Is Zee Dating Nunew? Truth About Their Relationship

Everything we see on television appears genuine, which makes sense. There are a few openly homosexual actors in Thailand, but their on-screen relationships have not yet resulted in many real-life relationships. Sometimes, it seems that all Thai gay flicks are too fantastic to be true.

As a result of witnessing NuNew and Zee together in the BL Cutie Pie, many fans have fallen for this. Everyone is aware of the extremes to which devoted fans would go to support a fictitious couple, even after their project has been completed and years have passed. Fans are also not entirely to blame.

Thai celebrities’ frequent skinship and BTS usually mislead the public into believing that they are romantically engaged. But there are no lies. You may hang onto your hopes as we approach the meat of the matter: Is the relationship between NuNew and Zee real or is it all a lie? There are homosexual couples in the Thai entertainment world, so we will find out if this couple is among them. I

Is Zee Dating NuNew?

Given that they met there, this couple is a product of “Domundi.” Because the “Cutie Pie” Series is unquestionably one of the most-watched BLs of this year, it is not surprising that the Thai entertainment industry would play a practical joke by casting the real-life couple as on-screen lovers, as they did with Mew and Gulf.

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However, there is also a possibility that they are dating, as Max and Nat from Domundi are also rumoured to be in a relationship. This is essentially how famous couples break up, startling their entire following because they provided a substantial amount of fanservice during their time together on their BL dramas in order to improve viewing.


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The BL industry often serves as a form of market for gaining more drama viewers. Positively, Zee and NuNew have always had an excessive amount of fanservice for a typical BL coupling. As in other countries, Thai entertainment networks provide celebrity gossip segments in which the most recent rumours are presented.

According to some of these newspapers, the relationship rumour between Zee and NuNew is considered to be true, although it cannot be confirmed. The actual announcement confirming the same has not yet been made, therefore we must ask you not to get your hopes up.

Who Is Zee?

He began his career in 2018 and is a member of the hot-boys group Domundi TV, which creates frequent YouTube travel programmes. Zee has had an incredibly successful career both domestically and internationally. He was a model during the 2018 Elle Fashion Week. The actor graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication art from Bangkok University.

Is Zee Dating Nunew? Truth About Their Relationship

Pruk, Zee’s true name, means “trees.” His full name on the other hand is Pruk Panich. Zee made his acting debut in the “Friend Zone” Series in the supporting role of Captain. After that, he auditioned for the Fighter role in the massively popular “Why R U” The Show and was cast. Cutie Pie is currently his most popular series.

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Who Is NuNew?

NuNew made his acting debut in the wildly successful television series “Cutie Pie” in 2022, launching his career in the entertainment industry. However, the 2021 appearances on the scripted reality series DMD Reality made this broadcast artist and reality television personality the most famous.

Is Zee Dating Nunew? Truth About Their Relationship

Chawarin Perdpiriyawong, sometimes known as NuNew or New, is an actor of Chinese descent. In addition to acting, NuNew is well-known for his singing, which was spurred by the millions of streams of his 2022 Original Soundtrack (“True Love”) for the lakorn “To Sir, With Love.”