Isekai Yakkyoku Episode 4 Release Date: Check Latest Updates About Show!

The most recent episode of Isekai Yakkyoku was released a few days ago, but we will examine the most recent revisions to Episode 4 below. Isekai Yakkyoku, also known as Parallel World Pharmacy, debuted a few days ago and is one of the best new anime that everyone should watch.

After his passing, the story of a young pharmacologist continues. The death of the mysterious young guy was caused by overwork. One day, while conducting a new study in Japan, he collapsed and died. This intriguing man was fortunate to be reincarnated in a parallel medieval Europe universe.

At age ten, he began his life as an apprentice to a renowned Royal Court apothecary. This young youngster possessed superhuman abilities and could see past sickness, production, and destruction of matter. The youngster discovers that he lives in a world where questionable medical procedures are prevalent, everything is expensive, and commoners do not have access to effective medications. The Emperor recognizes the boy’s intelligence, which results in the building of a new pharmacy on the town’s corner.

The youngster proceeds to eradicate the scam, and he provides the populace with effective medications he developed using modern pharmacology. His new pharmacist will commit fraud by utilizing knowledge from his past life before reincarnation. The youngster continues to develop breakthrough medications while assisting the innocent inhabitants of the parallel universe.

This is the continuation of the narrative of a youngster who was given a second shot at life and discovers that he must savor every moment and accomplish everything he wanted in the world he died in. “The Chief Royal Pharmacia and the Reincarnated Pharmacologist” is the title of the most recent episode.

Isekai Yakkyoku Episode 4 Release Date

The fourth episode of Isekai Yakkyoku will be published on July 31, 2022. This will be the best episode in which the youngster resurrected from another world demonstrates his skill. The most recent episodes are currently available on official platforms, and episode 4 will be released next week.

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Isekai Yakkyoku Episode 4 Story

Fans are not only curious about the release date of episode four, but they are also curious about the episode’s plot summary. Since episode four has not yet been released and we have not seen a preview of it, we do not know what will occur, but we can assume that something interesting will take place because the anime series is so captivating.

Isekai Yakkyoku Episode 4 Release Date

What would you say? What will transpire in episode four? What types of medical jargon will we learn in episode four? However, the only thing we can do is wait with anticipation.

Isekai Yakkyoku Episode 4 Characters

The primary characters of Isekai Yakkyoku are De Medicis Falma, Bonnefoi Eleonore, and Charlotte Soller, and the supporting cast includes Elisabeth II, De Medicis Blache, Yakutani Kanji, De Medicis Beatrice, De Medicis Bruno, Cedric, Matsumoto, Yakutani Chiyu, Madeleine, Alfred, and many others.

Isekai Yakkyoku Episode 4 Release Date

And The voice actors are Toyosaki Aki, Ueda Reina, Hondo Kaede, Itou Shizuka, Naganawa Maria, Hanae Natsuki, Aya Endou, Nomura Aya, Kenji Nomura, Tobita Nobuo, Suzushiro Sayumi, Watada Misaki, Akiho Saeko, Tamai Yuuki, Kikuchi Michitake and many more. Fans adore the anime so much, especially the characters, because they are flawless and so well-written.

What Happened in the Previous Episode of Isekai Yakkyoku

Pharma visits Eleonore at her residence but finds her to be afraid. Eleonore believes that Pharma is Panactheos, one of the Gods who govern the Divine Arts. Even though she is a novice, Pharma asks her to be his tutor, but she will leave him whenever she chooses.

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Eleonore recognizes that the Gods that govern Divine Arts are kind entities and that it would be strange for her to be sacred. Later on, Pharma begins practicing Divine Eye, but ultimately diagnoses his maid Charlotte with eczema. He produced a moisturizing steroid cream and helped other employees by treating their diseases and making them happy.

Isekai Yakkyoku Episode 4 Release Date

Charlotte discloses that the de Medici served solely royalty. This aided the servants, as they had never had medical care and drugs from doctors were costly. The pharmaceutical industry understood something and began producing medicines that would be accessible to all social classes.

His sister Blanche suffered from Chickenpox, and Pharma assisted her by developing a medication including Aciclovir and an anti-itching lotion with Azulene. No one in this mysterious realm, however, is aware of the drugs Pharma invented or the treatment he employs, and he instructs his sister to keep this information a secret.

Blanche’s remark moved Pharma to tears, as he remembers his real sister from the world in which he perished. Later, Blanche begins to recover, which astonishes Chi Bruno, who wonders what miracles have occurred for Blanche to recover more quickly than anticipated.

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After building a pocket-sized Leeuwenhoek microscope, Pharma improves its use of the Divine Eye, but Chi Bruno becomes skeptical of Pharma. Later, Bruno contacts Pharma to assist in treating the Empress. Pharma comes to the location where Bruno discusses treating the Empress. However, he chose to assist her.

Watch Streaming Details Isekai Yakkyoku Episode 4

On Sunday at 9:30 PM JST, Episode 4 of Isekai Yakkyoku may be viewed on Crunchyroll. It will also be available on YouTube’s official channels, and as Crunchyroll is available worldwide, viewers from other countries will be able to watch it simultaneously with Japanese audiences. It will include Dub and Sub versions of this anime’s episodes.


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