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Is Outlast Scripted? Is Netflix’s Show About Survival is Not Real?

“Outlast” on Netflix is one of the most brutal survival shows out there. It shows how dangerous nature can be for people who aren’t ready for it. As more survival experts try to work with their teams to outlast the other teams, the challenges get harder. The $1 million prize, though, will only go to one winning team.

Given how much is at stake in the competition, it’s not surprising that fans cheer so hard for their favourite contestants to win. But some people can’t help but wonder if the show is really as real as it seems or if the things that happen on it are staged. Lucky for you, we’re here to look into the same thing and tell you what we know about it.

Why Do Fans Think Outlast is Not Real?

Fans said that it didn’t pass the staged and scripted smell test when Outlast actor Justin Court went across the river to sabotage Team Delta’s camp by stealing their sleeping bags. People on Reddit said that the whole scene didn’t make any sense.

“Absolutely planned. When they are looking for the person who stole the sleeping bags, he has a whole film crew with him, and they walk right by. Bummer. One user said, “Could have been as good as Alone.”

Some fans thought it would be impossible for the cast to stay alive in a place with so many bears and constant rain without help from the show’s production team.

Is Outlast Scripted

“The guy swims across a freezing river in his underwear and doesn’t even shiver when he’s out. Look at the firewood they have. A power saw can make straight cuts. In that area, the wood would be too wet to burn. Another person pointed out that all they would get was a lot of smoke. Also, at the beginning of the show, they are only given a wool blanket, but later they are given sleeping bags and other gear that they didn’t have at the beginning of the competition.

Another fan said that it was way too easy for contestant Javier Colón to burn down his wooden camp, suggesting that the show producers helped him.

“When Javier lit the shelter, it was clear that someone had come from outside. They are having trouble starting a fire, but the wood he lit is burning like kindling with a lot of gasoline on top of it. “The way it was burning shows that they just put gasoline on it.”

Is Outlast Scripted?

No, we don’t think that “Outlast” is written ahead of time. Some people might find it hard to believe that the show’s cast can spend so many days in such harsh conditions, but many survival experts will say that it is possible if you are well-prepared and creative. If anything, the show is supposed to test these ideas as the contestants try to find food and compete for the few resources that are available.

People who watch the show will probably think a lot about the idea behind ‘The Hunger Games.’ Like the characters in the popular dystopian series, the actors try to work together while also trying to hurt other people.

No one can forget how Justin Court attacked the Delta Camp base in the first season, which led to the elimination of several people and a change in how the different groups worked together. However, unlike the previously mentioned fictional show, the winners have to be a part of a team to win, as lone wolves have to either adapt or leave the challenge.

Is Outlast Scripted

We can see some of the cameras that let us see how things happen. During a few scenes that take place at night, we can also see contestants holding cameras to record important events. It’s possible that the people in charge of the camera only record what’s going on during the day when most of the action takes place.

After all, it can get so cold at night that few people are willing to leave their shelter. In another scene from the first season, Dawn Nelson and Joel Hungate did try to use the camera in their base to find out who stole from them.

When you watch the show, it’s important to keep these things in mind so you can understand why things are happening the way they are. Given how unpredictable nature is, writing a series in such a harsh environment would be a high-risk job. Already in season 1, two of the most well-known people on the show had to be taken away for medical reasons. This is another sign that a person’s chances of winning are hard to predict, no matter how determined they are to do so.

Overall, “Outlast” is a show that tries to show how harsh and beautiful nature can be and how strong people can be. The contestants use their survival skills and ability to plan ahead to figure out how to stay alive. Often, the strategies may seem sneaky, but in the end, all the players care about is outlasting the others and coming out on top. Predicting what will happen in such a situation is almost impossible, which is why we think the Netflix series is real.

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