Is Project Triangle Strategy RPG the successor of Octopath Traveler? | Release Date | Plot and Many More!

Which game do you love the most in the role playing game of Nintendo Switch? Are you interested in 2d or 3d animation games, which you love the most?

Have you ever played any game of HD 2D series, and if yes then you definitely heard of Octopath Traveler and now you want to know more about its sequel and when it will be coming for you?

Developed by Square Enix, Octopath Traveler is a role playing game which was released in July 2018 by Nintendo Switch. Later on it came for Windows in June 2019 and Xbox One in March 2021.

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2.5 million copies are sold of this game worldwide till February 2021 and also in Japan in 2020 Octopath Traveler prequel is Released that is Octopath Traveler:Conquerers of the continent but this game is only released in Japan.

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Project Triangle Strategy Official Announcement Trailer

Can we say Project Triangle Strategy is a sequel to Octopath Traveler or not? Nintendo brought some interesting games for you in Feb, 2021 and Project Triangle Strategy is one of them. So are you expecting the same 2d RPG game demo from Square Enix was released after the Direct immediately.

There is no announcement whether Project Triangle Strategy takes place in a separate universe or it serves as the sequel to Octopath Traveler as it also comes from the same studio behind Octopath Traveler.

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There is no official name for the sequel from the side of developers and Nintendo unveiled the game under this working title.

Release date

Project Triangle Strategy

No official release date is announced for the Project Triangle Strategy but when you see in the trailer provided by Nintendo Direct, you see 2022 is given for the release. So we don’t know when in 2022 this RPG will come for you.

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More information is yet to be provided about this 2d RPG game by Square Enix on its website.


Project Triangle Strategy

What will be seen in this Project Triangle Strategy?

When you see the trailer given above you see 3 different balancing ideologies as you start watching the trailer and maybe the story or game revolves around these characters.

Each character is close to the main character: his best friend, his fiance and his family’s advisor and by making decisions you have to pick one of them throughout the journey of the story.

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When you move forward in the game it will test the courage of your convictions and also the direct impact on the story when you make choices. In the game you will see animation style of the 2D characters but there is not so much action seen in the trailer of the game and the world around them.

In this game there is a vertical twist as enemies can be killed or attacked by the player from above and the attack range of weapons is a central part to the battle system according to Nintendo Direct based presentation.

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There is also another gameplay in this game which is not part of the combat system in which you have to make choices in the game which impact the story plays out directly which will inevitably affect battles in the game.

Project Triangle Strategy

Project Triangle Strategy is the latest in the HD-2D Series of games from Square Enix-


I know you will be more excited to play this 2d characters animated RPG game in which you are able to kill your enemies from the above.

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Until the official announcement whether it may be considered to be a sequel of Octopath traveler or not, you can play the Octopath Traveler champion of the continent for android by downloading from the given link.

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