sequel comes then Maika Monroe will return as Jay, Keir Gilchrist as Paul and Daniel Zovatto as Grey along with Jake Weary, Olivia and Lili Sepe as Hugu, Yara and Kelly respectively. These cast members are the youngest and brilliant to make the sequel a hit for the 2nd time along with new faces .

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Is There Any Trailer for It Follows Sequel

Sorry, there is no trailer for this horror movie sequel but you can watch official trailer of It Follows original movie-

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